Kids Meditation

Meditation and mindful living for children


Meditation helps the kids in responding to stress in a calmer and efficient way in rather than reacting to the stress in form of tantrums. The key is to guiding you children about how they can bring themselves to balance and giving them the necessary resources.

With the advancement of technology, there is an overflow of information happening at all levels. The feelings of urgency and rushing causing needs for instant actions and response in this fast paced life.

The result is that kids  are left pressurized, experiencing anxiety and stress, making them struggle to adapt. Children from the ages of 5 years show signs of anxiety, depression, loss of  memory and focus, experiencing irritability, congestions, constant worry and aggressive responses.

This brings to emphasis the importance of mindful practices along with kids meditation for your children.



According to recent researches conducted on 400 children, In a recent study that was carried on around 400 students, found them to be more caring and  participatory just after 5 weeks of mindfulness sessions.

Meditation is also known to be helping the brain  for neuroplasticity, allowing the functions of brain centers to change.


Kids are able to regulate themselves better emotionally, experiencing greater concentration, focus along with an increasing ability to change, adapting to life in a better way. 

Children below the age of 7 years are grounded naturally are naturally in the brainwaves of  alpha or theta. This brainwave corresponds to greater learning, happiness and increased capability to imagination. As their growth process happens eventually,  they get programmed to a set of patterns and beliefs.

Therefore, learning meditation from a young age helps in expanding and anchoring the brain wave, connecting them to their infinite potential, helping them to attain greater realization of self expression.


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    Did you know?



    Meditation helps the kids in becoming aware of their feelings, thoughts and emotions.


    Kids Meditation brings overall change in Social, Mental and Physical health and well being.


     Kids benefit in different aspects of their lives by being mindful. Learning meditation since a young age helps them to be more efficient at it and implement it a greater way.


    There are times when kids become busy and out of control, and worries can take over. In such circumstance meditation helps in pausing and regaining their composure.

    Meditation helps kids in finding clarity, handling their emotions and navigating their challenges in an efficient manner. 

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    Benefits of Kids Meditation

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    Improves and enhances concentration, memory, focus, creativity and adaptability.

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    Helps calm anxiety and reduces impulsivity.

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    Develops empathy and compassion.

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    Develops sense of peace and connection. Increases self-confidence and self-expression.

    Other recommended healing


    Guided meditation helps in achieving entertainment for the brain, attuning the frequency of the brains leading to desired results. The  music and the voice in guided meditation helps in providing the pathway for deeper focus and meditation. 

    These guided meditation are designed in a manner helping the kids to be engaged in an interested manner. Thus, kids are able to meditate and feel happier after the sessions.

    These sessions are conducted by expert practitioners who take the best care of kids and conduct the sessions in a very entertaining way.

    These guided kids meditation sessions generally last for 45 minutes to an hour.

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