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Fire Board ( Sadhu Yoga)

The practice of Sadhu Yoga helps you know more about yourself, your feelings, fears and strengths.


    What is Fire Board (Sadhu Yoga)?

    Welcome to fire board practice!

    Home Of Wellness is here to guide you through this beautiful process with all our care and love

    A Board with nails (Sadhu Yoga) appeared many centuries ago in India as a sadhus ascetics practice testing the determination and strength of the spirit.

    Sadhu Nail Baord can increase blood flow,
    strengthen the immune system, soothe headaches,
    cure insomnia and fill the whole body with energy

    Sadhu Yoga helped sadhus develop: 


    •Strong nervous system

    •Clear and decisive mind

    We call this practice “fire board (Nail Board)” because of the fire-feel-like energy released through the feet while standing on nails.

    Fire board is an excellent tool which might help you

    • Work with your intentions
    • Improve energy flow
    • Removing energetic blockages in the channels (which are often cause of diseases)
    • Heal and strengthening the body
    • Increase sustainability of attention through deep Meditation.
    • Getting to know a special state of consciousness somehow resembling a light trance

    Nail Boards are ancient yogic tools. Standing on these boards with multiple nails, they provide tension relief, improve blood circulation, and release pain-relieving endorphins. They also promote mental well-being by building resilience to stress and releasing emotional blockages through relaxation techniques.

    How does Fire board ( Sadhu Yoga) Work ?

    Standing on nails awaken fire energy, which moves up to the channels from the feet to the crown, removing blocks and clamps.
    You feel the heat coming up from the feet. If you have any blocks or trauma in your body you will feel this parts the most. The released energy cleans up the blocks. When you release the energy you’re letting go your trauma, meanwhile you’re feeling pain, but it mostly exist in your mind, somehow connected to emotions trapped in your body, by feeling it and letting it be you release the block.

    sadhu yoga


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      Did you know?

      Fire Board - Sadhu Yoga


      A large amount of endorphins is released into the blood, blood and lymph flow accelerates.


      Consciousness expands and energy is released, you can send this energy to different areas of your life. ( it’s good to have a clear intention before practice and use this energy)


      Standing on nails awaken fire energy, which moves up to the channels from the feet to the crown, removing blocks and clamps.



      Works exactly as body-oriented therapy by creating an effective communication between body, emotions, mind and feelings.

      Your body decide when to stop this process and allow you to get into meditation. Your body is unique and it can choose the time that is right for you. If you concentrate on the process you’ll be able to direct the energy on your intentions. Sometimes the whole process is about releasing the trauma, in this case, meditative state will continue the work you need the most. This is unique process and experience for everyone.



      It strengthens your body and immune system. 

      You can train yourself to get control over your mind and learn how to work with your fears.

      Helps you to connect with your body and find the answers within yourself.

      Nails relieve nervous stress, fatigue and psycho-emotional arousal.

      Other recommended healing


      Contradictions are:

      •pregnancy and the first two days of the menstrual cycle


      •alcohol and drug intoxication

      •the history of myocardial infarction, heart attack

      -For three days exclude heavy food

      -Drink plenty of water (if possible drink sorbents in the morning on an empty stomach half an hour before meals, with a glass of warm water and before going to bed). To activate the detoxification.

      -Set an intention

      -Bring a bottle of water and socks