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Experience The Lifelong Gift Of Meditation


Everything is energy.

Every thought is an energy that you transmit. Wherever your intention goes, energy flows. Hence, in a deep meditative state (very low brain frequency), your thoughts become very powerful. And all that is required is that you listen, so that you’ll move effortlessly into the renewing waters of your subconscious mind.

When meditating, you will be guides through the process of aligning your chakras and connecting to supreme pure consciousness. This shall get you into a deep relaxing Transcendental Meditation state to heal your deep-rooted issues, as well as activate your intuition to get the needed answers and resources concerning any area of your life.

When entering into a very deep state of brain frequency called Samadhi or Transcendence, which is below the delta state (0.5 to 3.9 Hz), you will reach a transcendence state which is the bridge between your conscious and unconscious mind. It is a state of union with divine, a state of absolute completeness – a state free from any thoughts.

At Home of Wellness, we will guide you through the practice of an original enlightenment technique of meditation together with Mindfulness, to bring peace back to every aspect of your life.


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    In a guided meditation session, your brain plugs into the frequency of the person you are being guided by, this is called brain entrainment.


    The increased oxygen when meditating rejuvenates your skin, balancing your body and your mind while transforming your body’s cells and tissues. It improves your complexion, reduces wrinkles and slows down the aging process from the inside out.


    Tears are the manifestation of unresolved emotions that are suppressed in our subconscious. When you meditate your thoughts are silenced, allowing your feelings to surface and trigger strong emotional responses that can manifests in shedding tears.


    A guided meditation by a Karma Yogi (mindful yogi) is one during which even a beginner is able to easily connect to a high vibration and get into a deep state of brain frequency.

    While practicing a guided meditation session, it is important to connect to pure energy so as to truly experience the bliss of Transcendence or Samadhi state. It is only in Samadhi state that a new and different reality can be created.

    Our Home of Wellness Meditators have the highest and most profound knowledge and follow all 11 principles of Karma Yoga with at least 12 virtues, thereby, mastering the body and sense organs to use the soul power through pure consciousness.

    Through energy and vibration, a guided meditation becomes highly effective and powerful to discover your true self.

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    It  slows down brain wave activity and subdues stress all the while triggering human growth hormones (HGH) which help regulate the metabolism, stimulate fat cells to reduce stored fats, and regulate your blood sugar.

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    Both meditation and relaxation allow your body to truly rests, and that is when you restore balance and renew vitality throughout your entire body.

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    Meditation decreases inflammation at the cellular level neutralizing acidosis and minimizing pain.

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    Guided Meditation improves your visualization skills, which will help to improve right brain thinking.

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    For a beginner, guided meditation is easiest to achieve brain entrainment, i.e., tuning the frequency of your brain to a particular wavelength to achieve desired results. The voice and the music used in guided meditation helps to provide the ideal roadmap for the mind to focus and enter into deep meditation.

    During a guided meditation, you enter into deep relaxation and lowering of brain frequency which is a sleep state. Even if you fall asleep, the unconscious mind is still awake and is working based on the guidance given. With greater practice, there would be awareness while you are in a sleep state. This is when one might have out-of-body experiences also.

    Your eyes should always be closed during meditation. Closing eyes helps to activate the pineal gland in your brain, which is light-sensitive. Your pineal gland secretes a powerful healing hormone called Melatonin when it is dark. Melatonin is a powerful chemical that induces transcendence and allows you to go deep in awareness.

    Select a quiet and dark place to meditate, where you can sit upright comfortably and focus without disturbances.

    You don’t need to look for a particular outcome when you start to meditate. Just allow yourself to embrace whatever transpires during the meditation. When you start meditating, just allow yourself to relax and give the intention to surrender and let go. Every experience is unique. There is no right, there is no wrong.

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