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Family Constellation

Free yourself from the past and live fully in the present. Family Constellation work is an impactful therapeutic process designed to break negative family patterns, including unhappiness, illness, failure, and addiction, thereby promoting positive change and healing.

Family Constellation work is an impactful therapeutic process designed to break negative family patterns, including unhappiness, illness, failure, and addiction, thereby promoting positive change and healing.



    Family Constellation is a ground – breaking methodology to free yourself from the damaging repetitive patterns, behaviors and emotions that are limiting your life in some way today and you have unconsciously taken on from your family system.



    The issues you face today most of them stem from unresolved events and unprocessed emotions from your family that you probably don’t know about and are passed down across generations.

    Once the hidden dynamics behind the issue that is holding you back are seen from a completely different perspective, they are transformed, for you, your children and future generations.

    Simply put, Family Constellations is a powerful method to transform your Relationship with your family, work, vitality, money and life by releasing you from the entanglements that are holding you back.

    A constellation can address the following issues:

    – Repeating patterns of losses, failure, betrayals, abandonments

    – Diseases, physical suffering, loss of life

    – Personal, social, and professional conflicts,  

    – Addiction, mental illnesses, destructive behaviors, suicidal tendencies

    – Loss of fortune, ownership, land, belonging

    – Loss of love, fears, anxieties, worries

    – Childhood traumas, conflicts, losses

    – Any blocks, and evident conflicts

    Hence the constellation will reveal these hidden dynamics and will explain and provide a space of acknowledgment of what is, and puts harmony and order back in place. Just by witnessing that for the client, a huge, yet subtle shift happens on a multi-dimensional and generational level.

    Family constellation works with what is evident and what is, it moves in mysterious ways, yet the movement is always forwards toward life and growth. It has been described as quantum mysticism, which allows for a disentanglement to happen so the Flow of Love is uninterrupted. Home Of Wellness offers top Family Constellation in Dubai.


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      Did you know?

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      The word constellations think it as a word configuration.


      Family Constellations are  a powerful solutions that reveal unconscious entanglements that we have with our family of origin that are affecting us today. Once these hidden dynamics are brought to our conscious awareness, they are shifted to let us  feel a sense of freedom from issues that we’re holding us back.


      When we set up a constellation, the seeker will briefly state the issue they want to work on, without getting into their story about why or how it happened. He or she will be asked to choose representatives of family members or aspects of the issue and place them spatially in relation to one another according to what feels right to them.

      What Happens in Family Constellation

      Family constellation is a solution focused therapy that was developed by Bert Hellinger who found that there are hidden dynamics that can create all kinds of imbalances and misrepresentations in life.

      These hidden dynamics are alive in the field that we belong to, starting from the immediate family field to the universal one.  


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      Benefits of Family Constellation

      Releasing the blockages that are holding you back. Developing inner peace with your past and who you are today.

      Freeing you, your children and their offspring from generational burdens.

      Family Constellation will helps you increase your empathy, love and compassion for others and yourself.

      Family Constellation develops the strength and wisdom in dealing with death and loss in life. It will create positive shifts in your relationships in terms of (parents, partner, children, colleagues, and friends.)

      Other recommended healing


      It is considered to be a technique which brings out the issues and entanglements with the family of origin that is affecting you today. It is known for promoting a sense of freedom as the underlying issues are bought to awareness consciously.

      A family constellation session takes from 0.5 hours to 1.5 hours.

      It takes time for this technique to work for you and provide its full benefits. So its advised that you keep a gap of a month before scheduling your next session.

      No, the family members are not required. The representatives are enough for representing their family members.