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Anxiety & Stress Relief

Stress Management involves using various strategies and techniques to effectively cope with and reduce stress in daily life. 

Stress Management involves using various strategies and techniques to effectively cope with and reduce stress in daily life. 




    The sources and triggers  for anxiety and stress  shift — unexpected change of events, work deadlines, or even getting stuck in traffic. The tension is a consistent presence: the same Stress, different day.

    The very reason for stress & anxiety is the biological programming at the unconscious level of our mind. The body creates its own fight or flight response to every situation one experiences. And the choice of response is based on imprints already created in the mind from previous experiences. This means every episode of your life has created psychological imprints already and is shaping your current & future decisions, state of mind and even the kind of relationships or work/career you get into.

    Ongoing, low-level stress can be hard to notice, but it can also lead to serious mental, emotional, and physical problems.

    Our heart starts pounding and we start breathing quick with the event of a stressful incident. Muscles tense and beads of sweat appear, enabling people to get agitated.

    The carefully orchestrated yet near-instantaneous sequence of hormonal changes and physiological responses make a person fight the threat off or flee to safety, also known as fight or flight response.


    To reduce stress levels and become more resilient, it is important to engage the power of the subconscious mind and reharmonize the mind/body connection. We will help you untangle negative emotions through Meditation practices, to wipe away the stress and bring up inner peace.

    Home Of Wellness provides various healing sessions such as Energy Healing, Karma Healing, Reiki Healing, Pranic Healing, Crystal Healing, and Tarot Healing in Dubai.



    It is especially during the stressful times that we need to heal ourselves and that its benefits can be felt in a magnificent way. It is away to nourish oneself deep down the soul. It helps us to gain back our confidence, knowing that the self has greater power than any challenge that’s coming infront of us. It strengthens us in away to take responsibility for changing our reality in a conscious manner so that such a circumstance doesn’t arise again in the future. The self- feels uplifted and the problem gets solved in a very efficient manner bringing to us a great peace of mind.


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      Did you know?



      It is estimated that all people who have a mental neurodevelopment or substance abuse issues had an anxiety disorder as a result of excessive stress.


      Anxiety and stress are controlled by a part of the brain called amygdala that helps to store memories of events and emotions. 


      Anxiety Disorders are more prominent in females than with men.


      Anxiety increases the heart rate and the breathing rate resulting in the concentration of blood to the brain where it is needed. This is how our body prepares us for a physical response during anxiety. response is preparing you to face an intense situation.  A persistent state of anxiety has a devastating effect on the physical as well as on the mental health.

      This is very physical whether it’s Generalized anxiety disorder (GAD), Social anxiety disorder, Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), Obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD), Phobias, and Panic Attacks to name a few, it is putting your physical and mental well-being at risk.

      The amygdala is responsible for the perception of emotions such as anger, fear and sadness, as well as the control of aggression. The amygdala helps to store memories of events and emotions so that an individual may be able to recognize similar events in the future.

      Hense, Mindful Practice will help reduce amygdala activation, increase positive emotions, and improve your resiliency to life’s stressors.

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      The healing techniques we use are designed to give you concrete steps to release old stress stored inside the mind-body. One will learn how to  release negative beliefs and replace with new positive beliefs through the process of karma source memory healing.  A life free of stress and so full of resources so that we move across circumstance with beauty, grace and joy!

      Stress Management practice by Home of Wellness Dubai will help you to achieve a stress relief life once you touched with the sam

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      Benefits of Anxiety & Stress Healing

      More positive thoughts and positive attitude 

      Increase  self confidence and better relationships

      Better quality of sleep and having more energy 

      Better health condition and less sickness and headaches

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      Our body creates a stressful response because of any change in the surrounding environment. The feeling of helplessness, powerlessness accompanied with a sense of danger results in anxiety. Your mind keep behaving the same way, creating the same reactions because of its behavioral pattern.


      The most common signals that you’re experiencing anxiety disorder are:

      • Feeling less focused with things
      • Continuously worrying 
      • Feeling lethargic
      • feeling agitated, angry and irritated
      • sleeplessness
      • Isolating oneself socially
      • Panic attacks

      Yes, its has been proven that healing therapies help in curing anxiety. A holistic approach for healing anxiety helps in resolving issues from the root. 

      Meditating is a very powerful way of reducing stress and anxiety. It has a profound impact on your body and mind and benefits the self in innumerous ways.

      Working on the level of subconscious mind helps in curing oneself of the worry. Worry drains oneself of the energy by focusing on something that we do not want to happen. However, mindfulness meditation helps in making the mind frame to be positive, creating positive reality and thus, freeing oneself of the useless worry about things.

      Now you can relieve stress the holistic way through guided meditation and attain peace and tranquility in your daily life

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