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A Safe Haven For Optimal Healing & Balance. Home of Wellness Empowers You To Live A Zen-Inspired Life Of Openness, Peace, and Compassion.
The Power Of Meditation
Meditate & Cultivate Serenity To Achieve A State Of Perfect Relaxation & Disconnection, All In One Sacred Space.
Holistic Garden
Discover Our Healing Green Space & Recover You Energy To Connect Spiritually With Yourseld & The Outside World.
Deep Healing Retreat
We Present To You A Wonderful Opportunity To Deeply Heal Every Aspect Of Your Life & Live Limitlessly.
Energy Balance
We Believe Nature Has A Cure For Everything. Experience The Energy & Vibrations Of Our Healing Products, For A Healthier, Happier Life.
Yoga For Everyone
Home of Wellness Is A Place For Every Soul. Discover A Pathway To Self-Discovery By Studying The Mind, Body, And Spirit As A Complete System Through Our Yoga Classes.
Source Memory Healing
Apply The Divine Power Of Holistic Purification To Cleanse Your Karma & Heal Deepest Parts Of Yourself.

Welcome to Your Home Of Wellness

A place to reconnect with your inner spirit, to awaken your healing powers. It is your safe space. Your Home. Surrounded by natural beauty with an awe-inspiring ambiance, our Center gives you an opportunity to reconnect with your senses and care for your spiritual growth. We implement the foundation of optimum vitality, health, and wellbeing in our Healing Sessions and Solutions for a deeply restorative and transformational experience. Follow our integrated path towards creating a healthy union between your mind, body, and spirit.

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We truly invite you for experiencing a sanctuary that is utterly blissful, residing as a jewel in the city of gold- Dubai. Home of Wellness is a center for meditation and wellness, offering the greatest energy to you. We have Guided Meditation, retreats, wellness courses alongwith healing therapies such as Energy HealingYoga Classes, Space ClearingCoaching, Chakra Healing, Sound Healing, Tarot Reading, Palm reading  and a lot more.

Founded by Dina Abdulhadi, it helps in experiencing the highest versions of yourselves that life has to offer  through life changing therapies by our expert practitioners.

Our Wellness center is a a beautiful place for healing, relaxing and unwinding oneself from the chaos of life and becoming more satisfied and happier version of selves.

The programs at our Wellness center help in  complete detoxification mentally & physically which helps in harmonizing us totally. It helps us in aligning with a great health, abundance of wealth and joyful relationships. 

The healing sessions helps in awakening the self, releasing the energy blockages, overcoming fear and helping you in easy transformation inside out. 

Thus, a person feels more grounded, happy and abundant through our mindful practices helping themselves to get get better in every aspect on one’s life.

Benefits of meditation & healing

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Help others create healthy and happy relationships and improve family bonding

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Learn to heal depression, hereditary diseases, thyroid, suicidal tendencies etc naturally.

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Develop the ability to deal with severe problems and even heal life-threatening diseases like thyroid, diabetes, high blood pressure, obesity, MS naturally.

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Identify programs blocking your wealth and manifest instant success at work/business.


Working Hours

  • SAT - THU : 10:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Friday : CLOSED
In a way it is a little hard to describe this place using words. Home of Wellness’ is a sanctuary. Every single space and corner is thoughtfully designed, every item curated and displayed with love. There is a feeling of zen the moment you enter, and the prices and vibe reflect the complete community and non commercial feel of this Centre. Extremely rare in Dubai. I was grateful to attend the Full Moon meditation and then went back for another meditation three days later. The facilitators are excellent and I left feeling at peace and with a lot more clarity. I certainly will go back every week. Thank you.💙
I really loved my first experience there and the guys were great the ambiance of the place was calming. I had a Tarrot card reading for the first time with Dorra and it went great 😊. She was right on the mark. A bit pricey but worth it.
On the surface, Dubai appears to deliver more than you could ever want or need. And it terms of the material, this is true, but people are realising that we need more than just material things to make us happy. There’s a universe going in inside, and if we do not take care of it, no amount of external gratification will ever satisfy us. I really believe that meditation and mindfulness is the answer. Despite knowing this, I always struggled with meditation. I find it really hard to sit and watch my breath for 20 minutes, and as a result, I always gave up before seeing any benefits. I found Home of Wellness and started doing their guided meditations and I really cannot speak highly enough of them. I could never imagine being able to do an hour of meditation on a daily basis, but this is what I am doing. The best bit is that for the first time, meditation is something I look forward to. Home of Wellness is a hidden gem.
I tried Sound Healing for the first time today and it was so relaxing! The Sound Healing Meditation is a must try for all. I could feel the vibrations so deep and it was very calming. Definitely going to book for another session. I also tried Pranic Healing for healing my emotional blockages and depression. The Pranic Healer was great and I could feel a difference from the first session itself. Definitely recommend everyone to try Pranic Healing for sure! Also Chakra Healing is great and it made me feel amazing. I feel so positive and I now have the strength to face my challenges in a way more effecient manner. Thanks to the Chalra Healer. Definitely going to book for another session! This center is offering so many therapies. I feel like trying them all! Thanks and much love 💕
When I came first to the center first, I was having a hard childhood pain and heart pain. All my life was miserable after the meditations with Rumi I felt good. I released my negativity and darkness. It is a process and you need to be always active to change totally your life.
I couldnt recommend this center more more highly!!! They really helped with my anxiety and gave me many answers i didn't even know i needed.Their Meditation Space setup is cosy, tranquil, and filled with positive energy. I also absolutely loved their Tarot reading and Palm reading sessions, they really were eye opening. And the staff is really comfortable to talk to and their radiant energy is very contagious. Much Love
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