Third Eye Activation

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Activate Third Eye Chakra With Meditation & Experience The To Awaken Your Wisdom & Knowledge


The third eye , also called inner eye, is one of our chakras and an energy center  inside the brain  located  in the middle of the eye brow  through which your intuition and higher wisdom come alive, when it is active and balanced.

Third eye activation is easily achieved with practice of Samadhi Meditation and Karma Yoga Healing.

Also known as the ‘ Agya Chakra’, our third eye is considered to be extremely powerful for being a potent source of intuitive wisdom which can enlighten us towards creative pursuits and leads us to the highest form of intelligence.

This Pineal Gland has photo-receptor (light-absorbing) cells just like the eye, which makes it sensitive to light.

When in the dark, the pineal gland secretes a powerful hormone called Melatonin that regulates the circadian rhythm (sleep-wake cycle) in the human body.

Since the eyes are closed during a meditation session, energy channeled by the meditator is absorbed by the pineal gland.

And when energy flows, it is nothing but light, making the process one of the most natural experiences during deep meditations and Third Eye activation. ene


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    third eye activation


    In children, the pituitary and hypothalamus glands are quite tender which makes it possible for them to be more perceptive and intuitive. As we get older, the glands get stiff and some calculus gets deposited around them, the strength and frequency of the alpha wave emission diminish.


    According to an ancient belief, humans had in far ancient times an actual third eye in the back of the head with a physical and spiritual function. Over time, as humans evolved, this eye atrophied and sunk into what today is known as the pineal gland.


    The Ajna signifies the conscience in Hinduism and it is that part of the brain which, when stimulated, can be used to achieve powerful feats.


    Whenever you are extremely focused on doing a task with utmost dedication, your Third Eye is being activated.


    When you are meditating or doing other practices to activate your Third Eye, you will gain maximum focus to work on these tasks.


    One of the techniques which we teach at Home of Wellness to activate the Third Eye is a meditation technique called 8th Chakra Samadhi Meditation through which a practitioner can experience union with divine.


    Together with Karma Yoga Healing, it unlocks the true potential of the Third Eye and trains one to use it mindfully.


    Samadhi is a state beyond the brain frequency of zero when you see your body separate from YOU, which will then help you to embark on the journey to find WHO YOU ARE and resolve your Karma automatically.


    By activating the Third Eye, you start perceiving everything from a higher perspective. Your psychic perception opens up, guiding you towards your true path and empowering you to manifest all your deepest desires. 

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    Your senses become very sharp, giving you a heightened awareness of what happens in your surroundings. The sense of sight, hearing, and taste are seen to become sharper.


    Allow your mind to view your aura, spectate energy and see unique and interesting beings, all with your eyes closed.

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    It tends to bring your other chakras into closer alignment. This allows you to pull yourself together, creating an internal harmony that lets you face the world as a unified whole.


    It has a great deal of influence over your sleep patterns and quality. Opening your Third Eye will also allow you to more clearly see your dreams.

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    Opening or awakening your third eye results in a heightened state of intuition and enhances your ability to be aware of your inner true self.

    No, only fear can block your third eye and affect you negatively. Otherwise there is no harm in opening the third eye. One needs to have a strong mental will and impeccable mindfulness and virtues to be at peace with themselves and create no negative karmas, once the third eye opens.

    The third eye activation is a powerful process to higher intuition, ability to see the truth, ability to heal and ability to see the future. It is with great mindfulness that the power of third eye must be used.

    Initially, for someone who’s third eye is opening, there could be a small pain or pressure between the eye brows on the forehead. One may start seeing metaphysical energies and have ability to communicate via telepathy, once third eye gets activated.

    The safest and the purest way to activate the third eye is through the unique 8th chakra ancient meditation technique taught at Home of Wellness Team. The actual ‘divine union” in this meditation takes place by condensing all the light in the third eye (technically the pineal gland of the brain), thereby, training one to activate the third eye and divine intuition.

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