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Corporate Meditation

Boost Productivity In Your Workplace

Boost Productivity In Your Workplace



    A corporate workplace gives a platform to the bright minds for coming together, generating value, output and greater productivity.

    Stress immensely impacts the productivity and focus of the employees. This not only damages the mental and physical health of the employees but also leads to a drop in their morale.

    Meditation helps tremendously for such issues. Corporate meditation sessions help in improving the employee’s focus, productivity and positivity at the place of work. It sharpens the brain and promotes a balance at the place of work.


    How do these Group Corporate Meditations help?

    Group Meditations benefits the individuals by receiving the energy from the Meditator. The elevated energy of the group, increases the vibrations of the entire group alongwith accelerating the process of healing for the entire group. This helps the employees in managing their depression, anxiety and stress more efficiently.

    At Home of Wellness, we offer Corporate Wellness sessions in Dubai. Our expert Meditators guide the employees leading you towards successful businesses.



    • According to ninety-one percent, mindfulness impacted the work culture positively.
    • According to eighty-eight percent, they felt like recommending it to their co-workers.
    •  About sixty-three percent reported that they’re managing themselves at the workplace, better.
    • Near about sixty-six percent reported that they were experiencing lesser stress.
    • About sixty percent felt that their focus had increased, improving their skills to make decisions.
    • Fifty-two percent started  having smoother relationships whilst at work.
    • Forty-six percent reported an increase of creativity & innovation.


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      Corporate meditation

      Did you know?

      Corporate Meditation


      Walt Disney was the 1st Company that incorporated meditation in the workplace.


      Annual expenditure on meditation has significantly grown over the entire world. Some of the biggest companies are making sure to reducing the stress amongst their employees, helping them to maintain a better work-life balance.


      Meditation is derived from the Latin word meditatum, which means – to ponder.

      Benefits of Corporate Meditation

      Group meditation helps in building compassion for others. It helps in making the team smarter, helping them in making decisions that impact the business positively. 

      It helps in improving the cognitive memory. This improves the brain’s ability to solve problems, quick decision making. 

      Group meditation increases innovation, collaboration improving the work quality.

      Meditation helps in curbing emotional reactions. It allows them to be more settled emotionally, helping them focus more on their work.


      Some of the world’s greatest discoveries by people happened when they were in a relaxed state of mind such as The Theory of relativity by Einstein, The Archimedes principle by Archimedes, and The Structure of Atom by Niels Bohr.

      During a Meditation session, the brain gets into a deeply creative and calm state that can spark imagination and solutions. Corporate meditation aids in relieving corporate employees and management from burn-out stress which is often a result of on-going work pressure.

      Taking a few minutes out to pause, relax and breathe deeply helps to recharge, which in turn makes you work more efficiently.

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      Other recommended healing


      Corporate Meditations are best planned around the timings of the break as short sessions for rejuvenation & relaxation. These few minutes, help in boosting the efficacy of the employees and in improving productivity. 

      No, it only makes you more focused, positive and calm.

      A spacious & quiet place free of disturbances making all the attendees comfortable. Meditating in a room with lights switched off helps in inducing greater and deeper relaxation.

      Yes, a guided meditation are best for corporate meditations because they help in entering into effortless and quicker relaxations. Such a set up is also very beneficial to the beginners, because the instructor guides them through their journey of the session.

      Yes, it can be joined by anyone. The trained expert will help intensely in guiding everyone for an effortless experience.

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