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Dina Abdulhadi


Dina Abdulhadi

Dina Abdulhadi ​ started her journey in 2008, after a close friend passed away, and she wanted to get answers to deeper questions in life.


Dina Abdulhadi ​studied first with  Hypnotherapy courses. She loved it so much that she finished all the courses in one year.

Then she went to  study many other spiritual and mindful modalities such as Theta Healing, Karma Healing, Spiritual Response Therapy, Access Consciousness, Awaken the Devine You, Neuro – Linguistic Programming, Pranic Healing, Palm reading, Tarot reading and much more .

Dina Abdulhadi studied Business Administration at the American University of Beirut and earned her MSC in Marketing from the University of Birmingham in the UK.

She worked in many fields before venturing into the world of wellness. She worked in market research, marketing, advertising and CSE. She owned businesses in fashion and e-commerce called The Dress Room and Aura b.

She has an amazing husband,  two talkative sons and one sassy daughter!  After delivering her third son in 2017, she decided that if she were to work and leave her kids it has to be something really meaningful and worth her time. She opened a Karma Healing center before launching Home of Wellness.

Today, she prides herself on being the founder of Home of Wellness – a sacred space that offers solutions including holistic healing, wellbeing, self-empowerment, and growth.

She made it her mission to focus on creating and holding a space for those who seek to make a change and create a healthier, happier, and more abundant life.

Dina opened this center because we want people to know that there are various methods that are available for them to be better in every way. Her mission is to guide people on their path,  and help them feel accepted and supported. She aims guide people at their own speed and to support them in every state they are in.

Home of Wellness is a place where we want you to get the attention that you require, feel peace and love.


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    Dina Abdulhadi
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