Mindfulness Meditation

Quiet Your Mind and Let Your Soul Speak


Mindfulness and concentration bring joy and peace to the mind and overall well-being.We live in an era of multitasking. It’s easy to get lost in the efforts to juggle work, children, keeping up a house, paying the bills, and worrying about the world situation.

However, paying attention to the moment and getting your mind focused on the present will clear away the storm in your head and make way for mindful decision-making. That is when Mindfulness meditation is truly required 

Mindfulness is when you are truly there – Mind and body together.

 Mindfulness meditation helps you be truly present.  When your mind is there with your body, you are established in the present moment. It is only then that you will be conscious of all the blessings you have that make you happy.

The ultimate, most powerful, and liberating healing always happens from within. Only the highest mindful learning and self-realization can free you from painful and challenging experience and the easy way to that is Mindfulness meditation 

Thus, this can only happen when one practices mindful Meditation


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    Did you know?

    Mindfulness Meditation


    Mindfulness practices have become internationally popular in the past decade, but their roots reach 2,500 years into the past. While these practices have assumed different forms over the millennia, their purpose has remained constant: to end suffering.


    The term Mindfulness was first coined by the great Buddhist scholar T. W. In his 1881 publication of Buddhist suttas, sati was rendered as “mental activity,” and even simply as “thought.” It was then only with his 1910 work that he settled on the term mindfulness


    Meditation can be a more effective painkiller than morphine. Meditation as a painkiller works by calming the somatosensory cortex in the brain while inciting activity in other parts of the brain.



    When mindfulness becomes powerful, your concentration becomes powerful, and it is only then that you will make a breakthrough and understand the true nature of your thoughts.

    It is only with Mindfulness that one can have purity in thoughts, words, and actions.

    Mindfulness Meditation helps to instill virtues and morality which elevates you to a state of inner bliss. True Mindfulness is only achievable by healing the source of the issue causing the disrupted patterns of thoughts and emotions.

    Therefore, with the regular practice of Home of Wellness’s Mindfulness Meditation sessions, you’ll be able to truly experience absolute inner peace, joy and success in life.

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    Benefits of Mindfulness Meditation

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    Practicing Mindfulness Meditation reduces “Pain Perception” by at least half.

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    Mindfulness Meditation aids in changing the structure of the brain, by increasing the grey matter in the hippocampus part of the brain (important for learning and memory).

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    It can help you respond well to relationship stress and communicate your emotions.

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    It reduces physiological and psychological reactions to threats and obstacles and changes our ability to handle stress in a better, more sustainable way.

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    All forms of meditation, including mindfulness meditation comes from the original 112 meditations of Adiyogi (1st yogi) Shiva. Every meditation technique is a process to self- realization and higher learning.

    We are all different. There is no prescribed timeline for becoming mindful. The intention to become mindful is the first step towards achieving mindfulness. When you choose to bring purity in thoughts, words and actions, you will naturally become mindful. Knowing consequences of your actions is the real meaning of mindfulness. And ultimately regular practice of meditation is very important to become mindful.

    To begin with, become aware of your thoughts, words and actions. Secondly, take out time every day to formally sit and meditate which will yield results over a period of time. Choose a quiet and comfortable place and a particular time every day and commit to the practice without fail.

    Yes, the best posture to meditate is with the spine straight, but need not be rigid or stiff. You may sit comfortably on a chair or floor or even on bed.

    Every time you meditate, you are rewarding yourself a beautiful gift. So put an effort, make it a priority and make a schedule to meditate every day. You will always have time to do everything you want to do when you start prioritizing what is important and implementing them in life.

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