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Third Eye Activation

Reach Your True Purpose & Mission In Life.

Activate Third Eye Chakra With Meditation & Experience To Awaken Your Wisdom & Knowledge

Reach Your True Purpose & Mission In Life. Activate Third Eye Chakra With Meditation & Experience To Awaken Your Wisdom & Knowledge



    The third eye also referred to as the inner eye is an energy centre within our brain. It is situated in between both our eyebrows helping us with deep wisdom and intuition.


    At Home of Wellness, we offer third eye activation sessions in Dubai that help open and clear the third eye chakra in Dubai to be able to have greater intuition

    Third eye activation is easily achieved with the practice of deep Mindfulness Meditations, energy healing and Karma Healing.

    Also known as the ‘ Agya Chakra’, our third eye is considered to be extremely powerful for being a potent source of intuitive wisdom which can enlighten us towards creative pursuits and leads us to the highest form of intelligence.

    This Pineal Gland has cells which absorb light making it light-sensitive.

    The Pineal gland secretes Melatonin, a hormone that helps in regulating the cycle of sleep & wake in our bodies.

    Since it is advised to keep the eyes closed, the channelized energy by the Meditator gets absorbed in this gland.



    Meditation and healing helps dramatically in opening the third eye. They help in opening up the unconscious mind by calming it extensively. Mindfulness and Chakra Meditations help in opening the third eye by healing oneself. They work by improving the memory and aligning us towards our goals. It is also an excellent aid in providing us a great quality of life, overall. They bring positivity in our minds and bless us with Psychic Visions helping us to take actions which lead to our dream life.


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      Did you know?

      third eye activation


      The third eye is generally associated to the pineal gland situated in the brain which releases compound named as DMT- Dimethyltryptamine


      The third eye is photoreceptive, i.e, sensitive to light. There are photoreceptors present in the pineal gland, which releases chemicals according to their exposure of light.


      The third eye helps in accessing different perceptions. It also helps in enhancing your visions above the ordinary- also called as Clairvoyance.


      Whenever you are extremely focused on doing a task with utmost dedication, your Third Eye is being activated.

      When you are meditating or doing other practices to activate your Third Eye, you will gain maximum focus to work on these tasks.

      It helps in unlocking the infinite potential and using it mindfully.

      The activation of third eye helps us seeing everything with a brighter perspective. It helps in opening up the psychic abilities, empowering you enough for manifesting your dream life. 

      third eye activation

      Benefits of Third Eye Activation

      Your senses become very sharp, giving you a heightened awareness of what happens in your surroundings. The sense of sight, hearing, and taste are seen to become sharper.

      Allow your mind to view your aura, spectate energy and see unique and interesting beings, all with your eyes closed.

      It tends to bring your other chakras into closer alignment. This allows you to pull yourself together, creating an internal harmony that lets you face the world as a unified whole.

      It has a great deal of influence over your sleep patterns and quality. Opening your Third Eye will also allow you to more clearly see your dreams.

      Other recommended healing


      Awakening or opening the third eye leads to a heightened intuition state, enhancing your  awareness of inner true self.

      No, opening the third eye is not dangerous in any way. Fear is the only energy blocking your third eye, affecting you in a negative way.  Thus a strong will is required.

      The third eye activation is extremely powerful leading to greater intuition, clarity, healing and foreseeing the future. Mindfulness should be applied while working with the third eye. 

      Initially, there might be a pressure or little pain between the eye brows. One may start feeling the metaphysical energy and develop the ability to do telepathic communication once the inner eye is opened.

      The safest way of activating the third eye is through the ancient meditation technique taught at the Home of Wellness Centre. A ‘divine union” takes place, in this meditation by condensing the light in the 3rd eye, thereby, leading to third eye activation.