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Joyfully Involve Yourself In Karma Healing & Release The Burdens Of Negative Energy

Joyfully Involve Yourself In Karma Healing & Release The Burdens Of Negative Energy


    What is QIgong?

    Qigong is an ancient Chinese and now scientifically proven modality that teaches us how to create natural Healing with the energy of life itself.

    Qigong translates as Qi (Chi) “Vital Energy” and Qong “refined skill cultivated through steady practice”.

    Qigong is a meditative practice incorporating Breathing techniques, movement, meridians warm-up, tapping and self-massaging.

    Visualization techniques and energy sounds may be included to provide natural healing.

    Practicing Qigong is a self-healing powerful tool that teaches us to be 100% responsible and active for the creation of our health which means the Healing of our mental, emotional, physical and spiritual being

    Qigong is your long lasting vitality toolkit that you can use whether you are seeking natural healig, emotional balance, stress free pain relief or overall transformation

    “Qigong” translates as “energy cultivation” is one of the most ancient Chinese culture modalities that combines progressive meditative movements with breathing techniques and positive visualization to maximise vitality and longevity.

    This Bioenergy healing form works perfectly on removing blockages, loosening stagnation and squeezing toxins out for energy to flow smoothly in the body.


    We Would love to hear from you.


      Did you know?



      It is known for reversing ageing and activating the youthful energy in us.


      Qigong has a healing effect on the functioning of all the internal organs and bodily systems.


      It is believed to increase longevity, and it may even reduce your risk of chronic diseases.

      How Does QIgong Work?

      Is Qigong for Everyone?
      Whether you are seeking to enhance your posture, release stress, uplift your mood, boost your health and vitality; Qigong can offer everyone an overall mind-body transformational experience.


      Is Qigong the same as Tai Chi?
      There are many different styles of Qigong like Tai Chi and Martial arts training, medical and spiritual forms. The Qigong that we offer focuses on Medical and Spiritual types. It is a fusion of Chinese Taoist medical Qigong and modern sport science from white Tiger Qigong. These forms are used to transform Energy throughout the entire body and to provide a clear pathway for the Qi to flow naturally like water. As well, it focuses on harmonizing the mind-body and spirit.

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      Benefits of Qigong

      Enhancing your memory and concentration.

      Reducing anxiety and stress.

       Modifying your posture and flexibility.

      Support the immune system

      Other recommended healing


      It is like entering a yoga class, you will be moving and following the teacher exercises.
      Most of the forms are standing Qigong. There will be a seated Meditation Qigong for 10 mins at the end of the session.

      Consistency is a key and Qigong is more beneficial as a routine practice and not just a one healing session.

      It takes on average 60 mins. The aim is to induce a sense of inner calm and deep relaxation.

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