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Pranic Healing

Develop Your Natural Healing Ability Through Pranic Healing

Pranic Healing corrects the imbalance in our energy field, giving the life force back again. 


    What Is Pranic Healing?

    Pranic Healing comprises of a revolutionary system of healing techniques that use life energy/ prana as the medium to heal. Pranic isn’t an alternative to orthodox medicine. Pranic healing can be used for making the process of healing faster. 

    Pranic Healing uses energy for healing. Helps us in increasing awareness of the aura present around the human body, i.e., the ‘chakras’ or the energy centers as well as their health effects. Pranic healing increases our awareness about the auras and helps in determining the affected areas. Some of the other healings are as follows:

    What are Chakras?

     Chakras are basically the centers of energy that help in controlling and energizing the most important organs along with the physical body. Twin Hearts Meditation is referred to the 2 energy centers or  the chakras- the heart chakra & the crown chakra.

    The heart chakra is the center of human love (love for family, friends) and the crown center is the center for divine love (love for God). When these two chakras are used, the energy will inevitably shine positively through you. However, if it gets impacted by internal/external factors, it results in a malfunction of the mental and physical.

    Best Pranic Healing In Dubai

    At Home of Wellness, our Pranic Healing sessions heal at the energy level by transferring life energy from natural sources (air, sun and earth) to these energy centers in order to enable them to start functioning at an optimal level again

    Origin of Pranic Healing

    Pranic Healing was developed over a period of twenty years by GrandMaster Choa Kok Sui by conducting a variety of experiments and concluding facts using research and evidence. Being a chemical engineer helped him to design techniques to harmonise, balance and transform the bodily energies. Since then Pranic Healing combined with the medical treatment has increasingly been practised by more than 100 centers across the globe. Contact Home of Wellness for Pranic Healing in Dubai.


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      Did you know?

      Pranic Healing​


      The term Pranic Healing originated from ‘prana’, which means ‘energy’ in Sanskrit. It’s an alternative therapy which is practised by  many in about 150 countries across the world.


      Eating food either increases vital energy or prana in the body or it drains the energy from the body. Some of the Energy giving foods are organic veggies like asparagus,  arugula, kale or fresh fruits like avacados, berries, pineapple, and avocados.


      Pranic Healing was started in 1987 by MCKS known for establishing the Institute for Inner Studies in Quezon City in  Philippines. It was created with the intention of spreading Pranic Healing to the world.

      Pranic Healing. How it works?

      The trainers for Pranic Healing transmit universal energy to the client by making use of specific frequencies & techniques customized to the client’s conditions.

      This therapy doesn’t involve touch. 

      Steps To Do Pranic Healing Meditation

      3 step process is used for this healing, which is:

      1)Checking – Scan for the abnormalities in energy.

      2)Cleansing – Remove the abnormalities in energy.

      3)Replenishing and revitalize with a life force: this involves the transferring of fresh life energy to the body. 

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      Benefits of Pranic Healing

      It helps you in reaching a greater degree of stillness and peace of mind as the aura cleansing takes place.

      Activating the heart chakra increases the feelings of happiness tremendously. Bright and clean chakras promote a great emotional & physical health.

      Activating  the upper chakras help in boosting greater intelligence.

      By the activation of the crown and the heart chakras leads to a greater awareness and sensitivity connecting oneself to a higher realm.

      Other recommended healing


      Pranic Healing utilises energy for balancing, harmonizing and transforming the energy process of the body. Prana is derived from a Sanskrit word which means life force. This energy helps in maintaining a good health of our mind and body.

      Pranic Healing is useful in healing any physical & psychological condition by raising  bodily capabilities of healing itself. It also helps in stress reduction, improves the functionality of the immune system and raising the energy level as well.


      The 3 main sources are the sun, the air and the earth. Food, water and plants make up the secondary sources. Pranic Healing helps us learn absorption & assimilation of more energy consciously for improving life’s quality.

      We treat a variety of ailments. Whether it be muscular – skeletal disorders, heart ailments or asthma, cancer, gastrointestinal ailments, migraine,

      We have also had cases of cancer, migraine, gastrointestinal ailments, stress problems and depression.

      Yes, Pranic Healing can be performed on children after taking the necessary precautions.