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Aura Cleansing Meditation

Aura Meditation utilizes sound as a healing tool to balance, heal, and clear your aura, ultimately preparing you for restful sleep while simultaneously addressing the 7 chakras

Aura Meditation utilizes sound as a healing tool to balance, heal, and clear your aura, ultimately preparing you for restful sleep while simultaneously addressing the 7 chakras



    Auras are electromagnetic fields of energy surrounding you. Chakras are known to possess seven colors, following the 7 shades of the Rainbow.  
    Every colour is known to emit its own frequency through the chakras, impacting  mental, physical and emotional state.

    Our aura is known to possess different layers. The outermost layers correspond to the soul and the innermost layers correspond to our mental and emotional health.

    Why Aura Cleansing Meditation?


    Aura Cleansing Meditation helps in to cleansing the blockages from the chakras resulting because of conflicts related to the emotions in the sub conscious mind. Aura Cleansing helps in strengthening the aura, resulting in natural balance and protection in one’s life. 

    At Home of Wellness, we have sessions of deep powerful Guided Meditation for Chakra Healing and Aura Cleansing, awakening and rejoicing each cell in the body.

    Significance of Aura Cleansing Meditation

    The best way of cleansing the aura is through Meditation. It drastically helps in clarifying the aura, impacting illness and diseases. It helps in letting go the anxiety & stress and uplifts oneself emotionally. It allows to open oneself to abundance and creates a natural protection for yourself, safeguarding you from the emotional impact of other energies around you.



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      Did you know?

      AURA CLEANSING Meditation


      There’s drainage of our energy aura, at times, because of the energy of another person. Thus, we feel tired after spending sometime with them.


      Auras Photography help in capturing the images of the aura. Adults aura, at times ranges about 2ft wide, possessing multiple layers. 


      Aura of each individual is different from the other aura just like fingerprints of each individual.

      Benefits of Aura Cleansing

      Aura cleansingAchieve and attract peaceful relationships and feel confident with these deep meaningful connections.

      After Aura cleansing you start attracting people who are more emotionally confident helping you to strengthen your personality.

      Aura cleansing helps you in unlocking your true potential by making you in a more positive frame of mind.

      Aura Cleansing helps in balancing the hormones, rejuvenating the body and mind, making the skin glow, shining hair and a younger you. 


      Aura Cleansing Meditation helps in healing your financial, health, finances, relationships and wealth by thoroughly cleansing and strengthening the Auric Field.

      At Home of Wellness, we offer ancient techniques of meditation alongwith Karma Healing bringing you to quicker enlightenment with oneself.

      Thus, the benefits of learning the technique accurately, is paramount.

      We invite you to join us on this journey of liberation and mindfulness, helping you in unlock your infinite potential.

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      Other recommended healing


      Karma yoga healing and Samadhi Meditation help in boosting the aura, making them stronger. Mindfulness meditation helps in becoming more mindful, increasing the strength of the aura.

      Yes, visualizing your aura during meditation helps you to do that.

      Experiencing positivity, balancing your emotional self, improved financial health, more clarity in thinking are signals that your aura has been strengthened. 

      Yes, the color of the auras keep changing depending on the physical and emotional health of an individual.t

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