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The Inner Flight Mode Is A Defense Mechanism Created By The Unconscious Mind To Protect Oneself From Facing The Grief And Loss


Depression is your inner flight mode – a defense mechanism created by the unconscious mind to protect oneself from a threatening situation. It is a mood disorder that creates a persistent feeling of sadness and loss of interest, all while interfering with daily functions.


In addition to many inconvenient life events that we might face, it is also possible to inherit traumas, imprints, and patterns biologically, many of which can have a profound impact on the course of our own lives and our mental state.

Depression is an illness of identifying with a severe loss that could be a result of a genetic karma or experiences of a heartbreak in relationship, loss of wealth or death of a loved one

The inner flight mode is a defense mechanism created by the unconscious mind to protect oneself from facing the grief and loss. So they would resign themselves to stay sad and in a lonely frame of mind, creating self-sabotage for themselves. The actual conflict is in the mind


The more Karma/Ancestral baggage we carry, the less spirit would come in, the less powerful we become, the more negative programs we would have, and the harder it would be to manifest any goals and for the soul to truly come into the body.


In other words, Karma causes depression and a disturbance at the energy meridian level, which in turn creates a disturbed brain activity.


To heal Depression permanently and live a balanced life, it is essential to tackle its roots and work at the karmic level



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    Did you know?



    Seasonal depression is typically triggered by the onset of autumn and lasts throughout the winter and it very rarely occurs in summer and spring.


    Around 80 percent of new mothers experience the “baby blues” caused by hormonal changes following childbirth, lack of sleep, and the pressures of taking care of a new baby.


    Depression is a common mental disorder. Globally, more than 264 million people of all ages suffer from depression.



    Depression affects how you feel, think, and behave and can lead to a variety of emotional and physical problems.


    Depression can come in multiple episodes. During these episodes, symptoms may include:

    Emptiness & Sadness

    Loss of Interest in Pleasurable Activities

    Fatigue & Loss of Energy


    Self-sabotage Urges

    Feeling Guilty

    Constant Irritability and Emotional Outbursts

    Negative Thinking Patterns & Suicidal Thoughts

    Change in Appetite

    Social Isolation

    Feeling Unworthy


    As for the causes, they might include:

    Loss of Money/Business

    Betrayal From Partner

    Abortions/Miscarriages/Infant death

    Loss of Loved Ones/ Grief

    Inter-Family Marriage


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    In healing ancestral genetic Karma, depression is handled at the level of the body, mind, and the energies. If the necessary balance and vibrancy are brought about in the physical, mental and energy bodies, to be blissful is very natural.

    bodies, to be blissful is very natural.

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    Healing ancestral karma helps your entire ancestral line heal from any negative paradigms present as by healing the energy field of ancestral karma has a ripple effect of healing that paradigm present in your line.

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    Not only does it help to quiet the mind and emotions but also instills a habit of mindfulness. Healing depression stops anxiety and invokes a deep relaxation induced by karma healing, thus stopping the trigger of the “fight or flight” response that fuels anxiety.

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    It trains your mind to become aware of the silent witness within you that is independent of the universe you are observing. This core self is not a philosophical or theological concept; it is an experience of your authentic existence.

    Other recommended healing


    One should seek medical advice for severe cases of depression. Alternative therapy like Karma Yoga Healing has also been found to be extremely effective in overcoming depression by working on the source of the issue in the unconscious mind. The timeline of recovery and the results vary from case to case as each individual will have specific causes which need to be worked upon with the help of an experienced therapist.

    Yes, one can have extremely self-sabotaging thoughts in depression. The mind would go into an over-drive to overcome the sadness and loneliness and may resort to extreme measures like suicide. Seeking expert help immediately is very important.

    Yes, chances are that a patient of depression never comprehends what they are going through. Usually family members and friends note changes in behaviour and take them to a therapist. Patient may tend to overlook their condition until it becomes too obvious.

    Yes, one may sleep abnormally long hours when in depression. This is again a running-away defense mechanism created by the mind to avoid the grief, sadness and loneliness. Also when in depression, one forgets to love themselves and want to protect themselves, which leads to gain in body weight as well.

    It is always advisable to take medical advice. However, the best way to naturally overcome depression is to take help of healing therapy such as meditation and karma yoga healing. The following steps are crucial to naturally overcome depression:

    • Acknowledge and accept what is happening, do not feel ashamed or embarrassed
    • Let go and release the energy of sadness, grief, sorrow and loneliness
    • Decode family history and take help of karma healing to heal the family karma
    • Disconnect mentally and energetically from the traumatic past and make peace with yourself
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