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Healing For Children

Raise A Future Generation Of Strong Leaders

Raise A Future Generation Of Strong Leaders


    The youngsters – kids & teenagers play a very important role in representing the future generations.

    When kids heal their karma, future generations will consequently be healed. Through the power of healing, it becomes possible to re-program children to perform in high productivity, creativity, focus, and confidence to achieve peak performance and success in life.

    Reasons for using Healing for Children


    At Home of Wellness, children and adolescents will get to learn how to let go of deep-seated fears, traumas, and negative emotions through the process of Karma Healing, unlocking their infinite potential.

    Fears rooted since the childhood hinder one’s health, career, relationships as we enter adulthood.

    We introduce teenagers and children to the powerful 8th Chakra Meditation along  with source memory healing technique for liberating them from the blockages holding them back.


    Significance of Healing For Children

    The Healing therapies for children helps them in gaining confidence and gaining courage to move through life as stronger individuals. The environment for healing designed in a way, with utmost care, so that the children speak up and feel close to the therapist. Also, this helps the child in letting go of anything unnecessary, accessing the unlimitedness of his/her mind.



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      Healing for children

      Did you know?

      Healing For Children


      The most common causes of children traumas include accidents, bullying/cyberbullying, and chaos or dysfunction in the household.



      Shruti Pandey, is the youngest flexible trainer at just 6 years of age. She is renowned to be the youngest trainer in yoga in the entire world.  She’s been actively teaching adults in India, since two years. 



      Healing for Children is effective because the brains of the kids are very receptive at a young age. So letting go of any blockage only helps in raising them as stronger adults when they grow up.

      Why Child Healing Is Important?


      Children have pure consciousness and they exhibit the qualities of the divine. 

      Education, community, healing, and empowerment are preventions that will surely create peaceful future communities.

      At Home of Wellness, we created a safe, neutral healing space so that every child and adolescent can receive support and heal, through a systematic framework for directing their brain and body.

      This will help our youth discover who they are, where they are going and what purpose they were born to serve.

      They will figure out how to accomplish their personal goals, as well as contribute to collective goals for their community.

      Let’s join together, for building up a stronger future.

      healing therapy for children


      It helps the children in regulating their emotional health better by grounding themselves in the “now”.

      It teaches children a different way of looking at their bodies and the energy within and gives them many affirmations to feel positive and courageous.

      It empowers them to make decisions. They will learn to listen to themselves and direct their energy in a conscious way to settle into themselves and their authentic power.

      It helps children to sleep peacefully.

      Other recommended healing


      Yes, the healing process is perfectly safe for children. It is conducted with a lot of care making the kids comfortable enough to talk.

      Our trained and certified expert conducts the sessions of healing for children.

      No, there isn’t any pre-requisite for healing for children. For situations that need medical help, a doctor should be consulted before healing.

      The number of sessions required would vary from child to child depending on the severity of the case.
      Thus, the practitioner would be best in guiding these things.