Inner Child Healing

Learn a powerful technique to heal your inner child issues


Inner Child is the innocent part of you – all about feelings and your primal needs that you’ve experienced from the time of conception in the mother’s womb up to the age of 13.


It is vulnerable and innocent, sensitive, curious, creative and playful, craves love, recognition, and validation, and desires connection and safety.


Loss of a parent, emotional abuse or neglect, severe bullying, Family Problems… The list is long. If the child is left to deal with them alone, it can affect their development.


This is why intense Healing and Meditation is a great method to guide you through healing your inner child and open yourself up for answers.


We guide you to learn the patterns of inner child behavior & your adult self-behavior; how to resolve the conflicts between them; and to gain knowledge & techniques on how to make peace with yourself.


Inner Child Healing is required for all people and will help many people overcome their issues and handle things in a much resourceful way once they understand the reason for their behavior.


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    Did you know?

    Inner Child Healing


    The psychologist Carl Jung (1875-1961) is most commonly considered the first to have coined the term “inner child.”


    Part of each personality responds to challenges. This means if your young self was wounded or traumatized, though you are an adult now, it is that young self who responds to similar conflicts in your life because that wound hasn’t healed.


    Is often referred to as child-like, “manifest Buddhism in his own nature – child-like, joyful, and empathetic.”

    Deep Seated fears from childhood hinders one’s career, business & wealth and also adversely affects health & relationships tremendously.


     We introduces one to the powerful Transcendence Meditation and source memory healing technique to liberate one from fears, phobias & traumas so that the inner-child is attuned to perform better in life.

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    Benefits of Inner Child Healing

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    We dedicated a course that will take you on an inner journey to meet your wounded child to reconstitute that sense of joy and actually increase your self-esteem, therefore creating a new way of looking at yourself, your life, and your abilities.

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    It fill in the gaps between what you have and what you need by validating your own emotions, creating boundaries, finding play and flexibility, or cultivating more discipline. 

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    Meeting your inner child helps develop a new understanding of your childhood circumstances and replace them with empowering ones, to create new positive belief patterns at a deep unconscious level.

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    Listening to your inner child gives you balance & intelligence when at work — being better able to notice, listen, empathize. It makes you approachable and supportive of your team-mates or boss. 

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    The inner child is the part in your psyche that still retains its innocence, creativity, awe, and wonder toward life. Quite literally, your inner child is the child that lives within you – within your psyche that is. It is important that we stay connected with this sensitive part of ourselves. When we are connected to our inner child, we feel excited, invigorated, and inspired by life. When we are disconnected, we feel lethargic, bored, unhappy, and empty.

    Healing your inner child, then, focuses on uncovering and releasing the causes for the childlike aspects of your personality, so you can react to challenges in your adult life as an adult, rather than a kid. The good news: Healing your inner child can feel a lot like self-care.

    Some Signs You Have a Wounded Inner Child include:

    • A deep feeling that there is something wrong with you
    • Being a people-pleaser
    • Being a rebel and feel alive when in conflict with someone else
    • Being a hoarder
    • Not being able to let go of possessions and people
    • Experience anxiety with something new
    • Feeling guilty for setting boundaries
    • Driven to be a super-achiever
    • Being ridged and a perfectionist
    • Having problems starting and finishing tasks
    • Exhibit constant self-criticism
    • Feel ashamed at expressing emotions
    • Ashamed of your body
    • Having a deep distrust of anyone else
    • Avoiding conflict, no matter what the cost
    • A fear of abandonment

    Yes, unresolved childhood trauma can be healed. The functions of the amygdala, hippocampus, and the prefrontal cortex that are affected by trauma can also be reversed. The brain is ever-changing, and recovery is possible.

    Seek out our trained healers who understand the impact of childhood experiences on adult life, particularly traumatic ones. 

    Individuals with childhood trauma show much more depression, anxiety, distorted cognition, personality deficits, and lower levels of social support, which may represent the social and psychological vulnerability for developing psychiatric disorders after childhood trauma experiences.

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