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Manifestation Meditation

Quiet your mind to attract an Abundant Life. Manifest the life you love.

Quiet your mind to attract an Abundant Life. Manifest the life you love.



    This is a divine Meditation that can make your dreams come true. This Meditation guides you into a deep state of transcendence which is the most powerful state to set your manifestations. The special technique initiates you into a high state of vibration for attracting your highest desires and bring you in alignment with your manifestations. You will be able to match your frequency as an energy-being to the laws of the universe to achieve anything you desire, when you are in consonance with the law of magnetism, law of attraction & law of focus, for your highest & best.

    This will also help you to become a powerful manifestor, and lead a life of highest fulfillment.


    Manifestation Meditation is a brilliant technique taming your mind and re-aligning it into positivity. It is the best way for raising your vibrations, tuning it to an Energy which helps you in attracting the kind of life you always desired.

    The entire design of the practice is such that it allows your sub conscious mind to accept your dreams and desires as the present reality, raising your energy level and helping you lead a life of your dreams! It is also known for strengthening your intuitions and allows you to follow your gut feeling directed towards your goal.


    It begins with deep relaxation which quiets the mind, opening it to positivity. It relies immensely on visualization of your dream life, thinking it to be in the present tense which is a gamechanger. Your subconscious mind attracts whatever image you place in it. Thus, a focused mind only help you in attracting better. The universe receives your energy to only bring more of it to you! It is also based on the law of attraction and the law of vibration of energy. It basically puts our thoughts into action, calling forth a reality that truly depicts who we are.



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      manifestation meditation

      Did you know?

      Manifestation Meditation


      Thoughts become things

      More importantly, the way you FEEL in conjunction with your thoughts will determine how your reality is sculpted. 




      Everything is energy.
      Everything under the sun and within this Universe is in a constant state of motion. Everything is energy. But we must remember that the way we choose to speak, the things we consume, the people we surround ourselves with all carry a vibration and governs our own frequency.


      You are always manifesting.
      We manifest every beautiful moment we have been given. Every moment of life is a blessing. It might not feel like it, but it is. You’re always manifesting.


      Learn the secrets to manifestation.

      Bring your dreams & goals to life.

      Become resourceful & create abundance.

      Feel immensely relaxed.


      As you likely know, the successful Law of Attraction work is all about your vibrational frequency.

      When you’re pessimistic, negative, or sad, your vibration is low and you attract very little – or, sometimes, more of the same negativity.

      Meanwhile, when you’re happy, focused, and confident, your vibration is high and you pull similarly vibrating things toward you.

      This includes productive, supportive people, as well as valuable material goods and opportunities.

      Life events and changes beyond your control do influence your vibration, but it is also in large part under your control.

      Now, as it turns out, manifestation meditation is one of the best ways to raise your vibration. When you pour all your energy into a meditation where you try to visualize what you want to manifest, your vibration aligns with that of your goal.

      This helps you attain and remain in the right kind of mindset to get what you want.

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      Manifestation Meditation is an amazing practice where you align your thoughts for leading a life that you had always wanted. It is tremendously helpful in raising your energy level, putting it out to the universe and receiving the same back. 
      The entire process takes place in a very efficient way.

      It truly varies from person to person. Regular practice, making your thoughts focused on your goals, faith and a positive mind will only make your dream a reality, in a faster way. Practicing these Manifestation Meditations, which are offered at Home of Wellness, is also a very powerful way leading you towards the goals. The group amplified energy only makes you more powerful and amplifies the energy for attracting them to reality.

      Our trained and Certified Mindfulness and Chakra Practitioners conducts these sessions.

      Yes, these meditation sessions are designed in such a way that anyone can attend it.
      For the beginners, its ideal as the trainers guide them in the best possible way. Whereas, for the experienced clients, this meditation only helps in deepening their experience.