Transcendental Meditation

Experience Inner Calmness and Enlightenment


Transcendental Meditation is a practice to achieve relaxation, attentiveness, and Mindfulness by letting go of disturbing notions and thoughts. It is the process of transcending common and regular thinking to wholesome realization and consciousness by encouraging thoughts to come and go.


Our practitioners offer classes to impart the high mindful knowledge of the world and enable you to liberate yourself from the limitations of the body & mind, find your true self, and find relief from health issues, family & relationship troubles as well as financial blocks.


When practicing Transcendental Meditation, the position of silence, closed eyes, and repeated chanting of Mantra will ease your way into bringing your focus and attention to your energy centers known as Chakras. While meditating with this technique, you will attain ideal tranquility, relief, firmness, order, and absolute freedom from all mental limitations.


Home of Wellness is the best gateway to practice a wide range of self-healing and self-discovering techniques along with Transcendental meditation, to positively change a life forever.






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    Did you know?

    Transcendental Meditation


    Transcendental Meditation was first taught in the 1950s in India and has continued since the Maharishi’s death in 2008. The organization was estimated to have 900,000 participants worldwide in 1977, a million by the 1980s, and 5 million in more recent years, including some notable practitioners.


    The Transcendental Meditation technique does not involve belief. In fact, you can be thoroughly skeptical, and the technique will still be fully effective.


    While many meditation styles are known for requiring hours to enter a serene or reflective state, Transcendental Meditation advocates claim that you only need to practice the style twice daily for a period of no more than 20 minutes to foster its benefits.



    The experience of Transcendental Meditation enlightens you to further connect with your true self. The veils created by the ego gives a sense of limitation and separation between the body and the soul.


    Thus, the moment you transcend this, you liberate yourself, as it helps you to change the way you approach life and handle day-to-day challenges.


    True transcendence is only achievable when there is absolute purity. Transcendental Meditation clarifies the nature of the consequences of every action, thereby, allowing you to become more aware and deeper in pure consciousness.


    You deserve to raise your vibration. You deserve to elevate yourself.

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    Stress Free, Home of Wellness

    This technique helps you become more aware in life and less affected by stress — every day growing incomprehension, clarity, and inner happiness — unfolding deeper values of your potential as a human being.

    Confidence, Home of Wellness

    It provides the experience of restful alertness, which reduces stress, strengthens communication between the brain’s prefrontal cortex and different areas of the brain, and develops total brain functioning.

    Relax 1, Home of Wellness

    It provides access to the profound silence of the inner self. With regular practice, the peacefulness and bliss of that inner experience are naturally integrated into daily living leading to an enlightened life with a fully developed heart, mind, and soul.

    Joyfull, Home of Wellness

    By practicing TM, artists will become more creative, students more able and discerning, businessmen will make smarter decisions, and sportsmen reach their full potential.

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    Yes, it is suitable for anyone and everyone

    There is no specific time limit to meditation. You can meditate as long as possible. As a beginner, one can start with 30 minutes of meditation at least once a day, and then gradually increase it to an hour and eventually to 2 hours.

    There is no specific time line for seeing the benefits. Some would see benefits right away, while others may take longer. The mediation starts working from the very first time onwards. The more aware you are, the more you are able to feel the difference.

    Absolutely no. mediation has nothing to do with religious beliefs or scriptures. It just focuses on energy, your thoughts, breath and intention. It’s about self-awareness and mindfulness. Whichever religion one belongs to, it just enhances their life by teaching how to lower their brain frequency and achieve transcendence.

    Just like a maths formula, transcendence meditation is a universal technique that works for everyone. If one isn’t able to achieve a certain result, it doesn’t mean the formula is wrong. It just means one requires more practice. One should always seek guidance from an expert and train themselves to achieve the best outcome.

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