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Guided Meditation

Experience The Lifelong Gift Of Meditation

Experience The Lifelong Gift Of Meditation



    Everything around us is comprised of energy.

    Each thought transmits energy. Energy keeps flowing in the direction of our intention.  A deep state of meditation empowers your thought process. You are required to simply listen to the guidance helping you in moving effortlessly into the sub conscious mind.


    How do Guided Meditations work?

    When meditating, you will be guides through the process of aligning your chakras and connecting to supreme pure consciousness. This shall get you into a deep relaxing Transcendental Meditation state to heal your deep-rooted issues, as well as activate your intuition to get the needed answers and resources concerning any area of your life.

    When entering into a very deep state of brain frequency called Samadhi or Transcendence, which is below the delta state (0.5 to 3.9 Hz), you will reach a transcendence state which is the bridge between your conscious and unconscious mind. It is a state of union with divine, a state of absolute completeness – a state free from any thoughts.

    At Home of Wellness, we will guide you through the practice of an original enlightenment technique of meditation together with Mindfulness, to bring peace back to every aspect of your life.

    Significance of Guided Meditation

    Guided Meditations play a very important role in attaining a deep meditative state quickly because of the energy getting amplified in the group. It gives a sense of ‘I am not alone’- feeling providing strength to the clients attending the sessions. Also, its easier to be calm and relaxed during a guided meditation session as you simply need to to the guidance of our expert.


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      Did you know?



      In a guided meditation session, your brain plugs into the frequency of the person you are being guided by, this is called brain entrainment.


      The increased oxygen when meditating rejuvenates your skin, balancing your body and your mind while transforming your body’s cells and tissues. 


      At times, people start crying during the meditation. This is because the deep unresolved emotions underneath their sub conscious minds comes to the surface which had been suppressed earlier making them emotional.



      A meditation guided by a Mindfulness Trainer or a Karma Yogi  allows the beginners to connect to higher vibrations and deeper brain frequencies. 


      Connecting to a pure form of energy is crucial to experiencing the bliss of the Meditative or the Transcendence state. It is only in these deep states that we able to create new realities.

      At Home of Wellness, our expert Meditators have very profound spiritual know- how and virtues, mastering the sense organs and the body. They make use of the soul power accessing it through the pure consciousness.

      Through intense vibrations and energies, guided meditations are immensely powerful in helping you to discover your original self. 

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      Benefits of Guided Meditation

      It  slows down brain wave activity and subdues stress all the while triggering human growth hormones (HGH) which help regulate the metabolism, stimulate fat cells to reduce stored fats, and regulate your blood sugar.

      Helps in deep relaxation of the body and the mind

      Meditation reduces inflammation of the cells, alleviating the pain.

      Guided Meditation helps in building the capability to visualize, improving the capability to thinking and decision making. 

      Other recommended healing


      Guided meditations help in achieving entertainment of the brain, matching the frequency of the brain for reaching to the desired goal. The sound of the music and the voice of our expert also allows the beginners to reach a deep meditative state.

      A guided meditation helps you to lower the frequency of the brain, which is the state of sleep. Even if you fall asleep, its okay. This is because the subconscious mind is awake working in a subtle way by following the instructions. 

      We recommend you keep your eyes closed during the process of meditation. It helps in activating the light-sensitive pineal gland in the brain. It also helps in the secretion of  Melatonin, helping you to go even deeper transcendence and awareness.


      Start your meditation without any expectations. Hold your emotions and feelings that arise during meditation with a lot of care. Just relax, setting your positive intention to let go. The experience of the guided meditation is very personal to each individual and it changes with every practise.