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Crystal Healing

A Crystal is a tool for condensing energy in a subtle way helping to adjust and balance our bodily energies.


A Crystal is an energy condenser which absorbs, stores, projects and focuses the subtle energies.

Crystals functions as a rechargeable battery which absorbs, stores and  releases the electric energy. Similarly, a crystal absorbs, stores, projects and focuses the Pranic Energy.

If you look at a natural crystal clairvoyantly, you can see small sparks of light inside. These sparks of light are just like the sparks of consciousness. Synthetic crystals possess the minimalistic spark of consciousness which makes them inferior in comparison to the natural crystals.

A crystal does not have any will. Therefore, it follows instructions without resistance. Say “absorb pranic energy” and it absorbs pranic energy. Say “absorb pranic energy”and it projects pranic energy.



The Human Body possesses enormous amount of energy.

Whenever a person feels ill, tired, lack of energy or even tired, there’s a congestion in his energy field.

Techniques of Crystal Healing release the  blockers of energy, promoting the emotional & physical health using the mind-body connection naturally. 

A crystal healer transmits and receives prana energy or life force from pure consciousness with the chakras opening and energy flowing through the meridians.

The transmission of healing energy takes place through the crystal  bringing an instantaneous energy healing. Some crysal movements(without touch) are done for removing energies which are densely blocked. the crystal condenses and amplifies the healing that is being received by the client

Crystal Healing Dubai helps in pain reduction, brings a deepening inner peace, reduction in the physical symptoms, offers a greater sense of connectedness with the entire Universe, along with an increased vitality. 


There are a variety of crystals available in the Crystal Shop and each crystal has its own unique properties which helps drastically in Crystal Healing. Depending on the ailment or the kind of result, the client wants, the therapist uses the particular crystal transmitting the positive energy which helps in healing the ailment. Thus, Crystal Healing is a great tool for opening up the energy centers, increasing the energy field around the person and bring out drastic energy healing.

They help in clearing the blockages and releasing the negative energy thus, curing the ailment from the root.


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    Crystal Healing, Home of Wellness
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    Did you know?



    Charging the crystals increases the power of the crystals and charges them with prana tremenduously.


    Scientific principles are useful in guiding healing methods: The atom-molecule keeps on vibrating constantly. Being made of molecules, we humans keep vibrating as well. Thus, whenever someone mentions you having “good vibes” simply means your good frequency. 


    For years, cultures tried to understand the power of internal energy, making the use of different methods for activating the natural healing ability of the body. (the Japanese and the art of Reiki, the ancient Hindu texts describing a network of energy transmitting centers in the body called the seven chakras)



    It is always advised to choose your crystal from your gut feel which addresses your concerns the best. Your Mind drags you to what it thinks your choice should be. Making the use of your senses helps you in making a choice as to what you’d be needing the most. Thus the approach is to reach out to the need, energetically- through the knowledge, feel and the color of the stone.

    You can check out our crystal shop online or at center and chose the crystal that you connect with 


    The crystals can be kept anywhere according to your wish. Whether it be the handbag or your bed, or any place at work or in the house- its your choice. The main point is to place them closer to you so that it can impact the Energy field around you.




    Crystal Healing
    Crystal Healing Dubai

    Benefits of Crystal Healing

    Stress Free, Home of Wellness

    Crystals Improves Focus, Positivity and Tranquility. 

    Confidence, Home of Wellness

    Crystals boosts immunity and helps in pain reduction.

    Relax 1, Home of Wellness

    Crystals promotes the unlocked and consistent flow of positivity in the entire body, enhancing memory & learning, providing mental clarity along with physical healing.

    Joyfull, Home of Wellness

    Crystals  serves as a reminder for your body for going back to its self healing/repairing state of rest as well as for digesting to cleansing itself from the useless energies.

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    During a crystal healing session, the trained expert lays down the crystals along the main chakra’s of the client’s body which help to balance his/her energy field. Some of the energy points like that of the third eye or hands or the most effective spots for beginning this therapy with a new client. The sensations of heaviness or buzz are more effective in these regions.

    No, there aren’t any pre-requisites for taking a Crystal Healing session. It is is never a substitute for a medical treatment. Thus, a doctor should be consulted for a medical condition.

    A certified & trained Crystal Healer conducts the session.

    This would differ on a case to case basis. In some cases, helaing might be done in one session itself and there might be 4 to 6 sessions required in some cases. The trained expert would be best to assess and decide the number of sessions required for each individual.

    Each crystal healing session lasts for about 40-45 mins. The charges for these sessions differ depending on package or single options. For more information, the representatives  can be contacted by whatsapp/call/email.