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Kids Yoga

We all want our children to be happy, not just in the present moment but all throughout their lives. Teaching them yoga is a sure shot way to achieving this.

We all want our children to be happy, not just in the present moment but all throughout their lives. Teaching them yoga is a sure shot way to achieving this.



    Experience & enjoy Kids Yoga 

    How beautiful it would be for a child to know how they feel and how to share that positive energy with their world every single day? To express confidently and share their emotions while reducing stress levels?

    Yoga is a practice for all ages to feel connected with their own body and mind using the breath. It is key for the kids development and wellbeing, it is a connection they can start building at any age and will remain with them for life.

    From popular classes like Avengers, Transformers, Seasonal Concepts like Easter, Christmas and major learnings; Happy Feet Yogi has it all covered.

    Yoga and Mindfulness is physically, mentally, emotionally and psychologically great for kids of all ages.

    Let’s together introduce Yoga in their lives and see them shape well not only from the outside, but inside as well.

    Kids journey to a healthier, happier life…



    This session is designed as an energy filled session allowing children to be their natural selves, exploring a range of breathing techniques and Yoga poses. Children develop a great understanding of the benefits and important aspects of working together, increasing flexibility, strength and coordination through activities for team-building and games through the Yoga for children.

    There is a development of confidence and inner strength leading to an environment where each child is successful.



    Kids Yoga is dramatically helpful in boosting the mental of the kids and in promoting the overall fitness of their physical health as well. It helps in improving their emotional quotient along with their intelligence quotient. The practices are designed in a way that help in calming the mind extensively and in delivering optimum performance. 

    Kids Yoga is also helpful in bringing the required vitality in the kids and allowing a sense of team building in them in the presence of other kids. The Yoga for Children provides them a perfect environment to learn and inculcate the moral values for a healthy life.



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      Did you know?

      KIDs YOGA


      Kids Yoga promotes awareness and compassion for others.


      Kids Yoga also helps in boosting the emotional creativity of the children.


      It also promotes positivity about being physically fit for the rest of their lives.

      Benefits of Kids Yoga

      It helps children in managing their anxiety issues.

      It helps in boosting the self-esteem of children.

      It helps in the reduction of impulsiveness in kids.

      It helps the kids to regulate themselves emotionally.


      According to a journal for Plasticity of brain, it has been proved that yoga is beneficial for the brain in ways similar to aerobic exercise. It is also know to improve attention, cognitive performance and memory.

      What Are The Benefits Of Yoga For Kids
      Yoga has immense positive effect on the areas which handle information processing, memory and regulation of emotions. Improving instantly the mood is also directly related to better functioning of the brain and its health.
      According to studies, the benefit starts appearing from the first or the second class itself. Increasing the dosage of the practices would improve the results drastically.

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      Other recommended healing


      Kids Yoga sessions last between half and hour to an hour. These are group sessions.

      Cotton, loose, comfortable, fitting clothes would be good to go. T-shirts, sweatshirts, tracksuits and leggings would be good as well.

      The sessions consist of a number of yoga activities consisting of yoga games, posture cards, musical environment. These help in grabbing their attention and encourage their participation in these sessions.

      Our certified and expert practitioner conducts these sessions with kids with an environment of love and care.