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Akashic Records Reading

The Akashic Records are all that we have recorded in our Soul life, if we take into account that the memories of our Soul have no limit, we come to the conclusion that we are talking about “The Book of Infinite Wisdom”.

The Akashic Records are all that we have recorded in our Soul life, if we take into account that the memories of our Soul have no limit, we come to the conclusion that we are talking about “The Book of Infinite Wisdom”.


    What Is Akashic Records? - Its Scientific 


    Akasha in Sanskrit means ether, essence, soul, therefore it represents all the memory of the Soul.

    Akashic Records can be referred to as the database of everything that takes place in the universes co-existing together.

    Our soul is considered to be the Akashic record of our experiences. Thy offer deep guidance and wisdom to our Life experiences. They help in evolving and growing and taking decisions in a matured way.

    Akashic Records Dubai

    We are the creators of our destiny, always in charge of the actions we take. The Akashic Records only help us in figuring out where should we head next based on the journey we are at currently. Akashic Records have immense potency of knowledge within them, way greater than what our conscious minds can conceive of. Tarot reading, psychic reading and palm reading are also popular among the individuals. 

    Akashic Records Reading helps you:

    Find out your life’s purpose. So many of us go throughout our lives not really knowing our life’s purpose. Making do out of fear, doubt, insecurity, and not knowing how. We have been told that something we want to do is not possible, won’t bring in a decent income, you can’t do that. And so on. Having a reading will support you in finding out what it is you really want from your one and only life.

    Learn with your natural gifts, talents and abilities.
    From a young age, we are taught not to gloat and be proud of who we are and what we are naturally good at. Furthermore, a comment from that one person can set us back for life stopping us from doing something we really loved.

    Why you may be having money and health issues explaining why you have certain experiences in your life.
    This is so empowering because it will gives you answers. When you go into the record you can have a conversation with whatever your issue is and be surprised by what comes up. Insightful indeed!

    Why you are feeling stuck, how to get unstuck and what you need to do to move forward in your life.
    There are times you simply don’t know what to do next. No matter what you are doing isn’t taking you any further. This is where it can give you information to support you in moving again. It gives you ideas and food for thought where you can take action or release a long-held belief.

    What action to take to align your Soul’s purpose now.
    This is the exciting part. You get to put into action what has come through without hesitation knowing this is what you are meant to be doing. You will find where you have needed the extra support from a professional fo show me what is blocking you from taking full action.


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      Did you know?



      An akashik mind has immense clarity in forseeing not only the possible situations for self but also about anything.


      Modern Science is also coming tot terms with the fact that there’s something known as Akashik Intelligence as well, claiming that the empty space possesses a  certain degree of intelligence.


      The 2 states of mind- Gratitude and love, are only states which helps us in staying connected with the akashik records.


      In an hour session you ask your Higher Soul for guidance in any area of your life and I channel for you the answers. You can many questions about anything you feel confused about; career, relationships, life purpose, special gifts, and much more.

      Akashic Reading Dubai can help you find your path and experience an unmatched inner peace. What do I need to know about the repeating situations in my life? (Name a situation) What do I need to know about my relation with. (it could be parents, children, partner, friend.)

      Every person is a question

      How can I make my professional life better?

      How can I help. (name somebody)?

      What do I need to learn from what happened (situation)?

      What are my personal special gifts?

      What is my life purpose? and much more

      akashic records

      Benefits of Akashic Records Reading

      Find Your Path

      Experience unmatched inner peace

      Make better decisions in a mature way

      Help you evolve and grow 

      Other recommended healing


      There could be many reasons for booking a session for Akashic Record Reading. Gaining clarity about the purpose of life or one’s own potential could be one of the reasons. Feeling confused or stuck or wanting to let go of behavioral patterns could be another reason for joining these sessions.

      This session lasts for an hour generally, giving the clients the opportunity to ask their questions and receive their answers. 

      No. They always indicate towards the greatest possibility because they are representative of the energy of the potential.

      It is usually recommended to keep a month’s gap in between the readings, until and unless, its extremely urgent.