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Meet Your Subconscious & Gain Control Over Your Behavior.

Hypnotherapy helps in the creation of a bridge to the subconscious – where the imagination, emotions, intuition, memories, habits and the nervous system regulator resides.


    Hypnotherapy: A Focused State of Awareness

    Hypnosis refers to a deep  mental & physical relaxed state that gives rise to awareness of your thought patterns, communicating with the hypnotherapist at the same time. 

    Hypnotherapy is a natural state that we usually go in and out of multiple times during the day; any time you feel you are focused on something in your mind, you immediately enter in a state of hypnosis by shutting out surrounding distractors.

    At Home of Wellness Dubai , we believe that in order for long-lasting healing and change to occur, it is essential that the subconscious mind is reached through hypnotherapy. Thus, we’d be guiding you to overcoming obstacles that prevent you from your goals and transforming your life.


    Hypnotherapy is used for Depression, anxiety, handling conflicts at work and in relationships, weight loss, handling grief or loss of a loved one.
    People who have psychotic symptoms should consult a hypnotherapist in Dubai for determining if this therapy is safe for them.


    Hypnosis is one of the most interesting phenomenon of our minds. It is a natural state of focused attention. Its a relaxed and receptive state of mind. It is 100% normal & natural state of mind. It just allows you ‘to be’ who you naturally are. And so, yes, it definitely works.

    Home of Wellness offers the best Hypnosis in Dubai, which enables you to embrace transformative change and a deeper understanding of yourself.


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      Did you know?



      Hypnotism is a natural state of mind. It is not a form of sleep. Scientists have proven repeatedly that patients remain wide awake while under hypnosis, and even retain complete control of their actions


      Franz Mesmer is the father of modern hypnotism. Hypnosis is also called mesmerism, named after Mesmer.


      ‘Hypnosis’ is derived from a Greek word- ‘Hypnos’, meaning ‘to sleep’.


      Hypnosis helps in the shifting of awareness from the conscious to the subconscious mind through an elevated state of suggesting. All our experiences, thoughts, emotions and learning are stored in  the subconscious mind.

      Thus, the root cause of any feelings of frustration, anger or fear  lies in the sub conscious. Hypnotherapist helps in tackling the root issues instead of addressing the symptoms, leading to transformational results.

      This allows you to be able to accept, forgive and release yourself as well as others. It also helps in integrating and programming a new state of mind which is able to learn and realize more.  This helps in releasing the emotional traumas. At the same time, empowering, releasing the burdens of emotions, thereby, creating a safe place for yourself. 

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      Benefits of Hypnotherapy

      Hypnotherapy helps with insomnia and allows our mind & body to be relaxed

      Hypnotherapy can improve memory for people taking tests, memorizing lines, or seeking a mental edge professionally, along with stress reduction, since stress hormones affect memory and critical thinking negativel

      Hypnotherapy helps in handling the conflict and managing emotions in an easier way. It helps in  building confidence & putting forth your needs- a crucial element in relationships.

      Hypnotherapy helps in calming the hypersensitivity present in gut, as well as, lessening the reaction of the brain to the pain. It also helps with headaches, burns and backaches.

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      Hypnotherapy is basically using psychotherapy with a client in the hypnotic state of consciousness. It helps in accessing the sources of depression, distress and anxiety.  Hypnotherapists help the clients come closer to the source of his/her issues by opening the pathway to the subconscious mind.

      Hypnotherapy makes the use of hypnotic trance for reaching out to the subconscious. Accessing and reaching the subconscious helps  hypnotherapists to understand the main reasons of the client’s issue.

      Hypnotherapy connects you directly to the subconscious.

      Hypnotherapy is used for treating a number of human illnesses, addictions, diseases, complaints, and diagnoses including smoking, migraine, depression, Weight problems, Performance Anxiety, PTSD,  Addictions,  stress and anxiety, sleep, Grief, Cancer, OCD, Childbirth, Sleep, Dementia, etc.

      Yes, Hypnotherapy can be used with children having trauma or behavioral disorders.  

      Hypnosis is  safe. It doesn’t involve brain washing or mind-control. A person undergoing hypnotherapy is naturally in a highly effective mental state.   You are never really unconscious and all the time in control of the situation.