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Chakra Healing

Bringing your Chakra Centers to alignment.


Chakra are the points of energy points in our bodies that are required to stay aligned. They correspond to nerve bundles, our main organs, and energetic areas of body affecting our physical and emotional well-being. Chakra Healing aligns and opens our chakras.

Chakra Healing Dubai

Each individual has 7 main energy centers (Chakras) running alongside the spine. Chakras are associated to emotional & physical  malfunctions and strengths as well. There are 5 Chakras  outside our bodies as well.  These are important points because, it is through these points that the interference of prana distributed throughout our body, takes place.


At Home of Wellness in Dubai, offer chakra healing to balance and clear the stuck energy in the Chakras.



Chakra healing helps in resolving blocks in the chakras through purifying and cleansing the energy in the Chakras. This promotes good wealth and health.

Chakra Dubai

Home of Wellness helps you in working on your mental, physical, emotional and spiritual health, promoting the Energy flow by balancing and cleaning the chakras.


Contact us for booking your Chakra Healing & Balancing Session with us in Dubai.

Chakras are known to have originated in ancient India. Their mentions can be traced to the sacred texts and the vedas possessing spiritual knowledge from 1500-1000 BC.


The use of Chakra Healing since then has only grown tremendously for healing people from emotional and physical pain.


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    Chakra Healing
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    Did you know?



    Yoga and Tai Chi are very helpful in strengthening and building our aura.


    The central chakras that are healthy measure about 3 to 5 inches in the diameter.


    Auras can be used for protection, attracting, influencing or even killing. It is also helpful in promoting good health, charisma , energy and happiness.



    We all have blocks on emotional level which affects relationships at work on in life. This result in unbalancing between our mind-body-spirit. 

    The imbalance in our chakras lead to blockages in transmission and reception of energy.

    Karma is the reason behind these imbalances, causing more stress, impacting your interaction and response to people around you. 

    Chakra Balancing helps you in feeling safe and grounded, improving your self-esteem, self-confidence and in a creating positivity in your life.

    Karma Healing is the pre-requisite to Chakra Healing, its is therefore, considered a great way of healing oneself.

    Chakra healing and balancing
    Chakra3, Home of Wellness

    Benefits of Chakra Healing

    Stress Free, Home of Wellness

    Chakra Healing helps in letting go of the past, strengthening your relationship with your near and dear ones.

    Confidence, Home of Wellness

    Chakra Healing helps in sharpening the psychic abilities helping you to act mindfully.

    Relax 1, Home of Wellness

    You can get into Samadhi (Transcendence) state by practicing the powerful

    Chakra Healing helps in reaching the Samadhi or Transcendence state through the meditation technique of 8th Chakra.

    Joyfull, Home of Wellness

    It makes you a magnet for attracting health, bliss and abundance in your life. Attracting your true soulmate also becomes easier through Chakra Healing. 

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    The practitioner does the assessment of the issue. In the Chakra healing Session, the trained expert guides the client to deep meditation. The client, then shares the answers with the practitioner according to the questions inquired by the practitioner. By interacting mutually, the practitioner as well as the client heal the chakras.

    No, there are no pre-requisite for taking a session for Chakra Healing. It is, however, advisable that the client has the meditation practice so the tapping into the unconscious mind becomes easier  after following the guidance of the practitioner. 

    A trainer & certified Healing Trainer conducts the session.

    The number of sessions would vary in each case. Sometime, a single healing session is sufficient. Sometimes, clients require  4-6 sessions.   

    Each session has a duration for about 1 Hour – 1.5 hours. Charges for these  sessions differ depending on the number of sessions- if its single or the client has opted for a package.