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Depression Treatment

Become Your Resilient Self Again

The Inner Flight Mode Is A Defense Mechanism Created By The Unconscious Mind To Protect Oneself From Facing The Grief And Loss


Depression is your inner flight mode – a defense mechanism created by the unconscious mind to protect oneself from a threatening situation. It is a mood disorder that creates a persistent feeling of sadness and loss of interest, all while interfering with daily functions.

In addition to many inconvenient life events that we might face, it is also possible to inherit traumas, imprints, and patterns biologically, many of which can have a profound impact on the course of our own lives and our mental state.

Depression is a form of illness, identified with a  loss of near or dear one, experiencing heartbreaks in relationships, financial loss.

Our unconscious mind creates a defense mechanism for protecting the self from the loss or grief. This pushes them to stay alone for sometime. The real conflict lies within the mind.




The more Karma/Ancestral baggage we carry, the less spirit would come in, the less powerful we become, the more negative programs we would have, and the harder it would be to manifest any goals and for the soul to truly come into the body.

Karma results in depression along with a disturbance of energy, creating disturbance in the activity of the brain.

Healing the root of depression is essential to removing it permanently from your life.




Feeling lack of Energy is a signal that your energy is getting drained emotionally in areas where it isn’t required to do so. Lack of concentration. Feeling restless and lacking focus are signals as well. Lacking good sleep and loss/gain of weight all of a sudden are signs you need a Depression Therapy. At Home Of Wellness, expert Hypnotherapist provides effective Hypnotherapy to treat depression.


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    Depression Treatment
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    Did you know?



    Seasonal depression is known to be triggered  typically by the beginning of autumn, lasting the entire winter, rarely occurring in spring and summer and spring.


    Around 80 percent of new mothers experience the “baby blues” caused by hormonal changes following childbirth, lack of sleep, and the pressures of taking care of a new baby.


    People of all ages suffer from depression globally and it is a common mental disorder. 


    Depression can lead to a variety of physical and emotional problems. It affects on how you behave, feel and think. 

    Depression can come in multiple episodes. During these episodes, symptoms may include:

    Emptiness & Sadness

    Loss of Interest in Pleasurable Activities

    Fatigue & Loss of Energy


    Self-sabotage Urges

    Feeling Guilty

    Constant Irritability and Emotional Outbursts

    Negative Thinking Patterns & Suicidal Thoughts

    Change in Appetite

    Social Isolation

    Feeling Unworthy

    As for the causes, they might include:

    Loss of Money/Business

    Betrayal From Partner

    Abortions/Miscarriages/Infant death

    Loss of Loved Ones/ Grief

    Inter-Family Marriage


    Depression Affects How You Feel, Home of Wellness
    Depression Can Come In Multiple Episodes, Home of Wellness
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    Benefits Of Depression Treatment

    Stress Free, Home of Wellness

    Depression Treatment helps in improving the performance at work life, significantly.

    Relax 1, Home of Wellness

    It helps in healing relationships and creating a healthy flow of energy amongst the relations.

    Confidence, Home of Wellness

    Depression treatment results in a relaxed mind leading to good sleep, which in turn provides good ability to focus.

    Joyfull, Home of Wellness

    It also helps in sharpening the mind making the memory stronger with efficient decision making capabilities.

    Other recommended healing


    Medical advice must be taken for severity of cases. Alternative therapies such as Mindfulness Meditation or Karma Yoga Healing is extremely effective for getting over depression. They work by healing the issue from the root in the sub conscious mind. The time taken for recovery from depression varies from each individual.

    Yes, depression can lead to self-sabotaging thoughts. The mind goes into an over-drive for overcoming sadness, loneliness and might be resorting to measures such as suicide. Using the help of an expert is crucial. 

    Yes, it is possible. Usually friends and family members figure out the differences in behavior and consult a  and take them to a therapist. Patients   overlook their mental condition at times until they notice something obvious. 

    Yes, depression makes you drain a lot of energy making you feel sleepy and lethargic at all times. It also increases hunger for food as the body requires a lot of energy, thus, leading to gaining weight.

    Taking medical advice is always advisable. Healing therapies such as meditation helps in overcoming depression naturally. The steps are important in overcoming depression:

    • Acknowledging and accepting whatever is happening 
    • Letting go and releasing the grief, loneliness sadness and sorrow 
    • Decoding the family history, taking help of the karma healing for resolving the karma of the family.
    • Disconnecting oneself energetically and mentally  from the past, bringing yourself to peace.