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Karma Yoga

Learning Karma Yoga Empowers To See Results  Before Taking Action. Join The Best Karma Yoga Sessions In Dubai Now.

Learning Karma Yoga Empowers To See Results  Before Taking Action. Join The Best Karma Yoga Sessions In Dubai Now.

About Karma & Karma Yoga

Karma Yoga means deciding your actions consciously by becoming aware of it, being mindful of it. A positive action results in a positive consequence and a negative action does vice versa. Taking the responsibility of the actions is an easy way to overcome karma.

Karma refers to our actions & deeds. Every action follows a consequence by the law. Thought is the primary step for an action. Therefore, every word, physical action and thought is a cause which is followed by a consequence or an effect. Creating positive causes gives us positive results. It’s the habits/ programming within us that guide our actions. It is the unconscious part of our mind that drives to the conscious actions created by us. The emotions, memories and feelings are encoded inside our unconscious mind.

Everything happens in our life with a reason- whether it’s in finance, Relationships or health. Your karma is a result of your consciousness that you had even before you entered the womb of your mother. It could also be because of genetic programming through your ancestors, the influence of the environment in which you were brought up or it could also be the subatomic particles known as Karma Varganas which are connected to the body and the soul and have a powerful influence on our thoughts & actions.


Each action counts. The actions of the parents/ ancestors have a strong effect on other family members as well as on children. The transmitters & receptors present in the genes lead to similar circumstances in life until the karma is resolved. This is how the law of the universe works.

 This is how karma works. The relationship between both the partners might be great but there might be a lack of money or rebellious children engaged in drugs and action. This is an example of how karma works. There could be a family who has a lot of money but is devoid of peace. This is also an example of karma. Contact Home of Wellness for top Karma Yoga in Dubai.


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    Karma Yoga refers to becoming aware of the consequences prior to taking the actions. A positive action with a really high positive frequency yields a positive result. On the other hand, a negative action comprising of low frequency results negatively.

    Patterns of behavior are stored as programs in the unconscious driving you in choosing jobs, relationships & business associates. These behavioral patterns are rigid and are traceable by your hand lines reflecting the energy carried by you. These behavioral patterns keep operating in the same manner until they are intervened consciously.

    In Source Memory Healing, you are guided to changing these patterns, allowing you to change you the circumstances and event, which in turn helps you in creating a new life. We are the creators of our karma. Thus, the power for changing our karma also resides within us.

    The sessions for Karma source memory is offered by The Home of Wellness for all people.

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    Karma isn’t fate. It’s a willful & deliberate action. Whether you’ve experienced cheating in relationship, in your job or business which seems unfair. This could be a result of your actions in this life or your past life or through the actions of your ancestors which is making you repay. The transmitters and receptors present genetically  invited similar circumstances or even worse. This program stored in your brain in the form of patterns pushes you to choose job, life , love or business partner. 
    In the Karma Healing sessions, you learn changing these patterns under the guidance of our therapist. 

    Illness is a physiological response to stress. Trauma causes sadness, grief and anger etc. A huge amount of energy is also lost in the traumatic process. Preventing any further loss, it is deeply suppressed by the mind. However, there’s the leakage of energy that still keeps happening as the mind isn’t able to manage stress. This makes healing so important. It involves 4 steps:  

    2.emotional release
    4.disentanglement helping in the breakage of the older neural circuits and giving birth to new neural connections. . 

    Our genes carry the ancestral information related the misuse of money done by them when they possessed it,  leading to negative consequences. This behavioral pattern, exists in our minds like a program. Altough 12% of our conscious mind desires money, a majority part of subconscious mind, i.e., 88% has already rejected the idea of attracting money. Thus, our genes require a reprogramming with new information through physical action and healing – utilizing money in a way that it is used in the best and efficient way. Using money for healing your karma, by investing it in mindful education and helping the ancestors which brings happiness eventually. These actions help in reprogramming the genes leading to greater abundance of wealth in your life.

    Karma Yoga helps you to be aware of the results of your actions prior to doing it. A positive result makes you take the step ahead and a negative results makes you take the responsibility for it. This helps you to rise above your karma. 

    Karma Yogis are very well aware of the consequences of their actions. Following the Law of Karma and making use of the age-old techniques, foreseeing the results of every action is possible. This enables you in choosing the best and highest, actions resulting in greater happiness, joy, good health, prosperity along with  wonderful relationships.

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