Inner Child Healing

Learn a powerful technique to heal your inner child issues


Inner Child refers to the part of you that’s innocent. Its about your feelings and basic needs that you’ve been experiencing since birth.

It is vulnerable and innocent, sensitive, curious, creative and playful, craves love, recognition, and validation, and desires connection and safety.

Loss of a parent, emotional abuse or neglect, severe bullying, Family Problems… The list is long. The development of the child is affected when they’re asked to handle these issues all alone.

This is why intense Healing and Meditation is a great method to guide you through healing your inner child and open yourself up for answers.

You receive guidance on learning your patterns of behavior as a child and as a grown up and resolving conflicts between them, gaining wisdom and techniques that help you in developing a peaceful relationship with yourself. 

Inner Child Healing is required for all people and will help many people overcome their issues and handle things in a much resourceful way once they understand the reason for their behavior.



What are the Signals for understanding that you need an Inner Child Healing?


Feeling extremely reactive to circumstances is a signal to notice our wounded inner child. Noticing the inner narrative that that keeps pushing people away and that likes being on their own is also a serious signal to heal your inner child. Getting yourself addicted to Alcoholism, food, excessive shopping, procrastinating are signs as well. Also, people who suffer from depression, insomnia, obesity, anxiety and stress are relieve by healing their Inner Child.



Importance of Inner Child Healing



Inner Child Healing is immensely important for creating the security and safety with our childhood parts- in areas specifically where its utmost needed. It allows the healing of the ‘shameful parts’ of ourselves that we experienced since the younger days. When the issues heal from the root, it helps in unlocking our infinite potential and allows ourselves to shine more.



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    Did you know?

    Inner Child Healing


    Carl Jung, a renowned Psychologist is known to have originated the word ‘inner child’.


    Part of each personality responds to challenges. This means if your young self was wounded or traumatized, though you are an adult now, it is that young self who responds to similar conflicts in your life because that wound hasn’t healed.


    Is known as childlike, manifesting Buddhism into his nature – joyful, childlike and empathetic.

    Deep rooted fears since childhood affects the business, work, relations and health. 

    At Home of Wellness, we offer powerful Meditations that takes client to transcendental states and Source Memory Healing for liberating the clients from their  phobias, fears, traumas and phobias attuning their inner child for greater efficiency.

    Deep Rooted Fears Since Childhood, Home of Wellness

    Benefits of Inner Child Healing

    Stress Free, Home of Wellness

    We dedicated a course that will take you on an inner journey to meet your wounded child to reconstitute that sense of joy, boosting one’s self esteem, thus, being able to create new perceptions about yourself and your life.

    Confidence, Home of Wellness

    It fill in the gaps between what you have and what you need by validating your own emotions, creating boundaries, finding play and flexibility, or cultivating more discipline. 

    Relax 1, Home of Wellness

    Meeting your inner child helps develop a new understanding of your childhood circumstances and replace them with empowering ones, to create new positive belief patterns at a deep unconscious level.

    Joyfull, Home of Wellness

    Hearing to the inner child provides  intelligence and balance at your workplace. It brings greater awareness power to empathize. People feel confident and comfortable enough to approach you.

    Other recommended healing


    The inner child represents the primitive part of  psyche which possesses the retains its creativity, innocence, wonder and awe towards life. It the younger, primitive parts of you. Being connect to this part helps us to be inspired by our lives at all times. Losing the connection makes us feel unhappy, empty, dissatisfied and bored from the lives we lead.

    Healing the Inner Child helps in releasing the issue from the source, helping to behave in a wiser, stronger and more efficient manner.  

    Some Signs You Have a Wounded Inner Child include:

    • Constantly feeling a negative critique within yourself
    • Doing things to please people.
    • Always being reactive to circumstances and behaving as a rebel.
    • Experiencing stress and anxiety
    • Feeling shameful about yourself
    • Lack of trust with people.

    Yes, childhood trauma that hasn’t been resolved can be healed. The functions of the brain can be reversed using Neuroplasticity Techniques.

    Seek out our trained healers who understand the impact of childhood experiences on adult life, particularly traumatic ones. 

    People suffering from childhood trauma show a greater anxiety, personality deficits, depression, distorted cognition personality deficits building up a personality that seeks social support, always.

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