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Family Problems

Learn How To Release The Energetic Ties From Your Ancestors & Heal Family Karma 

Learn How To Release The Energetic Ties From Your Ancestors & Heal Family Karma 



    Toxic Ancestral Patterns, which are a result of family loyalty, family rules, secrets, and karmic oaths create a pattern of suffering and negativity across generations until somebody takes action and breaks the cycle.

    Simply put, our ancestors did create some sort of energy grid that affects our happiness, health, prosperity, and Relationships.

    In return, if we are facing random problems today or feeling unhappy, it may be because of what our ancestors did.


    This exhausting journey ends when the debt is cleared, either by enduring the punishment or by handling it with proper knowledge and actions.

    At Home of Wellness, we will help you resolve the weight your ancestors might have put on your shoulders and learn how to overcome the difficulties through ancestral lineage clearing.

    We focus on releasing an enormous amount of negative patterns and energies you have inherited to allow you to move on and create happiness in your life.


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      Did you know?



      Makes way for a better understanding of healthy boundaries, family patterns, and dynamics.


      Reduces inner doubt and creates a better functioning home environment.


      Liberates your soul from constrictive patterns so you can live your true life – a life of creative choice and deep soul congruence.




      We might tend to avoid focusing on the pain/ emotional conflicts of our ancestors. We fail to acknowledge the ancestor who is in pain, even though we unknowingly identify with the pain and are not able to let go of it.


      The actual reason behind issues in life remain unknown and the future generations end up being doomed as they are stuck with that ancestral defect. The person who is really suffering in the family should release it because he/she has unconsciously taken the mantle. And these do not get resolve completely. Even though rituals are good, they are more of a formal process than an emotional process.


      In order to release the grief so as to be at peace with the departed person, Home of Wellness offers you  Healing Technique that will make way for you to live a burden-free life. 

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      Release non-serving karmic patterns for you & your family members and know the actual reason behind the unresolved issues.

      Reprogram the order of the family and turn make way for a natural flow of energy in order to create new positive pathway for future generations to grow and succeed.

      Enhance wealth & abundance multi-fold by healing damaging oaths/vows or commitments created within the family consciousness.

      Resolve Ancestral Defects (Pitru Dosha), remove curses/hooks, increase your luck-factor and blessings.

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      To do so liberates your soul from constrictive patterns – so you can live your true life. A life of creative choice and deep soul congruence. This means living with more joy, courage, and compassion.

      The patterns that were learned and reinforced in your early years are deeply encoded into your body and mind. You can’t become free by thinking about or even “understanding” your personal history.

      You need to connect to a deeper level of being – in order to balance those deep karmic needs and tap the great reservoirs of creativity that are tied up in the karmic drama.

      At this deeper level – which you will reach through the guided practices – change isn’t hard.

      You will be able to unravel the mystery of karma and your karma – through the structure of your family relationships, free yourself from limiting patterns of the past, and convert emotional reactions into creative energy. This will enable you to live with ease, abundance, and love – enriching your relationships, your work, and your well-being.