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The Actual Meaning Of Shiva Is Supreme Pure Consciousness. Instant Blessings Comes To Those Who Call Upon Shiva With Purity And Innocence


Shiva refers to the SUPREME BEING- the pure soul, the creator of this drama on earth and who is the observer. Adiyogi Shiva is considered as the first messenger on earth revealing this concept in a magnificent way. Thus,  Adiyogi is referred to as SHIVA.

Adiyogi Shiva is considered to possess powerful and immense energy, being extremely kind-hearted at the same time. This powerful master blesses anyone and everyone who calls upon him with purity, instantaneously.

We remain stuck with the illusional world and devoting oneself to Shiva helps us in uplifting ourselves and see the world as it IS. Energy can neither be created or destroyed. It’s transformation takes place from one form to another.

SHIVA is considered as the  Transformer.

We are the creators of each and everything in our lives, whether we believe it or not. With Shiva’s guidance you are able to lead a life of your dreams. Individuals feel liberated in his presence.

Adi Yogi Shiva is known to have brought similar teachings as Shiva. These are the knowledge based on ancient times and they are truly pearls of wisdom. Anyone who embodies them feels completely transformed, uplifted and enlightened.


Connecting to any person or being involves an energy exchange. In the same way connecting a pure being, Shiva through meditation, only helps in the exchange of energy between the supreme being and us, his children. Shiva is known to be the most innocent being who only gives, eliminating any darkness from your Life and filling your life with abundance. He expects nothing in return. He is like a treasure chest of the peacefulness, happiness and wisdom in this universe. Connecting to him only makes our life more fulfilling and satisfying.


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    If we pause and reflect: God created man and man created thought. Then in that thought, man created God, and now we are stuck. This is because we are looking for the God that we have created. And this search is the biggest humiliation for the ego and mind – that it cannot achieve God. But the fact is, there is no way it can achieve this because of the identifications it has made. Ego is nothing but false identifications with religion, culture, country, race, color, status, intellect, knowledge, gender, age, family, ancestors, memories, imprints and so on. Yet, we fight to protect it. But an ego mindset can never truly reach God, because it is caught up in illusion. It is hindered by reflection and programming through the external influences that surround us. It is the mind that is limited. The mind imagines its own limitedness, its own enlightenment, its actions and its thoughts. However, it’s the true self that will come to you when you surrender. In fact, ego hides in both humbleness as well as in boasting.


    The most powerful mantra related to the Shiva is OM NAMAH SHIVAY which unifies you to the universe.

    Lord Shiva is said to reside in Mount Kailash (The region of Tibet in China) 

    Adiyogi shiva didn’t belong to any particular religion. He is referred to as the first yogi & teacher on this earth. His teachings are accepted and inspired by all which makes it universal rather than limiting it to a particular region.

    Lord Shiva is referred to as the main being for spreading the meditation techniques. About 112 techniques of meditation have been adopted from his techniques which is a greater source for all the other techniques of meditation.