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Bowen Therapy

Gentle pressure and  precise hand movements to specific body points to correct imbalances in the body and improving immune system.

Gentle pressure and  precise hand movements to specific body points to correct imbalances in the body and improving immune system.



    Bowen therapy is an effective technique recognized world wide.  It is extremely relaxing, and a gentle hands-on treatment . The therapist uses light touch for making movements over the ligaments, nerves and muscles.  These subtle movements help in generating signals in the body through the nervous system, allowing Healing to take place. It even promotes the Healing of any chronic illness.

    How Bowen therapy helps your body

    Bowen therapy is extremely gentle and can be used on swollen tissues and even on injuries. It is effective at treating chronic issues as well, even those things where other treatments fail to give results, for example, for instance, back problems, tennis elbow or frozen shoulder. Bowen helps in improving the function of the body in an overall manner, posture, concentration and general health. It helps in restoring the mental ability and vitality, reducing the effects of stress.
    It helps in absorbing and distributing the nutrients in the body in a more effective way. It also helps in eliminating the toxins, helping it to regain its metabolic and hormonal balance. Thus, it is very helpful in losing weight alongwith improving their health of the digestive system.

    Bowen Therapy Compliments Gymming

    Bowen can be accompanied with gymming.  Gymming provides very little impact in Stress, hormonal and metabolic issues , for promoting weight and fitness. The reason being that the stressed out body is incapable of absorbing nutrients and thus the fat keeps getting stored.
    However, Bowen Therapy helps in facilitating the elimination of toxins, absorbing the nutrients and digestion- helping the body by reducing its need to store fat, thus, making the workout effective.


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      Did you know?



      Bowen Therapy is beneficial in improving the digestive health tremendously. It helps in strengthening the immune system.


       Bowen therapy is well-suited for pregnancy when there is a transformation taking place. it helps in handling pregnancy related problems. Using minimal touch, it is used for treating pelvic pain, back pain or pubic pain. 


      It is also helpful in the treatment of headaches and migraines, curing it to the root.
      It is also being used in sports such as rugby, tennis, football and squash. It is also helpful for helping the players to help them recover quickly.


      Bowen is effective and gentle, working well with any age groups. It works well with injuries on the soft tissue as well.

      People prone top discomfort and pain over a longer period find great help with this therapy

      Bowen therapy is also being used in sport, by the professionals in squash, tennis, rugby and football. It also helps the players in recovering quicker when used along with medical aid. This keeps the players active, at their best and reduces the risks of further injury.

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      Benefits of Bowen Therapy

      It works very well with neck, joint and back problems.  

      Helps in people recovering from injuries related to sports. 

      It helps in healing problems related to the respiratory system, by relieving the chest tightness, decreasing the frequency of attacks that occur.

      Helps in the reduction of tension, fatigue and anxiety.

      Other recommended healing


      Bowen Therapy comprises of light movements over peculiar areas areas of the body. These gentle movements allow the body in healing naturally.

      No, there isn’t any pre-requisite for taking a Bowen Therapy Session.  

      A trained and certified expert conducts the bowen therapy session.

      The number of sessions required by each client would vary depending on their case. The number of sessions would vary between 1-6.

      Bowen session lasts for two hours.