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Holistic Beauty

A Quick Way To Heal Physical Pain And Remove Blocked Dense Energy… Experience The Energy Spa To Boost The Immune System

A Quick Way To Heal Physical Pain And Remove Blocked Dense Energy… Experience The Energy Spa To Boost The Immune System



    Holistic Beauty involves facial treatments which comprises of colour therapy, reflexology and Crystal Healing to re-balance the energy body to bring you into complete alignment.

    During the Holistic beauty session, different kinds of massage is used to plump the skin and create blood flow which in turn makes the skin glow. Not to mention how super relaxing it is.

    Organic and clinical products are used  which give the optimum results depending on your needs.

    The colour therapy modality in Holistic Beauty works with perfumes and essential oils related to the chakras of the body. Each colour has an emotion, an organ and a thought form attached to it. You choose 4 colours allowing to discover how you are feeling in the moment as it is working with the subconscious mind. It is always acutely accurate. This allows the therapist to treat you in a much more bespoke way and authentically.

    Reflexology further re-aligns the meridians bringing you into a peaceful state and the crystals are placed on your Chakras pulling out any negativity.

    The treatments are mostly hands on with the use of some small devices to give extra lift and rejuvenation but mostly is the healing energy of the therapist’s hands and the A1 professional products that are used as well as specialized massage techniques.


    This therapy helps you in radiating out your beauty in an inside-out manner. It is very effective in clearing the blockages from our minds helping us to glow from within. It is based on complete healing procedure and doesn’t use any harsh chemicals. The result is a refresh and rejuvenated you. It uplifts you both mentally and physically imparting a beauty that lasts.

    Clients feel the difference from the first session itself! It works on the point and brings out your true inner beauty.


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      Did you know?



      There are many types of energy healings today including Reiki healing, Pranic healing, Quantum healing, Reconnective healing, Crystal healing, and qigong healing.


      Scientific principles are used to guide energy healing methods: the bond between atoms and molecules is constantly vibrating. And since we are all composed of molecules, humans are vibrating too. So, when someone says you have good ‘vibes’ they’re talking about your frequency.


      For thousands of years, cultures understood the power of internal energy, using different methods to activate the body’s natural healing abilities (the Japanese and the art of Reiki, the ancient Hindu texts describing a network of energy transmitting centers in the body called the seven chakras)



      The Human Body consists of an abundant amount of energy.


      When a person is feeling ill, tired, or even lacking energy, his energetic field is out of balance or congested.


      Energy healing techniques release energy blockers, which will then promote the emotional and physical wellbeing by using the natural mind-body connection. 


      In Karma Energy Healing, a Karma Yogi is able to transmit and receive prana energy (life force) from supreme pure consciousness as chakras open and energy flows through meridians.


      This healing energy is then transmitted through the hand to bring instant energy healing and also certain hand motions (without touch) are executed to remove blocked dense energies.


      When experiencing Healing, it shall enable reduced pain, deep inner peace, alleviation of physical symptoms, a sense of connectedness with the Universe, and increased vitality. 

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      It takes a non-invasive approach to energy transfer, which creates harmony and allows the body to restore balance across all systems of the mind, body, and spirit.

      Energy Healing practices help the receiver clear his head and release tension and stress, thus feeling peaceful, relaxed, and lighter which allows them to be in touch with their inner selves and reflect clearly on their lives.

      Promotes the consistent and unlocked flow of positive energy throughout the body, which leads to enhanced learning and memory, mental clarity, and physical healing.

      It reminds your body how to go back into its “repair” or “self-healing” state of rest and digest to cleanse itself of useless energies.

      Other recommended healing


      No, there are absolutely no pre-requisites before attending a holistic beauty session.

      A trainer and certified Holistic Beauty Practitioner takes the session.

      This would differ on a case to case basis. The Holistic Beauty Practitioner would be able to decide this better during the initial consultation.

      The duration of each Holistic Beauty session is an hour.