Corporate Wellness

Creating happiness and positivity among the employees


HAPPINESS is defined by two aspects of wellbeing

  • Experiential:  A person’s emotional state in the moment, and the experience of positive emotions such as joy, excitement, love, hope and amusement. In this sense, happiness is when positive emotions are more abundant than negative ones, though the latter need not necessarily be absent. 
  • Evaluative: Individuals reflect on past feelings of happiness and how they contribute to overall satisfaction.

WELLBEING is related to happiness, but still a distinct concept. In addition to considering experiential happiness, it accounts for how people evaluate their lives as a whole, the degree of control they have over them and from where they derive their sense of purpose. Wellbeing is concerned not just with how people feel, but also how they function, both personally and socially.


Corporate wellness programs creates a holistic approach to employee wellbeing by building an organizational culture of health. 

Corporate Wellness Programs cultivates healthy habits among employees and improves health outcomes, all while increasing productivity, optimizing human resource investments and boosting employee engagement.


People who feel valued, cared for and empowered at work will repay that goodwill with a genuine and sincere investment, not only within their roles, but across their organisation.



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    People who feel valued, cared for and empowered at work will repay that goodwill with a genuine and sincere investment, not only within their roles, but across their organisation.


    Happy people attract others. People enjoy spending time and working with those who motivate and galvanise their peers with optimism and a positive attitude. Happiness is contagious, and when encouraged, it can spread throughout  an entire institution, swiftly transforming the atmosphere of the workplace. 


    Happy employees make excellent role models for their colleagues and encourage them to take joy in their work. A happy workforce also has positive implications for the happiness of customers.



    1. INSTILLING PURPOSE by ensuring that each organisation has a clearly defined vision and set of values which are communicated to employees so they may align their own ambitions with those of the institution


    2. PROMOTING HEALTH by looking after both the body and the mind, and creating a culture in which everyone can flourish intellectually, physically and emotionally


    3. BUILDING RELATIONSHIPS by encouraging team spirit and unity among colleagues, as well as building trust and loyalty between employees and the institution so that people feel like they can reach outside their comfort zones to establish real connections and embrace diversity and inclusion


    4.FULFILLING POTENTIAL by empowering employees to advance their careers, build their skills, continue to grow and be recognised for their achievements at work



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    Corporate Wellness boosts  Morale, Retention, Engagement and Trust.

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    It increases productivity and Quality of Work.

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    Reduces Absenteeism, sick leaves, tardiness and turnover.

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    Improves quality and volume of services.

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    No, there isn’t any pre-requisite for taking an energy healing session. Energy healing is not a substitute to medical treatment. For any medical condition, it is always recommended to take advice of a doctor.

    A trainer and certified Karma Yoga Healing Practitioner or Trainer takes the session.

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