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What is Meditation?

Come Join Our Daily Guided Meditations. Meditation is a process of connecting oneself to the universal consciousness. With a consistent practice, great freedom and peace of mind is reached. 

Come Join Our Daily Guided Meditations. Meditation is a process of connecting oneself to the universal consciousness. With a consistent practice, great freedom and peace of mind is reached. 



    Lets begin by defining Meditation. It refers to focusing, concentrating and aligning one’s thoughts, mindfully, for getting into a relaxed state of mind and even reach transcendental states.


    During Meditation, the frequency of your brain shifts from Alpha towards Theta. Eventually moving towards delta( a deep sleep state) with patience and a lot of practice. This process fills every molecule of our being and body with tremendous energy.

    A profound awareness is felt as if one is in a wakeful sleep. This deep, relaxed state helps in the balancing of the brain lobes, both right and left providing us with immense clarity, amazing ability to make quicker  decisions and also provides one with intuitive abilities.

    Guided Meditation sessions are conducted everyday at Home of wellness, Dubai which can be attended by both meditators and beginners.

    Group meditations are very powerful because they help in amplification of the energy as everyone meditates together. It beings immense purity along with the amplified vibrations that are created benefitting each individual.


    Beginner’s Guide to getting started

    For beginners, it is extremely important to treating oneself with kindness and being patient during the process. Being disciplined with the practice is a major trait which will help you in gaining the benefits of the meditation and understand the essence of it. It is also extremely important to remove any expectations about how you’ll be feeling after the session. Start with considering each of the sessions as an opportunity which will help you know your mind more.


    How do Guided Meditations help?

    Mindfulness Meditation,  Transcendence Meditation, Chakra Meditation Kundalini Meditation, Mantra Meditation help in enlightening you to achieving the intense state of relaxation through meditation, gaining its positive effects on your health and wellbeing. The deep meditative state , giving your profound awareness, blesses you with the answers and resources to cope up with your challenges.

    Being a leading Meditation Center, we offer effective meditation sessions.


    We Would love to hear from you.


      We Would love to hear from you.

      Did you know?

      What is Meditation?


      Meditation results in the activation of  pineal gland and secretion of Melatonin, which is also referred to as the master hormone.


      Dosha, a Japanese monk, is known to have discovered Zen when he visited China in 653. He, then, introduced this practice of meditating in Japan by opening a big hall providing a ground for meditation. This practice, then, grew in Japan, significantly from the 8th century AD.


      Laughter yoga is a superb technique of diffusing fear and anger. It is based on the idea that joking at one’s own anger is a profound method of dousing the flame of anger.

      Benefits of Meditation

      Improves the Quality of sleep & Helps in Treating Insomnia

      Improves the health of the Heart in an overall manner.

      Enjoying a healthier body & weight.

      Releasing addictions, phobias & fears.

      Helps in healing chronic pain

      Getting rid of anxiety, anger, depression & stress.

      Slows down the aging process of the the body.

      Getting rid of anxiety, anger, depression & stress

      Psychological Benefits of Meditation

      Decreases the stress level.

      Improves the Emotional Intelligence Quotient (EI Skills)

      Helps in Combatting Anxiety And Treating Depression

      Relieves the symptoms of PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) 

      Decreases stress levels 

      Helps in decreasing Emotional Reactivity and helps in increasing Increases Resilience

      Improves the Self Esteem tremendously. 

      Helps in mindful eating which helps in maintaining optimal weight.


      The technique of Meditation focuses all your energy, deviating your entire attention towards a particular matter chosen by you. The technique to Being still begins with our body: by bringing the awareness through the body slowly allowing the muscles to relax.

      It helps to let go of the heaviness and tension in your body and enjoy the process while doing it. And so, meditation is also known as the art & science helping to let go. It helps you in attending to things within without any reaction, bringing deep sense of freedom making it possible to experience your true self, effortlessly. 

       Contentment and joy is experienced. There’s relief followed by deep relaxation. One finds freedom from the immense burden in his/her life.

      Other recommended healing


      It is very powerful to meditate in the morning, immediately after waking up. Our brain registers things quickly as its relaxed and fresh after the sleep. The effect of morning meditation can be felt throughout the day as it energizes you to the core.

      A beginner can start with meditating for 30 mins and increasing it eventually, to an hour or two according to one’s comfort level. This helps in breaking the behavioral patterns leading to rapid transformation.

      It is not necessary sitting in a cross-legged manner. Sitting upright with a straight spine is important, but do not be stiff and rigid when you do it. Sitting comfortably is more important. You can sit on a mat or chair as well.

      Meditation can easily fit into your lifestyle as a healthy habit.  No, there are no significant changes you needed to experience meditation. It fits very smoothly in your daily life. Adding a healthy diet does help in increasing the benefits of meditative practise.

      There might be an experience of bodily sensations because of the flow of energy during the meditative process. Slight discomfort may also be experienced Meditation helps in the growth and repair of your body because of which clients, at times might experience a few sensations in their bodies.

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