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Dina Abdulhadi

Founder of Home of Wellness and Wellness Healer

Dina started her journey in 2008 with Hypnotherapy courses and has studied many other modalities such as Theta Healing, Karma Healing, Spiritual Response Therapy, Access Consciousness, Awaken the Devine You, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, and Pranic Healing.

Dina also studied Business Administration and earned her MSc in Marketing. She owned businesses in fashion and e-commerce before launching Home of Wellness.

Today, she prides herself on being the founder of Home of Wellness – a sacred space that offers solutions including holistic healing, wellbeing, self-empowerment, and growth.

She made it her mission to focus on creating and holding a space for those who seek to make a change and create a healthier, happier, and more abundant life.

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Abeer Ayash

Wellness Professional, Holistic Artist, Jewelry Designer, and an Energy Healer

Abeer Ayash has been on this path of self-growth and discovery since 2009, and aspires to share her knowledge with whoever is looking for support, guidance or assistance in overcoming blocks or obstacles in their lives. Having the advantage of being trained in various modalities, Abeer integrates all the useful approaches depending on the requirement of each individual, thus catering for the uniqueness of each case, and facilitating an easy and fast transformation.

Abeer is a qualified practitioner in dealing and resolving issues like, Fears, Phobias, Stress, Anxiety, Weight Management, Smoking Secession, Trauma, Relationship and Financial Blockages, Physical Issues and Symptoms and Blocking & Limiting Patterns.

Abeer is certified and qualified in Karma Healing, Integrated Clinical Hypnotherapy, Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique, Professional Kinesiology Practitioner, 5PATH, Simpson Protocol, Matrix Energetics, Pranic Healing, Spiritual Response Therapy, Access Bars, Soma Energetics Sound Therapy, NLP and Time Line Therapy, Laughter Yoga, Holistic Art (Soul Painting and Vibrational Art), and Spiritual Jewelry.

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Guidance Reader

Dorra is a tarot, lenormand and playing card reader and psychic reader , and an energy healer using eft and akashic records wishes to assist her clients uncover their hidden blocks and patterns that are deeply embedded in their subconscious mind.

She focuses on deep healing techniques that empower her clients to be free to choose and embrace a life that they aspire towards. She is using practical way of healing and reading through tarot cards and eft tapping techniques a method she is naturally talented at.

In her private consultations, dorra focuses on reading the client energy get to help them know their personality better understand their past and present and get to know where the blockages are in their life and guide them to the solutions and how to improve their life , unfold how the future can be and how to get a better outcome , do an energy healing and clear their blockages and issues and clarify things for them dorra is a naturally psychic and healer and conducts workshops and seminars with aim of spreading the knowledge and awareness of spirituality and positivity to the world.

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Rumi Meeran


Rumi is a gifted healer, intuitive, educator, writer, orator & an engineer who has been on the path of self-realization and mindfulness ever since a young age.

Rumi’s amazing insight as a result of years of meditation, healings and trainings has made her realize the magic of pure energy that flows when driven by compassion and moralistic values. As an exceptional educator, this talented teacher has trained thousands under her skillful guidance. As a powerful orator, Rumi has inspired many towards divinity and is here to continue her enlightening work with her gifted abilities.

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Chikky Sirish

Energy Worker and Intuitive Mentor

She is an energy worker and intuitive mentor. She offers a unique holistic approach to coaching by combining it with various energy modalities including Sound Healing, Water Therapy and Energy Massage. She is an Access Bars Facilitator (Access Consciousness), has trained under a 3rd generation Tibetan Singing bowl healer in Nepal and has done her training in Water Flow Therapy based on WATSU – Water Shiatsu therapy in Auroville.

In her journey to find her true authentic self despite personal struggles, Chikky found a coach, who helped her help herself and become the best version of herself. Her determination to shift her reality encouraged her to become a hypnotherapist and certified Master NLP Practitioner. She trained under the NLP co-founder Richard Bandler. Since 2012, she has been empowering her clients to reach newer heights within themselves and unlock their hidden potential.

With her innate compassion, keen listening and empathy, Chikky embarked on a journey into the world of alternative healing and natural therapies. She automatically drew people close to her and from then on there was no looking back.

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Sound Healing

Naresh has always been a spiritual seeker and meditator, in 2008. His spiritual journey bought him to Mahavatar Babaji’s Kriya Yoga, practices of years helped him getting grounded into spirituality. & Various visits to several Masters, Ashrams, Monasteries across India, Sri Lanka, Tibet, Far East, Africa, South America, Europe, etc. helped him to establish the deeper understanding of various aspects of life and spiritual journey. An accounting and financial management professional, worked with a multinational company, and lives in Dubai. At present and out of many Practices and techniques he has learnt , Naresh offers the following practices which are fundamental to increasing the Vital Energy ,Mind-Body Relaxation, Developing Clarity to understand one’s life journey and to live life in more meaningful way; Meditation Sessions, Sound and Vibrational Therapy,

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Katrina Valente

Holistic Beauty Therapist

Katrina has been in the holistic beauty industry for the past 28 years, as a leading/anti-ageing Expert. Traveling the wordl as a visit practitioner for Six Senses Resorts and Spa as well as Aman group and Ananatara. She has lived in Dubai for 23 years and is Scottish/Italian. She has been accredited as one of the worlds Top Facialists and is the Ambassador for the Organic brand Altearah Bio Produsct that she uses in her therapies and has supported for over 15 years. Katrina is unique in the way that she looks at the whole mind, body, spirit of a person through using her Colour Therapy, Crystal healing and Reflexology to name but a few, to treat you specifically and a bespoke way. Her mission is to awaken people to their highst potential and help them achieive Inner Peace; Outer Beauty.

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Sevine Samadhi

Kundalini Yoga Instructor

Savine Samadhi is coached by Nacho Arimany in the Arimany method: Unlock the authentic Voice & full potential. Throughout the years, she connected with an Array of Ancient traditions including yoga, meditation, breathwork, energy work, and the power of sound. Savine has recently completed her KRI Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training program with lead training Shiv Charan Singh. Sevine is also certified in several other transformational modalities such as Somatic Movement Therapy from the Emotional Institute and is a Shoden Reiki Level 1 Master. She is a meditation and breathwork teacher, with foundation in energy healing

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Aline Ghorayeb

Transformational Therapist and Meditation Specialist

Aline Ghorayeb, is a wellbeing transformational therapist and meditation specialist.

She is a certified practitioner of Rapid Transformational Therapy®️, an accredited member of the ACCPH, and a member of the ICP. Aline says: I was always passionate about learning the mind-body connection and helping those around me understand the power of the super brain which is the key to a fulfilling life. Being a therapist has given me the opportunity to implement that and work with people to change their lives for the better and help them to step to the best version of themselves. I believe if you do not go within, you go without knowing your potentials and your purpose in life.

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Happiness Empowerment & Access Consciousness BARS® Certified Facilitator

Lilly is a Game Changer of Mgnitude, Happiness Empowerment Facilitator, an Access Consciousness BARS® Certified Facilitator, an Access Energetic Facelift Certified Facilitator, an access Consciousness 3 Day Body Worksop Practitioner, a Certified Laughter Yoga Leader, a Light Language Body Worker and an Energetic Space Clearings Wizard. Lilly is a CONNECTOR: A connector of possibilities. She brings in her own unique signature of happiness, joy & gratitude. Conducting private sessions, groups training, meditations and workshops on a variety of topics using many of the pragmatic tools of Access Consciousness. Lilly has helped people all over the globe in optimizing their unique talents and abilities and helped change their lives. In her journey she has facilitated many workshops and assisted innumerable people. Her workshops are fun where she creates a space of possibilities with her contagious Happy Wealthy Lilly Laughter.

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Lamia Samir

Akashic Records Reading:

Lamia Samir, certified Akashic "Soul" reading practitioner, meditation instructor,  certified energy & crystals healer, and quantum touch practitioner. I started my holistic journey since  2013, and this dramatically changed my life. Since then, I have been dedicating my knowledge and energy to passionately help others find their inner peace and reach higher levels of spiritual growth.. The Akashic Records are all that we have recorded in our Soul life, if we take into account that the memories of our Soul have no limit, we come to the conclusion that we are talking about "The Book of Infinite Wisdom". Akasha in Sanskrit means ether, essence, soul, therefore it represents all the memory of the Soul. Akasha also means coming back home to our Divinity. The Akashic Records allow us to enter that world of love and understanding of everything that happens around us.. Akashic Records are an archive of information about your soul’s journey. The Records contain the record of your soul’s every single thought, deed, experience, memory, and trauma in this lifetime and all past lifetimes. Accessing the Records and retrieving useful information can be extremely helpful in healing old patterns, wounds, habits, belief systems, and traumas.

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Medha Parekh

Reiki Healing

Medha is a Reiki Healer, crystal healer and a pendulum therapist. She works with people one-on-one to help them find new careers, balance their lives, improve their relationships, work effectively and reach their goals. Her calm and compassionate demeanour has helped heal many by simply being in her presence. Her patient understanding of the client’s needs makes her an exceptional therapist with lasting results. She combines mindfulness, breathwork, and dhyana meditations in her therapies that have the ability and power to transform lives. Her goal is to empower people to live in Peace and Happiness within, irrespective of the ever-changing and challenging outside world. She is known as a healer who spreads the light of healing at physical, emotional, and spiritual levels, she believes, “The idea behind Reiki is to tap the universal energy around us and pass it on to those in need, as well as heal ourselves. The process is mostly intuitive. Both the practitioner and patient are in deep meditation and the healing happens through intuition”.

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Shereen Al Mulla

Sound Healer

Shereen Al Mulla has trained in sound healing with Cherub and Tim Wheater (a direct student of Don Conreaux) in the UK. She has always had a deep connection with music and sound, explores many different instruments, specifically the Gong and the Piano and feels called to share the gift of sound and its many healing benefits with people, plants an animals. After many years of deep therapy with modalities that incorporate healing through somatics and movement she is also a strong believer in trauma release and energy cleansing through intuitive dance and shaking. After completing training in holding sacred circles, she is currently studying regenerative gardening, soil advocacy and also taking a degree in Master Herbalism and is excited to guide her clients on how to incorporate plant medicines into their daily lives. She is currently feeling called to work on releasing social conditioning, connecting to the divine feminine and reconnecting back to source. Always a student and humbled daily by how much there is to learn, and always, always guided by love.

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Lana Al Mulla

Nutritional Therapist

Nutritional Therapy is the application of nutrition science in the promotion of health, peak performance and individual care. Lana embarked on her journey in Naturopathic Nutrition in 2011 at the College of Naturopathic Medicine in London where she later qualified after a 3 year diploma in Biomedicine and Naturopathic Nutrition. To date Lana has grown a client base in London, Dubai and Los Angeles building her own clinical practice, later opening a wellness space in London, early 2019. She has collaborated with brands and companies developing menus, concepts, delivering workshops and talks helping to empower and educate on the possibilities of food as a medicine. As a member of ANP - the Association of Naturopathic Practitioners - Lana regularly attends events and seminars to further her learning while keeping her up to date with the latest research in optimal healing and nutrition. Lana's approach is patient-centred and evidence-based; Working one-to-one, Lana recognises that each patient is biochemically unique with differing health goals and specific requirements. Health is looked at as a whole, taking environment and genetics into consideration as well as the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies. spiritual bodies.

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Anna Gashchenko

Space Clearing Specialist

Anna has a medical background with a profound fascination in psychology and the power of the mind.

Anna, Space Clearing Specialist believes the our homes represents the self, influences the way we feel and behave, affect our health and well being, and can impact our movement through life. " I am honored to provide Space Clearing for homes and business. I remove unwanted thoughts, memories, energies, entities, ghosts and beliefs, help business prosper." She shift the overall vibration of the space to release the past and awaken to present-moment alignement, awareness, and well-being. She truly love helping client create harmoniouse and supportive homes and business. "I know that the Space Clearing is a special experience if you want a new start."

Dedicated and extremely passionate about her work, she provides her clients with an unforgettable therapeutic experience.

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Stefany Alvarez

Low Pressure Fitness Trainer

Stefany Alvarez earned a Bachelor's Degree in Exercise Science and Physical Education in 2006 in Uruguay. Her dissertation focused on the postural alignment and the benefits from exercise as prevention. She is also Pre and postnatal Specialist (Active AQ UK), Peak Pilates Instructor, Personal Trainer L3 among other many qualifications. In October 2017 become International Certified Coach of the LOW PRESSURE FITNESS Program based on Hypopressives, myofascial & neurodynamic techniques. She empowers the education through her seminars about Women’s Health, Core Connection and Benefits of Exercise.

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Mark Drourr

Certified NLP practitioner and Shadow Card Interpreter

Mark has 15 years of experience working extensively with intutive modalities. He has worked with many practitioners internationally as well helping people explore their shadows, creating balance and awareness to everyday life.

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Maheshika Weerasinghe

Yoga and Meditation Instructor

Maheshika is a yoga and meditation instructor whose classes are powerful, playful, heartfelt and creative. She started loving yoga few years back and grew her passion towards it constantly after she explored the peace and joy through yoga. Her definition for yoga is peace, joy. love and letting go with mindfulness. Maheshika loves to create sequences based on different themes combined with fitness passion she has in her. She offers Hatha and Vinyasa style yoga. She encourages the growth of the physical and spiritual self of their interconnectedness to each other, to the world and to the universe at large. She has completed her 200 hour teaching training and is registered under Yoga Alliance.

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After living nomadically for eight years, Marc has recently settled down in Dubai. Holding a german license for psychotherapy, he offers a range of 1:1 sessions that support you to remain loose and natural, release inner tension and transition from surviving to thriving. The sessions include: Trauma Therapy/ Psychotherapy (IFS and NARM), BioDynamic Breathwork & Trauma Release, TRE (Tension, Stress & Trauma Releasing Execrises), ReBalancing Massage.

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Saif Al Bitar

Peter Hess and International Practitioners of Holistic medicine certified sound vibration healer as well as an ICF Certified NLP and Life Coach

Saif has an Emirati Palestinian roots. His passion for helping people connect with who they are was born out of his own personal journey of finding self-acceptance, battling addiction, and discovering my authentic self. A big part of his healing happened through Neurogenic Tremor Therapy and Sound Vibrational Healing. He uses a combination of neurogenic tremoring, guided meditation techniques, and Tibetan singing bowls to help you destress, relax and take you into a deep meditative state. The vibrations of the singing bowls help encourage inner peace, clear any energetic blockages you may have, ease anxiety and is proven to have many other benefits for your health and well-being. He is a Peter Hess and International Practitioners of Holistic medicine certified sound vibration healer as well as an ICF Certified NLP and Life Coach. As a fitness enthusiast and a believer in connecting to our bodies to heal. He believes in these methods to support you in your journey in overcoming depression, anxiety, stress, and provide you with an overall sense of well-being.

Maryam Ebrahimnezhad, Home of Wellness

Maryam Ebrahimnezhad

Social worker/ behavioral therapist& Neurofeedback therapist

Maryam Ebrahimnezhad is a Social worker/ behavioral therapist& Neurofeedback therapist. Her certifications include: Aggression & stress practices, Communication skills training (AVT), Adult psychopathology, Developmental psychopathology, RBT. Her Professional License includes License of Social Worker by Community Development Authority of Dubai. Her degrees include: Master of Relationship therapist/System therapy VU University, Amsterdam, Bachelor of Social Work (BSW), Hogeschool University of Holland, Enschede, Neurofeedback therapist. She has over 12 years of experience as a mental health counsellor. She have vast experience counseling clients with family developments, stress, depression, anxiety, PTSS, and substance abuse. Her background enables her to be an extremely effective social worker who is comfortable counseling diverse groups of people.

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Michael Patrick

Bowtech Therapist & Teacher

Michael Patrick is the Director of Bowen Therapy UK. A fully licensed Bowtech Instructor and Therapist. He trained with the world’s leading authorities and founders of The Bowen Therapy Academy of Australia, Ossie and Elaine Rentsch, whom later asked Michael to teach Bowen himself. One of Europes leading practitioners, having worked at Queens Tennis Clubs, RAC Pall Mall, Michael spent 10 years at Londons leading Integrated Med ical Clinic The Third Space Medicine, and currently has two London based clinics, at Chelsea FC and in Westminster. With over 15 years clinical experience and 10 as a tutor, he’s trained over 150 doctors, physios and therapists. He has vast experience with autoimmune conditions as well as musculoskeletal, pregnancy, post surgery, etc. He has also trained with the Institute of Functional Medicine in Reversing Cognitive Decline. For the past 12 years has worked closely with Endobiogenetic Medicine and auto-immune specialists who’s work compliments Bowen.

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Dharana Manot

Wellness Professional, Certified Mindfulness Instructor, Certified Positive Neuroplasticity Trainer

Dharana is a Wellness Professional, a certified Mindfulness Instructor by the CPD( Continuing Professional Development) Certification Service and by Palaouse Mindfulness. She is also a certified Positive Neuroplasticity Training (PNT) Professional by Rick Hanson, Ph.D. Being a Mindfulness Practitioner since the past 10 years, she is passionate about mental health and well being and finds joy in empowering individuals to find their path to balance, happiness and harmony through understanding & breaking self limiting belief systems and releasing repress. She focuses on healing through MBSR (Mindfulness based Stress Reduction) techniques , Positive Neuroplasticity Techniques and Guided Meditation (Rajyoga Meditation by Brahmakumaris). Dharana integrates all the useful approaches depending on the requirement of each individual, thus catering for the uniqueness in each case, and facilitating an easy and fast transformation. Being a certified trainer, she is looking forward to conducting training programs, workshops,sessions and seminars with the aim of spreading Mind Sciences to the world. Being an MBA in Human Resource, she is also looking forward to delivering Corporate Wellness Programs .

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Certified Life Coach, Positive Intelligence Coach

Aisha is a certified life coach (CPCC) by CTI and (ACC) by ICF (International Coaching Federation). She holds master degree in Strategic Human Resource Management from University of Wollongong . She is been trained and graduated from CTI ( Co- Active training institute) and started her coaching journey in 2019. She coached many individuals including actors, artists, business women in UK and UAE to help them gain high self confidence and be the best version of themselves to reach their goals and dreams. She has a very unique and powerful style in coaching where she guides her clients to transform themselves and their lives in order to create the life they truly deserve. She is highly committed, honest, and a very good listener and applies her core values in to her life coaching practice. Beside being a life coach, she is also PQ  ( positive intelligence) Coach , where she conducts PQ seminars, workshops, and programs to help individuals be more productive, positive, and improve in their relationships in different areas of their life. 

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Holistic Health Coach, Yoga Coach

I am passionate about health and well-being, empowering others as Holistic Health Coach and Yoga Coach. As a certified Holistic Health Coach I co design healthy lifestyles with people, whether they want to explore their body, mind and spirit, strengthen the relationship with themselves, others and nature, understand and adjust food behaviors, search for their purpose, or be mindful and honour every moment. I guide and inspire them, in private sessions, so that step by step they feel ready to abandon habits that no longer serve them, and implement new ones, designing a healthy and sustainable lifestyle. I work with individuals, women and men, of all ages, and with families that want to go on this journey together. As a certified Yoga Coach, I focused on specific themes, such as awakening feminine energy or detox, offering one-on-one or small groups' Vinyasa sessions. People will find a safe space to explore body, mind and spirit, challenge strengths and weaknesses, work flexibility, strength and balance, learn to move with the breath, release negative emotions and toxins, and enhance creativity through movement. They will become more aware of their feminine energy, increase self-esteem and self-confidence or purify body, mind and spirit. I also design and coach Hatha-Vinyasa flows regarding clients' specific goals and condition. In my personal quest to find balance and harmony in life, I left behind a successful career in architecture and started my journey of self discovery and development through movement. I have 10 years of experience as architect, and recently hold an executive master in management. I am an obsessive-compulsive traveller, chocolate lover, and art admirer.

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Hatha Yoga Trainer, Nidra Yoga Meditation Teacher

Purva Kaushal has studied art, science and philosophy of ancient yoga at the prestigious International Sivananda Vedanta Center in India and is really passionate about her roots in traditional teaching. She is committed to improving the health and wellbeing of individuals. She approaches yoga as a way to serve with a high level of initiative, reliability, empathy and determination. Purva has expertise in diverse forms of yoga disciplines as a way to serve wider sections of society, from Prenatal & Post Natal Yoga, Yin Yoga, Kids yoga, Restorative yoga to Pranayama {breathing techniques} and Meditation. For her teaching with love and commitment is the utmost and to find meaningful purpose, inner satisfaction in offering communities around a chance to turn inwards for empowerment, solace and nourishment. Purva’s nurturing and holistic yoga and meditation classes are meant for all levels from new to yoga or those practicing for a while with focus on foundation and fundamentals of yoga through body and mind awareness and conscious breathing techniques leading to exploration of principles of yoga.

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Kids & Teens Yoga Instructor

Brinda has been residing in Dubai since 2006, and after almost a decade of working in Hospitality industry as a Marketing & Communications expert, she decided to venture out and follow her passion with Yoga and Mindfulness. With accomplishments in 95-hour Kids Yoga and 22-hour Teens Yoga courses, she works closely with children of all ages and promote the concept of health and well-being in their lives too. The tailor-made and concept-based classes will ensure that the kids aged 3-12 years old as well as Teens can stretch their body and focus on their breath with mindfulness activities and teamwork, while having fun with the concept and group activities. This is key for their personality as they grow. She is committed to improving the health and wellbeing of individuals. She approaches yoga as a way to serve with a high level of initiative, reliability, empathy and determination.

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Dr. David Abou Khalil

Mind-Body Medicine (MGH) Ph.D. in Metaphysical Psychology (SU-UOM) Doctorate degree in Physical Therapy (St.Joseph University) Brain working Recursive Therapist (Expert Level) Acupuncture and Chinese medicine (Tianjin University China) American Board of Anti-Aging and regenerative health practitioners (A4M) Master Hypnotherapist and Auto-Hypnosis teacher (NGH) Specialized in Psychosexual therapy (EI) and cognitive behavioral therapy (MGH) International trainer in Energy medicine and holistic therapy Founder and innovator of The Transformational Holistic Breathing®Kids & Teens Yoga Instructor

Dr. David is a personal counselor, lecturer, corporate consultant, author, senior therapist, and educator. He is driven by the belief that each one of us has the potential to achieve greatness and unlimited abilities when merging ancient techniques with the latest tools in research. He has changed the lives of thousands of people around the globe through his innovative workshops which enable participants to rewire their brains, acquire higher states of consciousness, and recondition their bodies to make lasting changes. Dr. David’s passion can be found at the intersection of the latest findings from the fields of neuropsychology, pain management, mind-body medicine, and psychosomatic medicine. He uses this knowledge to help people heal themselves of illnesses, chronic conditions, and to let them evolve their consciousness and enjoy a fulfilled life. Dr. David is the founder and innovator of The International Transpersonal Therapies Institute aiming to spread the science of consciousness, advanced energy healing, and mind-body therapies to the world. As a corporate consultant, Dr.David provides on-site lectures and workshops for businesses and corporations interested in using advanced breath working techniques, neuropsychology techniques, stress, and emotional management techniques, and the secrets of Prana’s manipulation to boost their employee’s creativity, productivity, innovation and more. As a personal counselor and senior therapist, Dr.David uses his advanced tools of dowsing and radionics to guide his clients along with different mind-body techniques to heal his patients in their mind-body, energy, and spirit as a whole.

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