Tarot Reading

Tarot reading provides insight on making right choices and decisions, as well as helps to know about future



Tarot Card Reading assists you to unveil your unconscious mind and the patterns of life that you have created for yourself based on your belief systems and past and present decisions.


Tarot cards are a form of divination, which means working with the divine, or your higher self.

They are a sacred mirror since the choice of a card is exactly what your higher self already knows.

A tarot reader helps you gain instant access to your intuition and your inner source of power and wisdom, by providing insights on making the right choices and decisions.

Our expert Tarot Readers at   Home of Wellness offers you the right answers for resolving any obstacle or pattern seen during your tarot reading session


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    Did you know?



    Tarot was never designed as a fortune-telling tool, it originated as a card game called Tarocchi and dates back to the 15th century. The earliest evidence of Tarot being used for divination was in the 18th century.


    It is usually a pack of 78 cards with different symbolic pictures on them. These cards come in a standard pack of 22 cards known as Major Arcana and four suits of 14 cards known as Minor Arcana. The word ‘Arcana’ simply means ‘mysteries’ or ‘secrets’.


    There are no negative cards in the entire Tarot deck. Each card in the Tarot deck is just an indication of your current state of mind.


    While many people believe that Tarot Reading can tell the future, making predictions is not what Tarot cards do.

    It all aims to access your intuition and inner wisdom to create your ideal future and manifest your goals. 

    During the session, our tarot reader get in harmony with your aura. They use Tarot cards as a medium, in a layout that works as a mirror.

    This unified energy helps you to dive into your subconscious and bring the hidden, unseen, or ignored issues to the surface. And once the questions become clearer, the answers will be revealed through the pictures on the chosen cards.

    Thus, the simple act of envisioning your desired outcome will then have a subtle, yet powerful effect on your ability to find new answers, and instead of waiting around, you will be empowered to take action. 

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    Tarot card reading can provide you deep insight about your life and a better clarity level. You’ll gain a new perspective on life and develop a better understanding and knowledge.

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    It helps you find inner peace by overcoming feelings of anxiousness, fear, and worries as well as overcome struggles.

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    It makes it clearer for you to diagnose those aspects of your personality that need nurturing and therefore helps you to become a better person.

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    Makes way for creating nurturing and harmonious relationships with family members, friends, and eternal soulmate.

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    During a tarot session, a tarot practitioner sits with a client and pulls out cards from the deck. The client may ask questions pertaining anything in their life and based on the interpretation of the cards pulled out, the practitioner is able to give a reading.

    No, there is no pre-requisite for taking a tarot session.

    A trained and certified tarot reader, who is also a Karma Yoga Healing trainer, takes the session.

    For a reading pertaining to single issue, one session would suffice. One may take follow-up sessions to know of developments, in case they are actively doing karma healing and meditations.

    Each astrology session duration is about 45 mins.

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