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Sleep Meditation

Relax. Release. Let Go. Sleep Meditation Is A Technique To Tap Into The Lowest Brain Waves. It Is A Deep Meditative State That Leads To Relaxation & Peace


In today’s fast-paced world, it is quite difficult to have a relaxed stress-free state of Mind. It is also hardly surprising that there is a huge increase in sleep difficulties.

Sleep meditation is a blissful way to ease out the tension and Stress Relief. It acts as a sleeping aid naturally, helping in lowering the frequency of your brain and enter into the space between your thoughts.

Thoughts are constantly rushing in our unconscious minds during sleep, which makes it difficult to gain a restful eye. Hense, Sleep Meditation is a blissful tool to ease out the tension and rest. It acts as a natural sleep aid, allowing you to effortlessly lower your brain frequency and get a good night’s sleep.

The sleep meditation technique that we teach at Home Of Wellness will allow you to easily tap into the lowest brain frequencies to achieve a Delta State and get all the way into a Samadhi State (Transcendence state), thus quietening those late-night thoughts



Sleep is an essential part of our life. According to Science, a minimum of eight hours of sleep is required to help our brains to function in an optimal manner and for our bodies to remain healthy both emotionally and physically. Thus, sleep meditation is immensely helpful for people with sleep disorders or having stressful lives. It bring tremendous relaxation to the mind thus, promoting an overall wellbeing. It bring rejuvenation and greater sense of clarity in one’s mind. The person feel emotionally happy and is able to handle his/her life in a much more efficient way.


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    Sleep Meditation
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    Did you know?

    Sleep Meditation & SLEEP HYPNOTHERAPY


    The amount of sleep required by each individual is different. Adults require 8 hours of sleep.


    Sleep Meditation helps internsely in people suffering from Insomnia.


    Sleep can never be forced. Sleep meditation only provides your mind with the ideal conditions and the environment in which it feel super relaxed and supercharged.




    Sleep is a master regulator of health. It is an essential healing process for the body which can be easily induced through a guided sleep meditation.


    During sleep state, powerful healing and growth hormones are secreted, which stimulates growth and repair in the body, and the stress hormone cortisol cannot be produced in the body.


    The sleeping state is the same as the one achieved through Samadhi Meditation.


    Therefore, the regular practice of meditation can help you to handle stressful situations with a clear and relaxed mind.


    So if you’re having trouble falling asleep, and feeling lethargic and not rested while awake, sleep meditation is highly recommended, together with Karma Healing, to get to the root of the issues and float in peaceful bliss. 

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    Benefits of sleep meditation

    Stress Free, Home of Wellness

    It reduces measures of arousal in the brain, which makes it a great tool for those looking for an all-natural, medication-free way to treat insomnia since it has even been shown to help reduce the use of sleeping pills.

    Confidence, Home of Wellness

    It helps process one’s emotions and can make you feel more energized and alert for the next day.

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    Increased and better sleep can lower levels of stress, improve heart condition and immune systems, and encourage better eating habits and weight management.

    Joyfull, Home of Wellness

    It helps in a process called memory consolidation to improve memory and maintain focus.

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    Absolutely, consistent practice shows drastic results for improving the quality of sleep and insomnia. 

    These Sleep Meditation Sessions last for an hour at the Home of Wellness Center in Dubai.

    Meditation is a state of deep sleep. It enhances the quality of sleep and reduces the duration of sleep. 

    A trained and certified Practioner conducts these Sleep meditations.