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Chakra means wheel in Sanskrit. This is because, at every chakra, there is a swirling motion as a result of the inter-mixing of hot and cold channels of energy flow.


The 7 main Chakras are situated along the spine from the sacrum at the bottom up to the crown at the top of the head.


Each chakra acts as the gatekeeper for its respective area. The energy flows through the pathways called meridians, which are similar to “energetic highways” of “energetic veins”. When they are working smoothly, our vitality and energy can flow easily to where it is needed the most.


Chakra meditation is a specialized form of Meditation that targets blocked chakras. In order to fully transmit to you the full potential, we offer at Home of Wellness daily guided meditation classes to cleanse and balance your chakras.


Our group meditation classes are an amazing opportunity for individuals to benefit from the amplified energy that is available at the center and gathered from the group.


The focused consciousness of meditating in a group increases the vibrational frequency and accelerates the healing process and achieve personal transformation.


With the help of our Practitioners, you can activate your chakra centers and ensure the flow of energy throughout your body, thus bringing greater harmony and balance to your whole being.


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    Chakra Meditation


    Discussions about chakras originate in India around 1,500 B.C. and in the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, dating to circa 200 B.C. However, the West did not hear much about chakras until the it was introduced by Sir John Woodroffe (aka Arthur Avalon) in the early 20th century.


    Massaging the area above the heart stimulates the Heart Chakra. It gets your blood flowing, releases tension in your muscles, and relaxes you, allowing you to naturally get the flow going through your heart chakra, and making it easier to bring yourself back into balance.


    Essential oils you can use as tools to help you keep your chakras in line by rubbing it on the designated area. Lemongrass can be soothing on the throat chakra, allowing you to open up the center of your communicative power. Bergamot can stimulate the root chakra.



    Everything you put out in life comes from the energy centers in your body. A chakra meditation enables you to activate, align, and balance your chakras which are of utmost importance for everything in life such as your relationships, finances, and health.



    Your chakras are the main points of soul power activation. The eternal molecule of the soul resides in each chakra and all information in your chakras remains recorded at the soul level.



    Thus, Chakra Balancing through Meditation is essential, as it makes your aura (electromagnetic field) stronger, illuminates the mind and body connection, and reminds you of your unlimited potentials.

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    You become more aware of the energy channels in your body through meditation. This leads to more awareness of the slightest change in your body, even when you are not meditating.

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    Own your emotional state and control your reactions – you will be more positive and stop worrying – thus gaining a huge advantage over the old you.

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    Balanced chakras create peace within you, giving you ways to deal with temper. This enables you to have compassion towards others and emphasize with them hence loving relationships and better homes.

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    Chakra meditation is able to locate the specific place where you are hurting, be it because of betrayal, heartbreak, or loss of a loved one, and speed up the healing process.

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    Wherever your intention goes, energy flows. With focus and intention, you will be able to meditate and open your chakras. With practice, you will have greater awareness on detecting imbalances in chakras and working on them during the chakra meditation.

    The best and most effective way to control your chakras is to practice meditation and make your thoughts powerful. With regular practice of meditation, your chakras will become aligned and balanced and the prana (life force) energy shall flow through them easily and efficiently. You can also add the specific mantra attributed to each chakra to control specific chakras.

    Its best to visualize white light to heal the chakras, as white light has the best healing and purifying effect.

    It is necessary to have an understanding of the seven main chakras within the body and also the 8th chakra which is immediately above the crown. It’s important to know the name of each chakra and their placement and relevant impact on your life. Also the beej or seed mantra of each chakra is good to be known.

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