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Cacao Ceremony

A cacao ceremony is a ceremonial gathering or ritual where cacao, the raw form of chocolate, is consumed. Indigenous cultures in Central and South America have utilized cacao for centuries due to its spiritual, medicinal, and ceremonial significance.



    Cacao Ceremony is a kind of celebratory ritual that  through the use of cacao it opens our heart. 

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    We are recreating this beautiful ritual mostly to open the heart, to stimulate the brain and also take advantage of the cacao benefits that it is considered a superfood with antioxidant properties.


    What makes Cacao Ceremonies special at the Home of Wellness is that we combine them with self-development exercises & Meditations. Our events are a facilitator of self-reflection and spiritual awakening, allowing you to consider who you are, analyze your dreams and hopes, wishes, and dreams, and let go of the past in order to grow from it and build a better future for yourself and others.

    Rituals have the role of proving to the mind that something was made so you deserve a reward. Cacao Ceremonies have this specific mission to make you go from your Mind to your heart, open it and allow yourself to receive. During the ceremony, we also let go of the past, the stories that stay in our way and we plant new healthy seeds for our future.

    After the Cacao Ceremony you might:

    • feel more blissful
    • feel the antioxidant effect
    • boost your mood
    • have more energy
    • receive more from life
    • feel full of hope.

    Facilitator – Ana Dragalina, Author, Psychologist & Theta Healing Therapist


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      Cacao Ceremony


      Did you know

      Cacao ceremony is rooted in re-balancing the energies within us, and restoring good health.

      Traditionally Cacao Ceremonies have been conducted by the Mayan and Ancient Aztec civilization. Origins source back to 1900 B.C. Ceremonies were conducted by ancient shamans.

      The word cacao actually came from the Mayan word Ka’kau, and the Mayan word Chokola’j — which means to drink chocolate together.

      Difference Between Cocoa and Cacao

      Cacao is the raw, unprocessed version of cocoa. It might be a bit confusing but cacao and cocoa/chocolate are actually not the same thing.

      During cacao ceremony, one drinks hot raw cacao… and the taste is very much different from the hot chocolate one may be used to.

      The term cacao refers to any food derived from cacao beans – the seeds of the cacao tree – including cacao nibs, butter, paste and powder.

      Everything You Need To Know About Cacao

      Cacao has a very different taste to the chocolate. Milk chocolate usually only contains around 20–40% cacao, with milk and sugar making up the rest of the ingredients. Ritual cacao is made from mostly cacao beans, some water, cacao butter, and then mixed with different condiments like cinnamon etc.

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      Spiritual and Emotional Benefits of

      Cacao Ceremony

       Allowing you to connect with your heart and others and it opens your heart. 

      Balances the energies – feminine and masculine. This harmony is the only one that can bring the desired results.

      Improved clarity – you will remember who you are, what your abilities are, your talents, your gifts and you will get rid of everything you are not.

      Increases creativity – the cacao opens the door to inspiration and creativity so it helps you to get over the things that keep you stuck and do not allow the inner child to play and give life. You will discover new ideas and ways to express yourself.

      Focused healing – if you have things in your mind that keep you away from living the life you want, the Cacao ceremony will bring clarity and help you focus only on the things that really matter to you.

      Connects you to the higher self – represented by who you believe in (God, the source, the Universe etc.). Strengthening this connection will help you see your own strength, power and truth.

      Helps you meditate by facilitating the connection with the self. You will be able to focus better, and see what your heart is telling you more clearly. The connection with the present moment will be stronger.

      Have LOADS of fun!!!

      The taste of raw cacao is different, but delicious, we all deserve this pampering. 

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      After the Cacao Ceremony you might feel more blissful, hopeful and the antioxidant effect, have a better mood and more energy, and receive more from life.

      * Have no expectations
      * Have a light meal and drink more water than usual before & after
      * Announce the staff with you have any allergies
      * Set an intention you want to put “in the cacao”
      * Wear comfortable clothes
      * Be curious and open to explore your internal Universe

      Ana Dragalina – Author, Writer, Psychologist, ThetaHealing® Therapist

      This ceremony generally lasts around 1.5 – 2 hours.