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Mind Training

Mind Training works in improving the memory, reduction of anxiety and stress and builds up the required focus in one’s life.

Mind Training works in improving the memory, reduction of anxiety and stress and builds up the required focus in one’s life.


    Mind Training works in improving the memory, reduction of anxiety and stress and builds up the required focus in one’s life.


    The human brain is designed to help in the regulation of mental & physical health. At times, it gets extremely difficult to focus. We are either focused in the future or worried about the past, depriving ourselves of the benefits of the present. Thus, we are unable to focus on the present moment tasks.


    At Home Of Wellness, you are offered simplistic, powerful and effective  exercises related to Mind Training which help in building up the awareness, attention, sharping the memory and increasing the skills to problem solving.


    Techniques for Mind Training

    Our mind is ruled by the thoughts related to our emotions, relationships, actions and career.


    Therefore, we help you in training your mind & mastering your words, thoughts and actions through healing, Mindfulness Meditations and Transcendental  Meditation which are very effective in helping you stay grounded to the present moment. Practicing self compassion along with mindful breathing exercises help in effective Mind Training.


    Signals you need a Mind Training

    Feeling overwhelmed  wit negativity around you, feeling distracted and lacking focus, feeling distracted, lack of Anger Management, not feeling motivated and feeling depressed instead, having stress and anxiety issues are signals that you need a mind training.


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      Mind Training

      Did you know?

      Mind Training


      Our brains are plastic! They aren’t made of plastic but they have a property that allows them to change on the basis of our experiences in life. This is referred to as the plasticity of the brain or neuroplasticity. This way we can train our brains for acting or behaving in a certain manner. 


      The frequency of Delta brain (0.5-3.9 Hz) behaves behaves as bridge between the sub-conscious and the conscious. Practicing the Mindfulness Meditations and  8th Chakra-  Samadhi meditation helps in achieving the Delta state quickly helping in effective mind training as well.


      Source Memory Healing helps in healing the issues from the source which helps in Mind Training as well.

      The Why & The How of Mind Training

      The emotional conflicts created in these traumatic memories such as unworthiness, rejection, humiliation, anger, betrayal, fear, helplessness, and sadness, remain stuck in the unconscious level. And as long as they remain unsolved, they’ll always be triggered, thereby, affecting one’s decisions relating to health, finances, and relationships. 

      Thus, you feel empowered  for the achieving the very efficient Mind Training.
      Meditation techniques and enlightenment heal the source memory related to emotional trauma stored in the subconscious  as a suppressed energy, perception or fear which are the defense mechanisms.

      The work lies in returning to the present over and over and over again in order to mindfully plan your journey.

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      Benefits of Mind Training

      Mind training modifies the structure of brain compounds due to neuroplasticity in order to optimize basic cognitive abilities, i.e. productivity and builds your ability to redirect and maintain attention. 

      Mind training reduces disorders symptoms and diseases such as Parkinson’s disease, depression, insomnia, dyslexia, and  ADHD

      Mind training helps you place your goals in order, evaluate them, and put them into action leading you to reach to your goals in a faster way.

      Mind training helps in developing willpower and  mental power which helps in avoiding triggers unnecessary impulses. It also helps people in coping up with addictions and dealing with optimal weight issues

      Other recommended healing


      Living mindfully is the best way to help the Mind Training o work efficiently. Having a strong value and moral system makes a person feel positivity and promotes happiness. Practice meditations and healing is a very profound way of training your mind.

      Introspecting and meditating are the best way to reach these goals. Self internalization is a very powerful way in helping yourself access the root of the fears and emotional issues, releasing them during meditation, using Mindfulness and Karma Healing Techniques. 

      The duration of these sessions vary depending of the needs of the client and their severity of the issues. It generally lasts from an hour to two as recommended by the Practitioner.

      Our expert, trained and certified trainer conducts these sessions of Mind Training.