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Kundalini Yoga

Discover The Secret To A Healthy, Happy & Holy Self


Yoga involves the union of mind-body and the spirit through practicing postures of Yoga, Yogic Breathing, Gestures of body and cleansing oneself internally. These practices help in purifying the body along with helping in the cultivation of Prana and activating the energies present in our bodies in a way- Kundalini They also help in enhancing the quality and wellbeing in one’s life. 

Kundalini Yoga is an ancient yogic practice focusing on the yogic practice of chanting and devotion (Bhakti Yoga),  mediation practice (Raja yoga) and Shakti Yoga (the expression of energy).


Our sessions for Kundalini Yoga ground you to the present helping you reach the unlimited potential, helping to let go of the bad  Karma. Kundalini Awakening helps in energizing and refreshing oneself deeply. 

Kundalini Yoga class involves practices related to breathwork, meditation and movement alongwith mantra chanting. The class takes you on a dynamic journey of letting go of what no longer serves you and planting the seeds for what you would like to see manifested.


Home of Wellness offers Kundalini Yoga classes in Dubai a few times a week in the morning and evening. 


Kundalini Yoga helps in energizing, awakening and healing oneself. It spreads the awareness to claiming the abundance that we inherit since our inception. It also allows us to live from our hearts which surely leads us towards prosperity.

It helps in clearing blockages of one’s mind, promoting intensive calmness. This helps you in gaining the confidence and also makes you more spiritually connected.



The Kundalini Yoga aligns your mind, body and soul into harmony and brings deep peace within oneself.  It connects you to the true part of the self and nourishes you with deep peace. It aligns you to the natural relaxing breath of the body, releasing the negativity from your mind, and purifies the mind, body and soul intensively. It also refreshes and deeply relaxes you. It empowers you enough for attracting your dream life.


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    Kundalini Yoga, Home of Wellness
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    Did you know?

    Kundalini Yoga


    Kundalini is referred to as the coiled sleeping serpent within each one of us awaiting awakening.


    Kundalini refers to a coil which denoting the energy accumulated at the spine end.


    Yogi Bhajan introduced Kundalini yoga  in 1969 in the Western Counties. He is known as the founder of 3HO –   the Happy, Healthy Holy Organization.

    Kundalini: A Blend Of Spiritual And Physical

    All of us have energy gathered at the base of our spine. Kundalini  refers to the life fore or the spiritual energy concentrated at the spine base.

    The practice of Kundalini includes challenging breathing exercises coupled with Asanas and Meditation which are practiced in repetition for a lengthy period of time to move energy around in the body. Our Practitioner opens the channels of the body through which the spiritual energy will travel, to bring it up the spine through the Seven Chakras, and out the crown of the head. And in the seventh chakra, the spiritual awakening shall occur.

    When you reach this remarkably powerful spiritual experience, you will experience a total transformation that will open your mind, body, and soul to a whole new dimension.

    Unlimited Potential, Home of Wellness
    Awakening And Healing Oneself, Home of Wellness

    Benefits of Kundalini Yoga

    Stress Free, Home of Wellness

    Kundalini Yoga awakens this energy and enhances your awareness to help you move past your ego.

    Confidence, Home of Wellness

    It strengthens your nervous system are you will be able to act in a cool, calm, and collected matter in the face of any situation.

    Relax 1, Home of Wellness

    It awakens your inner willpower right at the core of your solar plexus (Third Chakra) at the navel point, which helps in digesting not only food but also past memories and self-doubt.

    Joyfull, Home of Wellness

    Kundalini Yoga helps in awakening the creativity within. It helps in releasing the blockages which helps you in leading you towards your goals. 

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     Kundalini Yoga focuses on breath, meditation, mudras (positions of the hand) and mantras(chanting) in a much more broader way. It helps you to be spiritually connected. It is amazing for the balancing of your body and aids in the purification of your bloodstream.

    Each session of Kundalini Yoga session lasts of one and a half hour.

    A trained and certified Kundalini Yoga Practitioner having years of experience conducts these sessions at our Center.

    No, there are no pre-requisites before attending a Kundalini Yoga Session.