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Transformational breath work is a conscious connected breathing practice that helps to get access to subconscious mind, release trapped emotions and help rewire the brain

Transformational breath work is a conscious connected breathing practice that helps to get access to subconscious mind, release trapped emotions and help rewire the brain



    Breath is an important key to regulating our mental,  physical and emotional energy bodies. By balancing our breath, you can attain a greater balance over your mind, body and emotions effortlessly.
    Yoga means integrating body with mind, mind with intellect and intellect with soul. This integration creates Holistic Health and holistic growth in our physical, mental and energy system.
    Breathing being the main aspect. Through breath we get into the subtle level, called Prana (life-force) and then through prana we go into the subtlest level of consciousness, all driven by meditation.
    At this level of consciousness, you can heal yourself from physical problems, negative emotions and thoughts and your self-defeating patterns.
    Yogic breathwork has 12 Energy Breath – Dynamic Energy Breathing Technique boosts the system with Pranic and fresh energy which opens up the energy centers in the body, allowing the force of life to flow smoothly and effortlessly.
    During  breathwork we use Intense  Breath – with intense conscious breath work, we release energy blocks in the mental and emotional bodies which are developed over a period of time.
    Breathwork helps in the following issues:
    • Depression
    • Chronic Pain
    • Loss or grief
    • Anxiety
    • Anger Related issues.
    • Emotional impact because of the Physical illness.


    Breathwork is considered to intense healing properties providing intense relaxation. It has been used significantly since the ancient times and has immense scientific evidence related to its benefits as well. Different kinds of breathwork have different kinds of healing properties and different therapeutic benefits. Home of Wellness offers effective Breathwork in Dubai.


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      Did you know about Breathwork in Dubai?



      Our lungs help in removing waste from our body, eliminating about seventy percent waste in the form of CO2 during exhalation. Yogic breath helps in improving the capacity of the lungs.


      About 75 % of patients with different illnesses have breathing issues which doesn’t become normal until the illness resides. Mostly, patients are unware of this disorder related tot he flow of breath. 


      Most people are not aware of the fact that there is a pause between each breath , yogic breath-work emphasize the focus and awareness of the gap between breaths, through that gap our individual energy body connects to universal energy of healing. 

      What Does Yogic Breathwork Involves?

      Breathwork has Energy Movements – using breath to open up the physical nodes, creating circular energy in various parts of the body to enhance flexibility and receptiveness.
      Yogic breathwork helps activate the seven main energy centers in the body for energy to move smoothly upwards in the spine.
      In the end of Yogi Breathwork class we have Guided Meditation – guiding your attention step by step, to hold onto observer mode and detach your awareness from physical and mental patterns and be in a state of relaxed awareness.
      Breathwork, Home of Wellness

      Benefits of Breathwork

      Stress Free, Home of Wellness

      It helps in the reduction of the levels of stress very rapidly.

      Confidence, Home of Wellness

      Slows down the aging process by eliminating the toxins from body.

      Relax 1, Home of Wellness

      It helps to let go of beliefs and negative thought patterns.

      Joyfull, Home of Wellness

      Improve personal effectiveness and creativity by balancing left and right brain system.

      Other recommended healing


      It helps in shifting the mental and the physical state rapidly. Thus it ensure a reliable and fast way for experiencing a shift emotionally and spiritually. It helps in boosting the energy level providing a greater level of wellbeing.

      No, there aren’t any pre-requisites before this session. It is best to enter the session with an open mind.

      Our trained and certified practitioner conducts these sessions of Breathwork. 

      Each Breathwork session lasts for an hour.