Yogic Breath-work is an ancient science that correlates the breath with the sun, moon and the five elements, helping us to control moods, heal ailments and be attuned to the cosmic rhythm


Yogic Breath Work

Breath is the key to our physical, mental, emotional & energy bodies and by balancing the breathing we can balance our body, mind, emotions and energy with very less effort.
Yoga means integrating body with mind, mind with intellect and intellect with soul. This integration creates holistic health and holistic growth in our physical, mental and energy system.
Breathing being the main aspect. Through breath we get into the subtle level, called Prana (life-force) and then through prana we go into the subtlest level of consciousness, all driven by meditation.
 At this level of consciousness, you can heal yourself from physical problems, negative emotions and thoughts and your self-defeating patterns.
Yogic breathwork has 12 Energy Breath – Dynamic Energy Breathing Technique boosts the system with Pranic and fresh energy which opens up the energy centers in the body, enabling the life-force to flow freely and smoothly without any interruptions.
During Yogic breathwork we use Intense Yogic Breath – with intense conscious breath work, we release energy blocks in the mental and emotional bodies which are developed over a period of time.


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    Did you know?



    The lungs are the biggest waste removal engine in the body, removes of 70% of body waste in the form of carbon dioxide in the air we exhale. yogic breath improves lungs capacity to work at its fullest


    75 % of people in a doctor’s waiting room have a breathing issue and most of them will not return to a normal pattern once their illness passes. Many of these people are unaware they have a Breathing flow disorder.


    Most people are not aware of the fact that there is a pause between each breath , yogic breath-work emphasize the focus and awareness of the gap between breaths, through that gap our individual energy body connects to universal energy of healing. 

    What DoesYogic Breathwork Involves>

    Yogic breathwork has Energy Movements – using breath to open up the physical nodes, creating circular energy in various parts of the body to enhance flexibility and receptiveness.
    Yogic breathwork includes Bij Mantras- Bij Mantras helps activate the seven main energy centers in the body for energy to move smoothly upwards in the spine.
    In the end of Yogi Breathwork class we have Guided Meditation – guiding your attention step by step, to hold onto observer mode and detach your awareness from physical and mental patterns and be in a state of relaxed awareness.
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    Benefits of Breathwork

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    It reduces stress levels dramatically in a very short duration.

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    Slows down the aging process by eliminating the toxins from body.

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    It helps in releasing limiting thoughts, beliefs and negative emotions.

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    Improve personal effectiveness and creativity by balancing left and right brain system.

    Other recommended healing


    When there is a change in your environment, biologically there is a stress response in your body. The fear of a danger together with fear of being helpless and powerless causes anxiety. The internal representation of the situation depends upon your past experiences as your mind tends to react according to the past memories.

    • Constant worry
    • Lack of focus
    • feeling restless
    • lethargy
    • feeling irritated & agitated
    • Insomnia or sleeplessness
    • Panic attacks
    • Social isolation

    Yes, there is medical as well as alternative therapy to help overcome anxiety. One should seek a holistic approach where the issue can be resolved from the source.

    The most effective and powerful way to reduce stress in your life is to meditate. The deepest form of meditation, practiced by yogis and sages for centuries, called samadhi or transcendence meditation has a powerful healing response in the body and helps you to be resourceful and mindful.

    Worry is a mechanism the brain creates to protect the self from a stressful situation or danger. One needs to work at the unconscious level of the mind to stop worrying. Worrying has a very draining effect on anyone and must be addressed by healing the source of the worry through an effective technique such as Karma Yoga Healing.

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