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Energy Healing

Energy healing is a time-honored therapeutic modality that harmonizes and enhances the flow of energy within the body, mind, and soul, thereby reinstating balance.

Energy healing is a time-honored therapeutic modality that harmonizes and enhances the flow of energy within the body, mind, and soul, thereby reinstating balance.



    The technique of Energy Healing helps in healing any issue, pain or disruption of the Energy flow in your Chakras & meridians in our bodies. through the energy of the divine. A Quick & Safe Way To Heal Physical Pain & Remove Blocked Dense Energy. Experience The Energy Spa To Boost The Immune System.

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    The human body is an energy system in itself, completely in sync with the entire Universe. Imbalances in the body obstruct the energy flow, resulting in imbalances in the being.

    In Energy Healing, the Energy Healer may use gentle touch or do the healing from distance and use guidance on breathing regulation, with compassion and positive intention, encouraging the natural ability of the body for healing. For that reason, energy healing ensures that the energy flow within the body moves smoothly. 

    Other types of healings are as follows: 

    How does energy healing work?

    Energy Healing is an instantaneous, powerful and effective healing technique. The energy healer helps by channelizing the energy of the divine through the energy veins creating healing and removing deficiency of energy instantaneously.

    Intense practices of Meditation by a  Energy Healer enables transmutation of very high energy and vibration and thereby making the Energy Healing power happen.

    Home of wellness offers different forms of energy healing in Dubai, such as Pranic Healing, Reiki Healing, Karma HealingSound Healing to name a few.


    You can Book a free consultation to understand which healing is suitable for you.

    Home of Wellness provides the best Healing sessions in Dubai.

    Energy healing sessions that we offer at our center include Reiki Healing, Pranic Healing, Chakra Healing , Access Consciousness to name a few.



    Energy Healing allows you to connect to yourself and bring back the energy to heal yourself. It makes you feel lighter and helps you in resolving issues within yourself. It works by channelizing the energy from the universe and by directing to the region where the clients experiences blockages, resolving them from the roots.
    In many instances the clients fall asleep because the sub conscious mind does a lot of work in healing the issues, thus, causing them to feel sleepy during the healing session.


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      Energy Healing

      Did you know about Energy Healer?



      There are many types of energy healings today including Reiki healing, Pranic healing, Quantum healing, Reconnective healing, Crystal healing, and qigong healing.


      The energy healing methods are based on scientific principles:  atoms-molecule bong is in constant vibration. We, human beings are made up of molecules as well, thus we too are in a state of constant vibration. Thus, if you get complimented that you have “good vibes”, what they are referring to is your good frequency.


      Energy healing has been practiced since the ancient times using different methods for reaching the body’s ability to heal itself. 



      The Human Body is comprised of enormous energy.  

      Whenever someone feels lack of energy or tired, generally it is because of the imbalance in the energy field.

      Energy healing techniques help in releasing blockages, promoting wellbeing, emotionally & physically by making use of the mind-body connection naturally.

      In  Energy Healing, a therapist is able to transmit and receive prana energy (life force) from supreme pure consciousness as chakras open and energy flows through meridians.

      The energy healer transfers the energy through her hands bringing healing instantaneously. The client feels extremely light as the energy blockages are removed.

      When experiencing Healing, it shall enable reduced pain, deep inner peace, alleviation of physical symptoms, a sense of connectedness with the Universe, and increased vitality. 

      pranic healing

      Benefits of Energy Healing

      It helps in maintaining harmony and balance between the mind-body-soul.

      Energy Healing helps in giving clarity to the individual relieving him of stress & anxiety, leading to a peaceful self.

      Helps in promoting the consistent positivity in one’s body providing enhanced capabilities for decision making and healing oneself physically.

      It is good for reminding oneself for stepping into the state of repair, for cleansing oneself from the negative energy.

      Other recommended healing


      The expert practitioner works with the client’s energy field without the use of any contact physically.  The practitioner sends energy to heal to the areas having discomfort, pain or any other health issue.

      No, there is no pre-requisite before attending an energy healing session.

      A trainer & certified Energy Healer conducts the session.

      It would vary from each case. Generally clients feel the benefits from the first session and sometimes, they require four to six sessions because of the severity of their case. The expert trainer analyses this the best. 

      Each session lasts from 45 minutes to an hour.