Karma Healing

Joyfully Involve Yourself In Karma Healing & Release The Burdens Of Negative Energy


Everything works through the Law of Karma. If you stole, others would steal from you in the following lives. If you nourished, you will be nourished: The present circumstances of your being are influenced by the actions of past lifetimes. 

If you ever felt betrayed or punished by a certain someone or situation, it could be a result of your karma (your deeds or actions), as it could also be the karma of your ancestors in your DNA, or sub-atomic particles called Karma Varganas that attach to the body & soul  – It is a consequence of what you or your spirit in the earlier life did. Thus, you benefit or suffer as a result of these actions.

Therefore, if you want to move in the direction of liberation, you need to take action and break those patterns and redeem this karma.

At Home Of Wellness, we teach you how to change your karmic patterns and heal your  family  karmas through  Healing and Meditation, by consciously moving into a deep and relaxed state called Delta Brain Frequency,  where we can help you resolve your deep issues and start a new and better reality.


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    Did you know?



    90% of suffering in your life is due to Pitru Dosha (Ancestral defects)? We end up creating most relationships based on karmic patterns running in the family.


    Karma yoga was mentioned first in the Bhagavad Gita, dated somewhere between the 2nd & 5th Centuries B.C.E .


    Our whole life can be a moving meditation if we focus our attention on the present moment without fear or expectation.

    How To Reap The Healing Benefits Of Karma Yoga?

    Karma Yoga is a deep meditation technique that heals blocked emotions and problems related to relationships/family, finances, or health.

    Living mindfully on daily basis being aware of the path that is the highest which brings utmost happiness, abundance & joy. 

    Through Karma Yoga Healing, we teach how to alter your patterns so that you can transform your circumstances and create a new reality that aligns with your well-being. 

    Thus, the goal is to empower you  that you can be on your highest mindful path.

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    Stress Free, Home of Wellness

    It helps you develop meaningful relationships and healthy family bonding by understanding the karma you have with them and resolving it.

    Confidence, Home of Wellness

    It makes negative feelings like ego, hatred, and jealousy disappear.

    Relax 1, Home of Wellness

    It resolves Ancestral Defects (Pitru Dosha), removes curses/hooks, and increases your luck-factor and blessings.

    Joyfull, Home of Wellness

    It will make you aware of yourself and feel bliss, as well as develop your inner spiritual strength and power.

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    A session of karma healing can be taken for addressing any issue pertaining to life – health, family, money. The client has to sit comfortably and relax. The trained practitioner shall guide the client to a deep meditative state through a communicative process, to tap into the unconscious mind. The client is then required to communicate to the practitioner as per questions asked by practitioner, and by mutual interaction the client and practitioner together work on the issue, to heal and resolve it.

    No, there is no pre-requisite for taking a session. However, it is advisable that one has practice of meditation so that it is easy to tap into the unconscious and follow guidance of the practitioner during the session.

    A trainer and certified Healing Practitioner or Trainer takes the session.

    The number of sessions required varies from case to case. There are cases which can heal even in a single session, and there are cases that may take upto 4-6 sessions. Each individual is unique. Hence, the trained practitioner shall be able to assess and guide on the best option, during a consultation.

    Each karma healing session is for about 1 Hour to 1.5 hours. The charges of sessions vary depending on single or package options and also based on who is taking the session. It is best to contact the representatives by call/whatsapp/email to know more.

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