Mantra Meditation

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A mantra — a word or phrase you repeat during meditation — is a tool to help release your mind. Mantras are tones or sound vibrations that have been used since ages by sages and yogis.


During deep meditations, you tap into the vibration of universal tones or sounds, and by chanting these tones, it shall give you easy access to high vibrations which instantly transport you to a state of deep meditation and Transcendence.


The effect of Mantra Meditation is accentuated when done with purity, faith, and commitment, and with granted blessings of a mindful Meditator who can initiate you with a specific mantra that would give you instant results.


At Home of Wellness, we offer daily guided meditation classes for both beginners and advanced meditators. Group meditation classes are an amazing opportunity for individuals to benefit from the amplified energy that is available at the center.


Thus, the focused consciousness of meditating in a group will increase the vibrational frequency and accelerate the healing process for the desired outcome.


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    Did you know?

    MANTRA Meditation


    The Gayatri mantra is considered one of the most universal of all Hindu mantras, invoking the universal Brahman as the principle of knowledge and the illumination of the primordial Sun.


    Mantra is a Sanskrit term, with “man” meaning “mind” and “tra” meaning “release.”


    The origins of mantras are dated back to over 5000 years. NASA has captured tones from cosmic space that validates the tones of mantras.

    Benefits of Mantra Meditation

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    If you’re repeating a mantra, in your head or out loud, that mantra occupies your awareness and helps prevents it from drifting off in other directions.

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    Mantra meditation could help improve brain health by improving mood and well-being, reducing anxiety, feeling less fatigue, and improving visuospatial and verbal memory.

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    Repeating a mantra while meditating can help you find a natural breathing rhythm. Matching your breath to your mantra can make this process easier and help you feel more relaxed at the same time.

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    Mantra meditation creates a safe way into a higher perspective of your own thinking where you can then decide, “do I want to be angry?,” “is this jealousy serving me?,” and so forth, thus helping to alleviate stress because it simplifies things.



    Mantras have been recited by sages since time immemorial.


    Through repeated chanting of the same tone by yogis and sages over centuries, a powerful energy vortex has been created at a cosmic level. Mantra meditation offers the unique experience of tapping into such a high vibration vortex, which can grant instant blessings and solutions.


    There are specific mantras attributed to each cause, based on the meaning of the wordings. Deep practice of mantras helps one to understand the essence of each mantra, which makes them even more effective.


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    No, mantras are just sound vibrations or tones. Anyone of any faith can practice mantras as they do no conflict any religious beliefs.

    The best way to tame a wandering mind is to give one focal point. It could be your breath, a sound/tone or mantra or just specific intentions. This will captivate your mind completely and help you enter into transcendence, with practice.

    The best way is to find a knowledgeable and mindful teacher who can explain the meaning of mantras and teach you the right way to chant or recite them. A teacher initiates a student towards the best mantra practice.

    Yes, several research works have proven the neurological effects of mantra chanting such as increase in stimulus of brain and nervous system, decrease in stress and worry, greater focus and enhanced memory.

    You can chant for as long as you wish to. One can do mantra chanting until entering into a state of transcendence. Initially it starts with loud chanting, then whispered chanting, followed by mental chanting and finally transcendental chanting.


    Chanting any mantra 108 times is considered auspicious, as 108 is a holy number having universal significance. Yogis and sages who meditate for hours, chant mantras for upto 1 million times which gives immense blessings and upliftment of consciousness.

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