The Actual Meaning Of Shiva Is Supreme Pure Consciousness. Instant Blessings Comes To Those Who Call Upon Shiva With Purity And Innocence


Shiva in actual means SUPREME PURE CONSCIOUSNESS. And Adiyogi Shiva is the first teacher and yogi on earth who revealed this concept. Hence, Adiyogi is also called SHIVA.   The energy of Adiyogi Shiva is very strong and powerful and at the same time very very kind. The energy of this virtuous master is such that, instant blessings come to those who call upon Shiva with purity and innocence. What one considers as creation and destruction is the illusion of this earth. We need to go above this concept of creation and destruction. Energy is neither created nor destroyed. It is transformed from one form to another. SHIVA is not the destroyer, SHIVA IS THE TRANSFORMER.   You yourself are the creator and destroyer of your life. You may not know how to sustain the highest aspect of life. Here, you can take the help of Adiyogi Shiva to transform yourself and reach the abode of Supreme Pure Consciousness. There is no destruction by Adiyogi Shiva, only path to liberation is shown by shiva.   Only with purity and honour for all teachings of masters across all religions and cultures, and by having morality and virtues, which is what Karma Yoga means, you will be revealed the true essence of Adiyogi Shiva, who transforms your life to experience the bliss of SHIVA supreme pure consciousness.   There are people who believe Adiyogi Shiva was a form of Archangel Gabriel, who revealed the divine knowledge of Islam, in the form of the Holy Quran, to Prophet Mohammed (Peace Be Upon Him). Similarly, Shiva consciousness is the same as Christ consciousness and has nothing to do with Jesus of Nazareth other than the fact that he was one of the prophets who brought this sacred knowledge to humanity 2,500 years ago.   Adi Yogi Shiva brought the same knowledge of Shiva consciousness. Since the knowledge dates back to more than 60,000 years ago, more and more people in India began referring to Adi Yogi Shiva as Shiva, in the same way as people referred to Jesus of Nazareth as Jesus Christ because he taught Christ consciousness.


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Jesus Christ, Buddha, Krishna and Prophet Muhammad were all Karma Yogis, who realized Allah, Christ consciousness and Shiva consciousness, which is all one and the same thing. However, it’s mankind who confused this with the person who brought them the knowledge. That is why Prophet Mohammed (Peace Be Upon Him) said that “I am only a man like yourselves; but I have received the revelation that your God is only One God…” (18:111). Prophet Mohammed (Peace Be Upon Him) also declared that the authenticity of every prophet’s message is equal when he said “We make no distinction between any of His Messengers…” (2:286).



If we pause and reflect: God created man and man created thought. Then in that thought, man created God, and now we are stuck. This is because we are looking for the God that we have created. And this search is the biggest humiliation for the ego and mind – that it cannot achieve God. But the fact is, there is no way it can achieve this because of the identifications it has made. Ego is nothing but false identifications with religion, culture, country, race, color, status, intellect, knowledge, gender, age, family, ancestors, memories, imprints and so on. Yet, we fight to protect it. But an ego mindset can never truly reach God, because it is caught up in illusion. It is hindered by reflection and programming through the external influences that surround us. It is the mind that is limited. The mind imagines its own limitedness, its own enlightenment, its actions and its thoughts. However, it’s the true self that will come to you when you surrender. In fact, ego hides in both humbleness as well as in boasting.

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“OM NAMAH SHIVAY” is the most powerful universal mantra of Lord Shiva, to achieve experience of union with supreme pure consciousness. When one recites this mantra, it takes one to the source of that energy, created millions of years back. It takes one beyond the gravity of this planet, beyond the reality of these cosmos and makes your vibration match the vibration of this universe. You become the universe – provided you are able to bring that vibration.

The existence of Adiyogi Shiva is a mystery. Although his presence is known since time immemorial. It is said that Lord Shiva’s celestial abode is in Mount Kailash which stands at today’s Tibet region in China. However, it is limiting to restrict presence of Lord Shiva to a particular location. The master is all encompassing.

This is an anecdote passed down through generations. In actual, Adiyogi Shiva taught several students. Out of them 7 imbibed the knowledge completely which gave them the attributes of a sage or rishi. It is after gaining the knowledge of shiva that they became a sage. And once they have the knowledge of Shiva, there is no difference between shiva and the student. The student becomes shiva.

Adiyogi shiva does not have a religion. He is the first yogi and teacher on earth. During the times of Adiyogi, which is said to be around 60,000 years back, Hinduism dint exist as a religion. The teachings are of universal relevance and does not limit to a particular culture or religion.

The original techniques of enlightenment through meditation are attributed to Adiyogi Shiva. There are a total of 112 meditation techniques passed on from Adiyogi Shiva which are the source of all meditation techniques known today.

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