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Neurofeedback Therapy

Non-Invasive, effective and effortless Brain Training.

Non-Invasive, effective and effortless Brain Training.



    Neurofeedback Therapy is training for the brain. It is a non-invasive Therapy method that helps the brain self-regulate. We simply measure brain activity using sensors & special softwares and relay that information back to the brain in real time via audio and video display. This information about its own activity helps the brain adjust itself for better performance.

    Neurofeedback training allows you to engage the brain’s innate capacity to self-regulate and optimize itself.

    Neurofeedback Therapy has proven to be successful in resolving various issues including Anxiety, depression, stress, focus, ADHD, sleep problems, anger management etc.


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      Neurofeedback Therapy

      Did you know?



      People who feel valued, cared for and empowered at work will repay that goodwill with a genuine and sincere investment, not only within their roles, but across their organisation.


      Happy people attract others. People enjoy spending time and working with those who motivate and galvanise their peers with optimism and a positive attitude. Happiness is contagious, and when encouraged, it can spread throughout  an entire institution, swiftly transforming the atmosphere of the workplace. 


      Happy employees make excellent role models for their colleagues and encourage them to take joy in their work. A happy workforce also has positive implications for the happiness of customers.



      • ADHD
      • Chronic Pain
      • Epilepsy
      • Mental Disorders
      • High Performance Training
      • Autism
      • Stroke
      • Tinnitus

      Benefits of Neurofeedback

      Neurofeedback improves cognitive function, boosts attention and memory and helps improve skills.

      Neurofeedback is effective for ADHD, Autism and learning & developmental disabilities

      Neurofeedback helps in treating addiction.

      Neurofeedback lowers anxiety and depression, improves sleep quality, reduces headaches and migraines.

      Other recommended healing


      During an energy healing session, the trained practitioner follows a step-by-step process of working with the energy field of the client, without any physical contact. The steps involve removal of excess energies as well as energizing vital parts of the body such as brain and heart. The practitioner also focuses on sending healing energy to specific areas having any pain, discomfort or health issue.

      No, there isn’t any pre-requisite for taking an energy healing session. Energy healing is not a substitute to medical treatment. For any medical condition, it is always recommended to take advice of a doctor.

      A trainer and certified Karma Yoga Healing Practitioner or Trainer takes the session.

      The number of sessions required varies from case to case. There are cases which can heal even in a single session, and there are cases that may take upto 4-6 sessions. Each individual and their issue are unique. Hence, the trained practitioner shall be able to assess the best during a consultation.

      Each energy healing session is for about 40-45 mins. The charges of sessions vary depending on single or package options. It is best to contact the representatives by call/whatsapp/email to know more.

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