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Everyone feels worried, anxious, or nervous sometimes. The sources and triggers shift — unexpected change of events, work deadlines, or even getting stuck in traffic. The tension is a consistent presence: the same stress, different day.

Ongoing, low-level stress can be hard to notice, but it can also lead to serious mental, emotional, and physical problems.

A stressful incident can make the heart pound and breathing quicken. Muscles tense and beads of sweat appear, enabling people to get agitated.

The carefully orchestrated yet near-instantaneous sequence of hormonal changes and physiological responses make a person fight the threat off or flee to safety, also known as fight or flight response.

To reduce stress levels and become more resilient, it is important to engage the power of the subconscious mind and reharmonize the mind/body connection. We will help you untangle negative emotions through Meditation practices, to wipe away the stress and bring up inner peace.

We help you to relief you stress by practicing Meditation and Healing, and by developing a mindset that works towards managing stress and releasing fears in order to create a peaceful, stress-free state of mind.


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    anxiety and stress
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    Did you know?



    It is estimated that all people who have a mental neurodevelopment or substance abuse issues had an anxiety disorder as a result of excessive stress.


    Anxiety and stress are controlled by a part of the brain called amygdala that helps to store memories of events and emotions. 


    Anxiety disorders are more common in females than in males.



    Anxiety increases the heart rate and the breathing rate resulting in the concentration of blood to the brain where it is needed. This is how our body prepares us for a physical response during anxiety. response is preparing you to face an intense situation.  A persistent state of anxiety has a devastating effect on the physical as well as on the mental health.

    This is very physical whether it’s Generalized anxiety disorder (GAD), Social anxiety disorder, Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), Obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD), Phobias, and Panic Attacks to name a few, it is putting your physical and mental well-being at risk.

    The amygdala is responsible for the perception of emotions such as anger, fear and sadness, as well as the control of aggression. The amygdala helps to store memories of events and emotions so that an individual may be able to recognize similar events in the future. 

    Hense, Mindful Practice will help reduce amygdala activation, increase positive emotions, and improve your resiliency to life’s stressors.

    The healing techniques we use are designed to give you concrete steps to release old stress stored inside the mind-body. One will learn how to  release negative beliefs and replace with new positive beliefs through the process of karma source memory healing.  You deserve to have a stress-free life and be resourceful to manage people as well as situations in your life with ease and grace!

    Stress Management practice by Home of Wellness  will help you to achieve a stress relief life once you touched with the sam

    Anxiety 1, Home of Wellness
    Anxiety 3, Home of Wellness
    Image 14, Home of Wellness

    Benefits of Anxiety & Stress Healing

    Stress Free, Home of Wellness

    Frees your from stress & anxiety, and makes way for you to create mastery over your thoughts and actions.

    Confidence, Home of Wellness

    Improves your self-confidence and self-worth so you’ll enjoy bonding at social gatherings and share family ties. 

    Relax 1, Home of Wellness

    It evokes a relaxation response at night when you can’t sleep, by helping you identify what blocks your we-being and make it easier to fall asleep peacefully. 

    Joyfull, Home of Wellness

    It helps you to become unstoppable and resourceful to gracefully overcome any limitation, without unnecessary worries, burdens, and tensions. 

    Other recommended healing


    When there is a change in your environment, biologically there is a stress response in your body. The fear of a danger together with fear of being helpless and powerless causes anxiety. The internal representation of the situation depends upon your past experiences as your mind tends to react according to the past memories.

    • Constant worry
    • Lack of focus
    • feeling restless
    • lethargy
    • feeling irritated & agitated
    • Insomnia or sleeplessness
    • Panic attacks
    • Social isolation

    Yes, there is medical as well as alternative therapy to help overcome anxiety. One should seek a holistic approach where the issue can be resolved from the source.

    The most effective and powerful way to reduce stress in your life is to meditate. The deepest form of meditation, practiced by yogis and sages for centuries, called samadhi or transcendence meditation has a powerful healing response in the body and helps you to be resourceful and mindful.

    Worry is a mechanism the brain creates to protect the self from a stressful situation or danger. One needs to work at the unconscious level of the mind to stop worrying. Worrying has a very draining effect on anyone and must be addressed by healing the source of the worry through an effective technique such as Karma Yoga Healing.

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