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Theta Healing

A healing Technique that emphasizes on evolving and improving the mind-body & soul. 


Theta Healing is a meditative and Energy Healing technique for physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual healing. In this technique, we work with the creative energy of the universe ‘The Creator of All That Is’ to channel deep healing. When we connect to this energy our brainwaves automatically go into a Theta state of mind. In this state, you can create and do important changes in your reality, instantly.


What is the Theta brainwave?

The Theta brainwave is a very meditative state of relaxation. using this state, we can tap into the source energy of unconditional love and and witness instant Healing in the body, mind and soul. The Theta state also connects us to the subconscious mind. From this state, we can quickly access our memories, stories, and progtams and identify the limiting beliefs that are holding us back from living our best life. With the Theta Healing® ‘belief work’, we can easily clear those limiting beliefs so that we can change our reality, thrive and live our best life.



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    Did you know?



    Resentments, rejections, regrets and revenge take up an incredible amount of energy and time from your mind. Clearing those negative emotions will open up doors for your prosperity and abundance.


    ThetaHealing® can be used in conjunction with conventional medicine. Conventional medicine can deal with the symptoms, but the ThetaHealing® technique deals with the root cause of the illness ensuring either instant or speedy recovery from the disease while avoiding for it to be recreated.


    It’s not enough to know that ‘everything happens for a reason’, with the ThetaHealing® you become aware of the silver lining in every situation and what you’re learning from it so you can quickly get out of the negative loop or pattern and shift your reality to living a better life



    The Human Body possesses enormous amount of energy.

    Whenever a person feels ill, tired, lack of energy or even tired, there’s a congestion in his energy field.

    Techniques of Energy Healing release the  blockers of energy, promoting the emotional & physical health using the mind-body connection naturally. 

    A Karma Yogi transmits and receives prana energy or life force from pure consciousness with the chakras opening and energy flowing through the meridians.

    The transmission of healing energy takes place through hands bringing an instantaneous energy healing. Some hand movements(without touch) are done for removing energies which are densely blocked.

    Healing helps in pain reduction, brings a deepening inner peace, reduction in the physical symptoms, offers a greater sense of connectedness with the entire Universe, along with an increased vitality. 

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    Benefits of Theta Healing

    Stress Free, Home of Wellness

    Building self-confidence and healthy self-esteem

    Confidence, Home of Wellness

    Overcoming life obstacles with ease and grace

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    Balancing relationships and living with more love and harmony

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    Attracting abundance, prosperity and success

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    The practitioner starts by asking the client what they want to work on. ThetaHealing® can be used to address various physical and emotional issues. If the client has nothing specific to work on, the practitioner might ask, “If you could change anything in your life right now, what would it be?”. Then the practitioner will ask permission to connect to the client’s energy and do the necessary belief work and healing to find out the root cause of the imbalance and clear it mentally, emotionally, physically, and energetically. The practitioner might use a muscle testing technique on the client to identify the limiting beliefs and programs that may be affecting the area the client wishes to change. With the client’s permission, the practitioner will proceed to change the limiting beliefs and witness healing on the client.

    Drink plenty of water. Make sure you are well hydrated before the session. This will ensure you are muscle testing correctly for the beliefs. Coming to the session with the attitude of  being open and ready to change is important. 

    A certified & trained Theta Healer conducts the session.

    No, ThetaHealing® is not a religion and does not require you to change your religion. ThetaHealing® is open and can be practiced by everybody regardless of their religion. It will work best for you if you have a belief in a higher power.