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Transcendental Meditation

Experience Inner Calmness and Enlightenment


Transcendental Meditation helps us in achieving deep relaxation and Mindfulness through paying attention to the present moment and letting go of the thoughts that are unnecessary and do not serve us. This meditation helps in deep enlightenment and you are able to experience oneness with the divine.

Our practitioners at Home of wellness offer meditation which lead you to transcendental states. You feel liberated from the body, through the knowledge. You are able to re-connect with your essence and attract abundance and your dream life.

When practicing Transcendental Meditation, the position of silence, closed eyes, and repeated chanting of Mantra will ease your way into bringing your focus and attention to your energy centers known as Chakras. While meditating with this technique, you will attain ideal tranquility, relief, firmness, order, and absolute freedom from all mental limitations.

Home of Wellness allows you to discover a variety of healing techniques in addition to transcendental meditation which helps in quick and positive transformation of one’s life.


We have different meditations at Home of Wellness that promote Transcendental states. A deep Transcendental state provides you with immense calmness and connects you to the true, real part of you unleashing the immense potential within you. It is extremely relaxing and refreshing healing experience. Mindfulness Meditations are a powerful way to enter transcendental states.

Chakra healing meditations are another such powerful way to connect to the transcendental states. Mindfulness Meditation gives you a feeling of the new you, allowing you to be grounded in the present moment. This transcendental state helps in resolving things within, making you the master of your life.


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    Transcendental Meditation
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    Did you know?

    Transcendental Meditation


    It is one of the most popular meditation techniques in the world with near about 5 million practitioners around the world. 


    The  technique for Transcendental Meditation  has been approved in the West both clinically and scientifically- claiming that it is genuinely helpful in the reduction of anxiety & stress.


    Transcendental meditation requires only twenty minutes, twice a day to reap its benefits.  


    Transcendental Meditation enlightens you for achieving a true connection with oneself. The ego creates a false image of ourselves and makes us believe in this world of illusions.

    Transcending this helps us in achieving our state of liberation. It helps you to change the way you approach life and handle day-to-day challenges.

    Transcendence helps you in achieving immense purity in whatever you do. 

    It uplifts you completely, transcending you to a higher version of yourself. It empowers you enough so that you act as a creator of your life, in a conscious way.


    You Deserve To Raise Your Vibration, Home of Wellness
    You Deserve To Elevate Yourself, Home of Wellness

    Benefits of Transcendental Meditation

    Stress Free, Home of Wellness

     This meditation helps in lower the blood pressure. The evidence is so strong that it is often recommended by the doctors in Clinal Practices.

    Confidence, Home of Wellness

    Transcendental Meditation also lowers the risk of stroke or heart diseases.

    Relax 1, Home of Wellness

    This technique is intensely calming for the mind and is known to help people with stress & anxiety as well.

    Joyfull, Home of Wellness

    It helps in insomnia and Alzheimer’s as well.

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    Yes, it is suitable for anyone and everyone

    There is no specific time limit to meditation. You can meditate as long as possible. As a beginner, one can start with 30 minutes of meditation at least once a day, and then gradually increase it to an hour and eventually to 2 hours.

    There is no specific time line for seeing the benefits. Some would see benefits right away, while others may take longer. The mediation starts working from the very first time onwards. The more aware you are, the more you are able to feel the difference.

    Absolutely no. mediation has nothing to do with religious beliefs or scriptures. It just focuses on energy, your thoughts, breath and intention. It’s about self-awareness and mindfulness. Whichever religion one belongs to, it just enhances their life by teaching how to lower their brain frequency and achieve transcendence.

    Just like a maths formula, transcendence meditation is a universal technique that works for everyone. If one isn’t able to achieve a certain result, it doesn’t mean the formula is wrong. It just means one requires more practice. One should always seek guidance from an expert and train themselves to achieve the best outcome.