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Insomnia Treatment

Welcome Rest into Your Mind & Body

Welcome Rest into Your Mind & Body




    It is a situation where you find it difficult to fall asleep or stay asleep, wake up frequently during the night or early in the morning.

    It can leave you often feeling tired, sluggish, stressed, irritable, or even lead you into Depression. This can make it harder for you to solve certain problems you have, all because you are spending sleepless nights trying to find the right answers.

    The life of sleep gives significant hints of individual karma.

    Therefore, and regardless of the cause of your insomnia, Home of Wellness provides you with healing, Mindfulness Yoga and Meditation practices to alleviate negative  energy and help you calm your mind and relax, allowing you to put your problems in perspective and find a sense of mental and spiritual balance – and fall asleep more soundly.




    These healing techniques use different approaches for calming the nervous system. Our bodies have a natural way of relaxing through the breathing patterns. Mindfulness Meditations make an extensive use of this. The Mindfulness based Stress Reduction Healing especially enhances awareness of the self in a moment-to -moment basis. It empowers you enough to handle yourself efficiently at all times, taking taking care of any illness emotional or physical. It is especially beneficial for insomnia. Karma ( Source memory) healing works by going to the root of the issue or the illness which is making the person sleepless. Thus as the issue at the root gets healed, the person gets rid of insomnia. These healing techniques are extremely beneficial in promoting a good emotional and physical wellbeing, curing insomnia.


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      Did you know?

      Insomnia TREATeMENT


      Insomnia can be hereditary: Sleep problems could run in families. Those with insomnia parents were twice more likely to report insomnia, daytime sleepiness, and pill use.


      One of the most important and effective practices of yoga for insomnia is yoga Nidra (or yogic sleep) as it brings deeper relaxation on both mental and emotional levels.


      Women are two times more likely to have insomnia than men. The reason may have to do with women’s hormones (changes in a women’s life, including pregnancy, menopause, and the menstrual cycle.)

      Take Charge Of Your Sleeping Patters

      Having a good night’s sleep is crucial to our physical health and emotional wellbeing. Therefore, the regular practice of yoga and meditation is proven to be an effective means of treating insomnia.

      Insomnia Treatment Dubai

      At Home of Wellness, we provide solutions to overcome Insomnia through highly effective healing techniques, due to their ability to relieve stress and contribute greatly to mental wellness which in turn helps enhances sound sleep.

      Meditation Remove All Distractions


      Our Practitioners’ Meditation and Yoga process – a combination of physical exercises, mental meditation, and breathing techniques –  remove all distractions that are congesting your thoughts and tensing your muscles by creating a relaxed state of mind and keeping your awareness focused on the sensations of the breath.

      Benefits Of Insomnia Treatment

      Restorative Asana, Savasana, and Meditation encourage Pratyahara, a turning inward of the senses, which provides downtime for the nervous system.

      Mindfulness Meditation evokes the relaxation response, which can help ease many stress-related ailments, including depression, pain, and high blood pressure.

      As a relaxation technique, Yoga can increase melatonin and serotonin, and result in utmost clarity following a good night’s sleep, which promotes creativity and enhances problem-solving.

      It stops an overactive brain – it slows down your constant irritating thought processes which makes it much easier to fall asleep.

      Other recommended healing


      For addressing insomnia, karma healing is applied. However, it is not a substitute to medical treatment. It is an alternative therapy that one can avail for working at the emotional and energy level. In this session, a trained practitioner shall guide the client to a deep meditative state through a communicative process, to tap into the unconscious mind. The client is then required to communicate to the practitioner as per questions asked, and by mutual interaction the client and practitioner together work on the insomnia issue.

      • The number of sessions required varies from case to case. There are cases which can heal even in a single session, and there are cases that take upto 4-6 sessions. Each individual is unique. Hence, the trained practitioner shall be able to assess and guide on the best option, during a consultation.

      Each session is for about 1 Hour to 1.5 hours. The charges of sessions vary depending on single or package options and also based on who is taking the session. It is best to contact the representatives by call/whatsapp/email to know more.

      Each astrology session duration is about 45 mins.