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What is Chakra Meditation

Go Back To A Place Of Balance. Chakra meditation is a practice that involves stimulating, balancing, and harmonizing the spinning wheels or vortexes of energy centers within the body, commonly referred to as chakras.

Go Back To A Place Of Balance. Chakra meditation is a practice that involves stimulating, balancing, and harmonizing the spinning wheels or vortexes of energy centers within the body, commonly referred to as chakras.



    Chakra refers to wheel in the Sanskrit language. In each Chakra, a swirling movement because the channels of hot as well as cold energies intermingle.

    Our bodies have 7 most important Chakras positioned alongside the spine from the bottom, at the sacrum  up to the top of the head, at the crown.

    Each of these chakra behave as as the gatekeeper for their respective areas. The flow of energy through their pathways is known as meridians just like ‘energetic veins’ or ‘energetic highways’. The energy flows with great ease when these pathways are functioning smoothly. 

    Chakra meditation is a Meditation targeting the chakra blockage. Home of Wellness offers  guided meditation classes daily to balance & cleanse your chakras, transmitting you the fullest potential.

    How does Group Chakra Meditations help?

    These classes for group meditation classes provide a great opportunity to individuals benefitting them from the charged and amplified energy of the group.

    The group consciousness, when everyone gathers to meditate together, increases the frequency of vibrations, accelerating the process of healing leading to powerful and positive personal transformation.

    Our Practitioners help in the activation of your energy centers or chakras, ensuring the energy flow throughout our bodies. This promotes deep balance and harmony to the entire being.

    How does one feel after Chakra Meditations session?

    This practice is very personal so are the results. There’s a feeling of peace, contentment and greater sense of being charged on an energetic level. The clients experience deep sleep and also an improved connection with themselves. Home of Wellness offers the best Chakra Meditation sessions in Dubai.


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      Did you know?

      Chakra Meditation


      Chakras are known to be originated in India around 1,500 B.C. They date to 200 BC according to the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali. Sir John Woodroffe introduced the Chakras in the West in the 20th century.


      Massaging the area above the heart stimulates the Heart Chakra. It gets your blood flowing, releases tension in your muscles, and relaxes you, allowing you to naturally get the flow going through your heart chakra, and making it easier to bring yourself back into balance.


      Essential oils you can use as tools to help you keep your chakras in line by rubbing it on the designated area. Lemongrass soothes the throat chakra, allowing the opening of the center building up your power to communicate.  Bergamot  also helps in the stimulation of the root chakra.


      Everything you put out in life comes from the energy centers in your body. Chakra meditation allows in activation, aligning and balancing the chakras. These chakras are extremely important for good health, finances and relationships. 

      Chakras represent the main points which help in the activation of soul power. At the level of your soul, all the information is recorded  in the chakras. 

      Therefore, balancing through the Chakras is important. It strengthens your aura, makes the mind-body connection illuminated, reminding you of your infinite potential.  

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      Benefits of Chakra Healing Meditation

      Chakra Meditation helps in increasing awareness of the channels of energy  in our body. Moreover, you become more aware of even the minutest change in your body when you aren’t doing the meditation.

      Chakra meditation makes you responsible for owning your emotions and taking control of them. This makes you positive as a person and reduces your worry.

      Chakra Balancing helps in generating peace within allowing you to deal with your temper in a much more efficient manner. It makes you compassionate leading to happy relationships with your near and dear ones.   

      Chakra meditation help in locating the specific areas that are hurting you because of loss of a dear one or heartbreak, betrayal, speeding up the process of healing.

      Other recommended healing


       Energy flows in the direction of your intention. Intention & Focus helps you in strengthening your meditation, thereby opening your chakras. Practice is the key. Each practice helps in building up a deeper awareness to detect imbalances in your chakras and even greater power to work on them.

      Practicing meditation is the best way to controlling and making your chakras powerful. A consistent practice helps in the balancing and alignment of the chakras allowing the energy to flow in a more efficient manner. Mantra associated with each chakra can also be added for controlling the chakras. 

      White light heals the chakras and is superb if used for visualization. White light is known for its purifying & healing effects.

      The 7 chakras, alongwith  the 8th chakra need to be understood with greater importance. The name, placement and the impact each chakra has on one’s body also needs to be known.  It would be good to be aware of the seed mantra associated with each chakra.