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Space Clearing

Make Space For A Flow Of Positive Energy

Space Clearing is a unique process for clearing energetic ‘debris’ that reside in your space that influences you, affecting how you feel and behave, and dulling your clarity and vitality.


    Space Clearing : Releasing What Limits You

    Having a vibrant energy is extremely crucial for your life to work well. 

    Energetically, anything that happens in space is recorded in the walls, the furniture, the floors, and the ceiling and get deeply imprinted in them.

    What Is Space Cleansing ?

     It brings back the harmony and balance of Energy in your personal, living, and workspaces at very deep levels.


    At Home of Wellness, we perform space clearing remotely. All you have to do is provide us with the pace plan of your space, your name, address, and the date of birth of all people who live in the space ( name of the owner only for business space clearing ).

    By doing Space Clearing, you welcome good and new energies and improve all aspects of your life.


    Our practitioners provide blessings to the place alongwith cleansing, which allows the manifestations of the inhabitant to reveal itself bringing good health, success and abundance to the space. This a a unique service provided by our spiritual practitioners who very carefully fill the cleared space with blessings.


    We Would love to hear from you.

      Did you know?

      Space Clearing


      Feng shui, traditionally from China, uses the force of  energy forces for harmonizing the individuals with the environment surrounding them.


      Smudging is used for enhancing intuition. Sage also helps in healing. It is used after burning it.


      Space Clearing improves the energy of the house tremendously, re-energizing it and allowing the inhabitants to manifest their goals in a faster way. 

      Our Space Clearing Method

      This practice focuses on your intentions and what would you like to bring in to your space, for yourself, and for those who live or work there as well.

      During Space Clearing, our practitioner recite a blessing to connect with all the energies in your home, including the Human Energy Patterns of all who are energetically connected to your home, even from outside your immediate family.

      We will help you assess and greatly improve the energies by releasing, purifying, and transmuting the dense energy, with utmost love and respect of the space.

      After it is done, a final blessing will be recited and you will be given feedback, support, and recommendations, leaving the space entirely filled by good energy.

      Benefits of Space Clearing

      Space Cleansing promotes clarity, focus, strength, good health and greater ease. 

      Regular space clearings at business and homes impacts them positively by helping them set positive intentions.

      Manifesting one’s goals becomes easier after space clearing. 

      Space clearing beings you greater clarity helping in faster decision making , saving your time.

      Other recommended healing


      Space Clearing refers to the clearing of the space on the level of energy. It practiced in many countries since the ancient times. There are several materials and different ways for clearing the space. 

      Space Clearing is advised when shifting to a new house. Major changes such as the birth of a new baby, job, relationship also call for Space Clearing.
      While modifying the setup that is already existing, space clearing is used.

      Yes. The energetic fields of the newborns are way more open in comparison to the adults. Thus, it is perfectly safe to space clear in their presence.



      The signals that your office or home requires space clearing are:

      • Feeling anxious or tired 

      • Facing illness

      • Recent conflicts or arguments
      • Feeling of Unease 

      • Feeling your bad luck

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