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Benefits of Reiki Healing

Reiki Healing belongs to the alternative therapies providing healing, also referred to as Energy Healing. It was started in the 1800s and works by transferring the energy of the universe from the palms of the practitioner to the client. It is a powerful technique that helps in restoring the energy in the body at all levels- emotionally, physically and mentally. This Energy Healing technique makes the use of hands touching the body in a light way. It provides deep relaxation to the body along with strengthening the natural ability of the body to heal itself.

It is being used actively in the U.S as an alternative therapy to be used along with medical treatment.

Working of Reiki Healing

Reiki Healing works by using the slight touch of the palms of the practitioner to specific areas of the client body where there are blockages of energy. It involves extremely little or no conversation at all between the client and the practitioner. The expert simply asks the client about the issues- the pain, illness and areas being affected by them. The trainer then performs the healing by gathering the universal energy and sending the negative energy from the client back to the universe. Thus, the client feels lighter and emotionally relieved. The client also feels relieved from any kind of chronic illness.
The Reiki Practitioner simply acts as a mediator, for transferring the energy from the universe to the client.

Reiki Therapy has been scientifically proved to be reducing anxiety, blood pressure, insomnia and alleviating pain.

Benefits of Reiki Healing

The benefits of Reiki Healing are:

  1. Receiving immense peace of mind and relaxation.
  2. Receiving the healing vibrations from the expert practitioner.
  3. Helps in clearing the energy blockages from the body, providing a healthy mind and body.
  4. Makes the mind calm, improving its ability to focus.
  5. Helps in relieving oneself from sleep problems.
  6. Feeling more centered and aligned spiritually.
  7. Feeling positive with greater clarity of mind.
  8. Helps in lowering the blood pressure and issues related to anxiety.

Usually, the clients start feeling the benefit from the first session. The number of sessions required for each client would vary depending upon their need and requirements. The Reiki Practitioner would help you in deciding what’s best for you. The quiet setting, the peaceful ambience at the Home of Wellness, Dubai adds to the efficacy of the Healing.

For more information about Reiki Healing, you can contact our team at Home of Wellness, Dubai.

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