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Kundalini Meditation

Activate The Dormant Soul Molecules With The Help Of Healing And Meditation. Awakening Of Kundalini Leads Towards Enlightenment & Brings Bliss And Joy


Kundalini refers to the energy flowing upwards alongside the spine and through the Chakra . The alignment and the activation of the Chakras allows the energy to flow freely between them and throughout your body

The kundalini energy is present in a coiled form since the inception of an individual. It is residing in every individual. By Rising the Kundalini Energy, we are able to lead a life of our dreams and achieve our goals. 

Kundalini has 3 forms:  1)Prana Kundalini – This is the first energy form that awakens

2)Chit Kundalini – This is the 2nd most higher version of Kundalini.

3)Para Kundalini –This is referred to as the greatest version of kundalini.

Karma Yoga  is the fastest way for awakening this life force or Kundalini which helps in greater enlightenment.

At Home of Wellness, we present to you the ultimate healing practice by awakening your Kundalini, to achieve an abundant life.


Kundalini Meditation at the Home of Wellness Centre is immensely helpful in uplifting the self and in letting go the negative blockages in one’s mind and body. The results are a health mind and a healthy body. It is extremely helpful for relieving anxiety and stress. It helps in aligning the self with the universe helping to unlock the highest version of who you really are. It brings greater sense of harmony and balance within the body and the mind. It also helps the cognitive memory and bring a greater sense of awareness to the self. It is a great technique for breaking the regular behavioral patterns of the mind and in achieving a mindful state of mind.


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    Kundalini Meditation
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    Did you know?

    KUNDALINI Meditation


    Kundalini is a representation of energy coil located at the spine end.  It resides at the spine base closely towards the rectum and the navel.


    The awakening of the Kundalini takes place by the awakening our bodies. Once the DNA of our cells get completely healed, kundalini awakening takes place much faster.


    Kundalini is considered the most sacred practice. The exact origin of Kundalini Yoga is unknown, but the earliest known mention dates to the sacred Vedic collection of writings known as the Upanishads (c. 1,000 B.C. – 500 B.C.).


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    The heightened senses brought on by Kundalini meditation present a greater view of the world. This view allows the person meditating to prioritize worries and feel rooted.

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    Kundalini meditation is done through a series of breathing techniques which utilize deep stomach inhalations and exhalations. This enhanced flow of oxygen cleanses the body and releases toxins.

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    The rising of Kundalini through the nervous system swamps the system. It is often used to help people with nerve damage.

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    It releases the mind from the focus on the future, by bringing the mind and senses back to the present moment. What the body feels, the aromas, sights, sounds, and tastes of the present will enlighten and magnify the senses.


     helps in the activation of the power of the soul which helps in greater attraction of abundance and contentment in one’s life.

    The Kundalini meditation aims on rising the energy of kundalini. The awakening of this energy brings a greater realization of the self and greater fulfillment in one’s life.

    The kundalini awakening helps in activating the powers of  focus, awareness, will-power. It also helps in inculcating virtues of forgiveness, patience and honesty. 

    It also helps you in connecting to the supreme and experiencing a greater sense of the self.

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    It helps in the alignment of the chakras providing a greater sense of awareness. It helps in becoming one with the universe and feeling a greater sense of connectedness to all things. 

    Yes, absolutely. It helps in experiencing the goodness in a very short span of time. With a consistent practice, greater feelings of happiness and well being can be felt.

    These sessions of Kundalini Meditation last for an hour each.

    A trained and certified Kundalini Yoga practitioner conducts these sessions.