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The Chakras

Chakras are referred to the energy centers situated along the channel at the center. These 7 soul molecules exist in the mother’s womb since the time the soul enters. The Chakra Imbalance relates to particular body ailment, physical and emotional dysfunctions. 

Chakras are referred to the energy centers situated along the channel at the center. These 7 soul molecules exist in the mother’s womb since the time the soul enters. The Chakra Imbalance relates to particular body ailment, physical and emotional dysfunctions. 


Chakras are the energy centers located on the region of the spinal cord. The energetic highway or the vein is referred to as the Meridian. The energy of life or Prana travels through these meridians, travelling to all areas in our bodies. 

These currents run through our nerves in the form of electric energy. We also have the presence of electromagnetic waves within our bodies. It is through the presence of these waves that our interaction within the outside world takes place.

The creation of a tornado or a swirling effect takes place when the energies interfere in between the meridians- the hot and the cold channel. The Chakras are the main areas where this swirl effect takes place. Chakra is referred to as the wheel in the language of Sanskrit, representing the rotational effect at the centers of energy.  

Our body has 7 major chakras of which 5 reside outside our bodies. Different chakras relate to different ailments, emotions and power.


Chakras help in allowing the energy flow to all the parts of our body. They help in controlling the life force or the Prana Energy

The life force is extremely important for a vibrant and healthy life. However, the blockage of energy occurs due to emotional beliefs, issues, defects or ancestral defect. It deteriorates your health and wealth and focus. 


Chakras help in the promotion of the flow of energy through the entire our  physical and auric body. They are responsible for controlling the release of the energy in the body.
Feeling inflexible in one’s  life, feeling unsettled, ungrounded, feeling pain in legs and feets are symptoms that the chakras are blocked.


Chakra balancing & healing and balancing is extremely important for achieving your dream life in terms of  good health, close Relationships and for gaining financial freedom. The Karma is one of the major reasons as to why people get divorced, have family fights and illness.


For activating energy centers, aligning them and pulling the energy in the region of the spinal cord is referred to as chakra balancing.

Also, spiritual healing makes the chakras strong by working on the issues that affected chakras in the first place. 


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    It is situated at the base of the spine, the area where Kundalini exists in a dormant manner.  They are also connected to personal power. It is  represented through a red coloured lotus bud with 4 petals.


    Emotional imbalances in the root chakra result in fights in the relationships and lack of money.
    Physical imbalances in  in this chakra results in tiredness, lack of immunity, pains in knees and stomach disorders.


    This chakra is profoundly known of ability to heal since the ancient times. It is also helpful in the manifestation of wealth.

    sexual chakra

    The balancing of this chakra makes us more creative, committed and the alignment of the sexual conduct brings us greater happiness and joy.


    Emotional imbalance: Insults, Family Dramas, Abuse,  commitments in relationships, humiliations, impotence, and addictions.

    Physical imbalances: urinary problems, kidney malfunctions, Sexual and reproductive issues, hormonal imbalances, lower back and pelvic pain.


    This chakra looks similar to a fruit, the spiral shaped peeled apple. This chakra represents the expression of power.

    solar chakra

    This chakra is known to signify force of life and the great power of manifestation. Focus and meditation on this chakra helps an individual attain a number of achievements mindfully. 

    Emotional imbalance: Fear of rejection, humiliation, feeling embarrassed, anxiety, pains in the body,  nightmares, worry and  issues of self-esteem

    Physical imbalances: Digestive problems, chronic fatigue, liver dysfunction, diabetes, diseases related to the colon and high blood pressure.


    This chakra empowers everyone with immense love. The heart chakra symbolizes awareness. This chakra helps in quick manifestation of your goals. Just think and it’s yours already! This chakra is detached from the results and stays grounded to the present moment. It true purpose is to love.

    heart chakra

    The Heart Chakra has an immense impact on the lungs & the heart.


    This Chakra enable us to make peace with our emotions, accepting them and working on them consciously.


    Emotional imbalance: Feelings of jealousy, not feeling cared for, feeling lonely and experiencing hatred. 


    Physical imbalances:  Asthma, breast issues, heart disease, pains in the arms and wrists.


    Throat chakra helps in manifestation and in experiencing oneness with the pure energy, with the help of sound. The sound is just the energy that is put into it. A sound with positive energy will sound sweet and vice-versa.

    throat chakra

    This Chakra is situated at the throat. It impacts the tonsils, neck and the thyroid glands. Meditation on this chakra provides clarity of mind and helps in creating good karmas for creating a great life ahead!


    Emotional imbalance: Issues in Self-expression while communicating, having no control over the self, lacking the power of the will.


    Physical imbalances: Facial problems related to the cheeks, chin, tongue and lips, ulcers and pain in the shoulder, feelings of fear and frustration.


    The Third Eye is a great tool for reading auras and to understand the psyche people. This chakra helps to see oneself clearly. The significance of this chakra is that it gives us the divine vision.

    third eye chakra

    Emotional imbalance:  Greed, feeling jealous, egoistic nature, day-dreaming, misusing the powers of the psyche.


    Physical imbalances: Sinus, loss of hearing, experiencing headache, lack of intuitive power, imbalances in the hormones.


    As suggested by the name, it refers to a crown that is earned well. When this chakra functions completely, it appears as a crown. The blossoming of this chakra helps to experience oneness with the supreme. 

    crown chakra

    An activated crown chakra helps an individual to attain enlightenment and a great connection of himself with the supreme. He then realizes that the higher, pure energy is the only one who he really belongs. The interconnected of all the beings on this earth is then clear to him. It helps him in leading his life in a detached manner.


    Emotional imbalance: lack of wisdom, egoistic nature, fear of being left out, in a state of constant worry and confusion 


    Physical imbalances:  depression, lack of the power of learning, feeling sensitive to the environment, light and sound.


    This Chakra helps individuals in transforming their lives by resolving karmas through the  technique of karma yoga healing.

    soul star chakra

    The 8 chakra is a door that puts you in contact with your astral body. Its opening involves the cleansing of what holds humanity and you to the cycle of death and rebirth. It is the energy center of divine love, compassion of the spirit and the spirit’s selflessness.


    This chakra holds karmic residue of your soul’s total journey of various lifetimes. It is the gateway of higher-realms abilities and supports the spirit to go out of the body with a different perception, and wisdom beyond the earth, planet realm, and the solar system, and even galaxies.


    The Chakras appear as funnels or cones, radiating energies from the back and front areas of the body. 

    The rotation of the Chakras takes place in clockwise or anticlockwise direction depending on the energy movement.
    The rotation starts to happen in the clockwise direction on the Chakra Healing happens.

    A certified and trained Chakra Healing Practitioner does the session.

    A basic knowledge of the Chakras, prior to the session, would be great to go ahead with the session.

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