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Meditation Retreat

Activate Your Soul Power. Your True Origin. Your True Potential… A Meditational Retreat For The Seekers To Find Their True Self.


This retreat is for those who see to attain deep practice of Healing, meditation, Emotional Cleansing alongwith Activation of Chakras  & Rising Kundalini, helping in unlocking the infinite potential that each one of us possess. 

Meditation Retreat Dubai

The meditation Retreat is for people  who no longer choose to remain a victim of their circumstances and are ready to advance on a journey to find their true self and find inner peace

The meditation and healing sessions that this retreat offers are based on highly advanced techniques, which is found to be the birthplace of original meditations and enlightenment techniques.

Consequently, you will gain perspective on ways to lead your normal life like a modern evolved person  as well as have memorable moments of laughter, abundance, and great health 

Most of us suffer from Inherited Genetic issues from past generations, and the Meditational Practices we learn and practice are not effectively deep enough to penetrate the Karmic baggage that got piled up over the years.

Therefore, it is only in a Transcendence (delta) State that one can create a new and different reality and change their karma at a DNA level, Soul level, Akashic record (your balance sheet of karmas) and from the subtle body.

Meditation Retreat  gives you a space for an opportunity to completely surrender and let go of all limitations, in every aspect of life – health, family, and wealth – and resolve deep rooted karmas through Mindful Meditation practices.


The first step to preparing yourself for a Meditation Retreat is taking out some time for yourself, for self- reflection. Our minds are always so busy with one thing or the other. Self- reflection would be a great way to find out our aspirations in life. Also self- reflection or meditating will help you to ‘just be’ with yourself for sometime, releasing yourself from the chatter of the mind. Also the next step is to allow oneself to work on our behavioral patterns which are deep rooted. It also involves switching oneself to a constant mode of ‘always doing something’ to moments of ‘being with self’.

Also, a meditation retreat impacts your body in a variety of ways. So take care of yourself prior to attending the retreat. It could be by getting good rest, good sleep , drinking enough water and going out for walks.


A meditation retreat is a profound way of exploring your body and mind and bringing a grand transformation in oneself. For finding which Retreat would suit you best and be helpful for you, you can contact our center, Home of Wellness. Our representatives would be very happy in assisting you find the meditation retreat for you.


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    Meditation Retreat
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    Meditation Retreat Dubai
    Meditation Retreat Uae
    Meditation Retreat Dubai
    Meditation Retreat Dubai

    Meditation Retreat

    Did you know


    Learn  the world most profound techniques.


    Enlightenment techniques revealed directly by Home of Wellness.


    Powerful meditation practices to activate soul power and resolve karma.

    Meditation Retreat: The Solution For Every Inconvenience

     Meditation Retreat is the answer for all long-term problems in one’s life. The emotional patterns are stored in our bodies as the karmic patterns. The identification followed by the healing of these patterns is crucial to making oneself emotionally stronger.

    Home of Wellness offers you best Meditation Retreats in Dubai. It equips you with the tools and techniques helping you to lead a positive life.

    This knowledge will help you resolve heavy karmic problems, heal personal  and health issues, and find your true calling in life by managing your life and practicing  meditation at our Healing & Wellness center

    Karma Yoga Healing
    Karma Yoga Healing dubai
    FullMoon1 Scaled, Home of Wellness

    Benefits of Meditation Retreat

    Stress Free, Home of Wellness

    In this Retreat, you shall embark on a journey of a lifetime where you learn the ultimate meditation techniques of Adi Yogi (1st Yogi)  – those that have been kept a secret by the real enlightened yogis living in Kashmir, India, for centuries.

    Confidence, Home of Wellness

    You will be empowered to open up to the highest truths of life and introspect deeply to profound awakenings and knowledge transmission from teacher to student.

    Relax 1, Home of Wellness

    You will learn different ways of reaching Supreme Pure Consciousness as deciphered by Home of Wellness, in the most powerful, effective & transformational manner.

    Joyfull, Home of Wellness

    You will learn the secrets of karma resolution and march on the path of mindfulness that is promised to bring you peace, liberation, and joy.

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    The Meditation Retreats help in energizing oneself, restoring with a greater sense of vitality with us. You are able to nourish and nurture yourself in a better way, opening yourself to natural ways of living and filling yourself with abundance.

    No, there is no pre-requisite for attending a meditation retreat. Even beginners and non-meditators are welcome to join. The beginners learn meditation in an environment that is  ideal for them. The ones who already meditate, this retreat helps them to deepen their experiences of the self.

    A trainer and certified healer and meditator conducts the retreats.

    These meditation retreats generally last for a week to ten days.