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Palm Reading

Palm Reading Does Not Only Depict The Future Or Reveal The Past, But Also Helps To Resolve One’s Issues.

The Objective Is To Give People An Additional Tool To Help Identify The Issues One Is Going To Create.

Palm Reading is an ancient science that reveals life journey and individual personality/character traits through the study of the shape, size, and lines of the hands and fingers.



    Most of us have at least one or two areas in our lives that are a bit less satisfactory, whether it’s career and love challenges, mental issues, or simply feeling uncertain where your life trajectory is heading. That’s why when a bit of spiritual/metaphysical insight comes our way, navigating through life becomes easier, clearer.

    Apart from palm reading, tarot reading, Akashic Records and psychic reading are also famous. 



    Palm reading brings awareness to a person’s Karma ( Destiny) in order to make smarter life choices, and to the areas you need to focus on to achieve healing & transformation.

    Palm lines in are a map of your beliefs, personality, and Energy levels. Thus, there is a direct connection between your hand lines and your nervous system, which is ultimately connected to your brain.

    Keeping in mind that Destiny can undergo changes based on the actions you take up in making way for your life journey, palm reading is the Compass that illuminates the path ahead.

    The palm lines reflect our brains patterns, its conditioning because of the experiences it encounters. Palmistry definitely helps in decoding the fate of an individual along with making them aware of their actions.

    Scientific palmistry is like a treasure hunt map reading ! A trained person can  read the whole palm like a map so as to give a conclusive reading that  gives guidance to an individual.



    Fate is not set in stone, it is set in sand. It can always shift with the power of will, intent and positive action. Your palm lines undergo changes based on the actions you create in your life. You are in charge of your life, your destiny. And palm reading is a tool that gives you a guidance along the path


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      Palm reading

      Did you know?



      Your palm has about 12 kinds of lines, though 3 of them are the major ones – Life line, Head line, and Heart line.


      The main hand you use for writing describes you. If you are right-handed, it will show the present life you are creating and your left-hand will describe your past. The active hand is mainly read.


      The smaller lines on your palm can change every six months due to inner transformations, except the ones on your thumb.


      It is said that marital conflicts, family issues, financial problems, and even health conditions such as diabetes, infertility, chronic pain, and depression are areas people face due to their bad karma.



      Since the lines of the hand act as a circuit board for the brain, Karmic Palmistry provides insight into your karmic potential. 



      The palm is considered to be a versatile servant of the brain – the tool of one’s Karmic force –  that registers its messages in the form of lines, thus the slightest happenings in our life are imprinted on our palm. 



       The marvelous Art of Palm Reading can decode your fate and create awareness about one’s life

      Scientific palmistry
      Karmic Palmistry

      Benefits of Palm Reading

      Palm reading helps people make a decision, and find out the direction they should proceed in life. When making a major decision, palmistry can help you gain more confidence during the decision-making process.

      Palmistry helps individuals gain insight of their weaknesses, fears, and strengths. Equipped with knowledge, they can focus on areas that need improvement.

      Palm reading provides people with before and after moments of their personality. This helps to build a personality chart, by displaying the progress of self-discovery.

      Palmistry overcomes unproductive thinking and reveals opportunities. It allows innovative thinking and helps in the recognition of mind traps, all while sharpening and clearing the mind.

      Other recommended healing


      Keeping your mind open is the best way to handle yourself.  Knowing that you’re the master of your fate and the creator of your reality.

      A palm reading session has a duration of forty five minutes generally.

      Palm Reading, when experienced from an expert in palmistry, tends to be very accurate.

      You can choose to heal yourself through Karma Healing for working on the cause that resulted the issue in the first place.

      Palm lines are connected to the nerves of the brain. Thus, as a person undergoes changes in his/her life, thinking or behavioral patterns, these palm lines change.

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